Watkins Glen press conference


TOM KENDALL (#11 All Sport Body Quencher Mustang Cobra - Trans Am Series) - Getting nearly as much press as his winning streak is Kendall’s now trademark hair color, which is catching on throughout the racing community. "There was one guy up at Trois Riviers, one of the Kool cigarettes hospitality guys, who said "If you win all of them (13races this season), I’ll go blonde.’ So there’s a bunch of guys stacked up at thirteen, but I haven’t heard anything in particular for nine. I did say at some point I’d put a green number 11 on the back. I don’t have a problem with that. About the injuries he suffered here in 1991and how it affects his opinion of the course, "Every time I stand up I think about it, but by the same token, there are a lot of people who have been hurt skiing, and it doesn’t mean they won’t go back to the same mountain. It’s just one of those things. When I tested here for the first time after that, in "93 I believe, it was lunch time before I realized it was the same place, with the Inner Loop there now. I wish they weren’t so commercial, I wish they’d name it after me instead of McDonalds or whatever. Maybe I should buy it! You’re so focused when you come to a place on what you have to do to get around the track well, that that’s where your focus has to be.

DORSEY SCHROEDER (#12 Raybestos Brakes Ford Mustang) – Defending champion of the Serengeti Eyewear Trans-Am Race -- We just had our first session. For me, it didn't go all that successfully. There is a lot of traffic out there. I guess there are 39 cars in the field this weekend. We never got a single lap out there without getting into traffic. We ended up having a flat tire. We made one chassis adjustment. We came in because we were real loose. I went out and made one lap and came back in and said check the tires and the right rear was going down. So that was a half hour session that didn't mean much. It didn't give us much feedback. It showed Kendall was the fastest car but we didn't even need to show up to know that. We go out this next session when we got an hour. We're going to try and get it dialed in for our qualifying session later this afternoon. How do you think Tom Kendall is able to be so dominant? -- Clearly, nobody knows why, otherwise we would have certainly done something about it by now. There's no question of the dominance there. Everyone is running for second pretty much. We had a heck of a good run there last week. Second through fifth was nine thousandths of a second between us and we were hugely back from the lead guy there. At least I drew the right ball last week and started on the pole, but that only lasted a couple of corners. They got a real good organization over there with a driver and crew chief that has been together for a while. We've made some big gains since the beginning of the year. We've closed in a second and a half but they are just flawless over there. Thoughts on being teammates. We work hand and hand in the garage and in the practice sessions trying to share car setup information. But more then that, we compare our computer readings. We can compare inch by inch track data all the way around the track for g-forces, brakes, throttle. We can lay maps over one another and see where each of us is better and work on our weak areas. Once the green flag drops though, it's everyone for themselves. It's to competitive to sit there and lay back. We don't have team orders and we're all close in the points. All of us are contenders for second place in this division.

MIKE BORKOWSKI (#4 Textron Automotive Ford Mustang Cobra) -- We're trying to chase Dorsey. So far it's been a good year. I think we're having some pretty good results. I'm still learning a lot. I'm lucky both Tom Gloy and Dorsey have been super, just super on answering my questions and steeping my learning curve. I'm learning a lot from these guys every weekend. I try to latch myself on to the back of his car and learn as much as I can every session. We don't get to test at these tracks this year so my first visit comes on the weekend. It's been phenomenal. The SCCA Trans-Am series is a top notch series. The front runners give 110 percent to it every week on these cars and tracks. This is just a great way to keep getting experience and moving my way on up.

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