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Team readies for the long & winding Road America. Elkhart Lake, Wis. -- Aug 21, 2003 -- As the 2003 Trans-Am Series for the BFGoodrich Cup prepares for round eight at the historic Road America, most teams arrived early to take advantage of a ...

Team readies for the long & winding Road America.

Elkhart Lake, Wis. -- Aug 21, 2003 -- As the 2003 Trans-Am Series for the BFGoodrich Cup prepares for round eight at the historic Road America, most teams arrived early to take advantage of a promoter's test day. Teams are allowed to use the test session to work on development ideas and take the extra time working on setups.

"This is an excellent opportunity for the crew to try new things," commented Revolution Motorsports team owner, Don Sak. "The Cleveland and Trois Rivieres events run very tight schedules. All of your time is spent getting your race setup dialed in. Here, we'll have an extra day and three long practice sessions to work on new ideas."

The team used the first 40-minute session to work on the base setup of the cars. But in the second session Crew Chief, Shane Duhaime, pulled the #2 GMAC Commercial Finance / Trenton Forging Corvette onto pit lane and switched out the car's hood.

"We've been talking about the aero disadvantage for most of the season," pointed out Sak. "We've attempted to make our position known to the series-- we know what we are doing on this car. We ran very good times with the car in 2002 and we've run better times in 2003. In fact, we have consistently been the fastest Corvette in qualifying at every 2003 event. What troubles me is my guys have to overdrive the car to do that. That is not safe. We shouldn't have to operate at unsafe levels in order to compete. We feel we are operating at a severe disadvantage."

"We decided it was time we found out for ourselves exactly what is going on," continued Sak. "The most obvious difference is the hood louvers. The Jaguar is allowed to have them. The Mustang is allowed to have them. The Corvette is not. Having talked to people from other racing series and some people at GM, we were told the louvers would resolve the high-speed under steer we've been experiencing."

After the adding the hood in second session, Stu Hayner reported his impressions.

"Well, the car was setup exactly as we ran it in the first session," said Hayner. "The car was good right off the trailer. We did a few laps in the second session and then changed the hood. I was really caught off guard," he laughed. "I knew it would make a difference-- but I never imagined it would be this much. The car had so much front down force that the back wanted to pass the front. It was really loose. In one sense we kind of wrote off a practice session-- but it was worth it. Now we know."

For the third session, the team made a tire change and dialed in just a little wing.

"We don't want to dial the car out trying to maximize the benefits of the hood," remarked Duhaime. "After all, this is just an experiment-- we have to race the car according to the current rules package. But we wanted to gather our own information. We now know that the January tunnel did not accurately portray racetrack conditions. It was done without a rolling floor. Without a rolling surface the louvers slip under the radar."

Duhaime continued, "We're quite confident that on a track like Road America there is a lot more in this car. But we need the Series to give the Corvettes the same consideration given the other cars. The Jags and the Mustang run hood louvers. They either be allowed for all cars or none at all."

Revolution Motorsports will participate in the weekend's events at Road America. Stu Hayner will be attempting to close the gap in points as he chases down Jorge Diaz and Mike Lewis. Hayner will drive the #2 GMAC Commercial Finance / Trenton Forging Corvette.

Bobby Sak will continue his rookie of the year battle with Jorge Diaz and . Sak drives the #10 Revolution Motorsports Corvette.

This weekends Trans-Am Series for the BFGoodrich Tires Cup will air on SPEED at 12:30pm EST Sunday, August 24.

Revolution Motorsports in association with Trenton Forging competes as part of the Trans-Am Series for the BF Goodrich Tires Cup. All events are nationally televised on SPEED. The Trans-Am Series is the oldest form of American sports car racing.

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