Revolution Motorsports 2003 preview

Stu Hayner 2003 championship run Bobby Sak campaigns for Rookie of the Year Detroit January 10, 2003 Revolution Motorsports returns to the Trans-Am Series for BFGoodrich Tires Cup in 2003 with a "take no prisoners" attitude. The team will make...

Stu Hayner 2003 championship run
Bobby Sak campaigns for Rookie of the Year

Detroit January 10, 2003 Revolution Motorsports returns to the Trans-Am Series for BFGoodrich Tires Cup in 2003 with a "take no prisoners" attitude. The team will make a run for the Championship with Stu Hayner back in the #02 car and make it a double threat with Bobby Sak in the #10 car running for Rookie of the Year.

Located in Wixom, Michigan, Revolution Motorsports was founded by Trans-Am veteran, Don Sak. Sak, who has driven 18 years in Trans-Am, is a popular face among fellow competitors, and fans alike. Sak's savvy and experience bring a level of confidence to this relatively young team.

Formed in December of 2001, Revolution Motorsports took the Trans-Am Series by storm. Taking the top qualifying spot in only the third race of the season, the team established a presence sending a message they were not to be denied. By the half way mark of the season, Revolution Motorsports was a familiar sight on the leader board.

With a constant eye on professionalism, the team received honorable mentions and the respect of Series' competitors for their paddock and trackside appearance, hospitality, fan interaction, promotion and community involvement.

"We couldn't be happier with our success in 2002," said team owner, Don Sak. "We're far from done, though."

"I marvel at how much this team has grown," he continued. "The environment here is so professional and focused. Trans-Am has changed quite a bit in the 18 years I've been involved. I never thought we'd grow to this. To sit down at the end of the season and get feedback from our Crew Chief, Shane Duhaime, and know where we are going, chart our mistakes, chart our improvements, set our objectives on what we need to do to get this team to the next level-- it's fascinating and exciting. Keeping the energy level up and learning to cope with potential disappointments will be critical. We have come to expect a lot more of ourselves."

On the Challenge:
"We know we have a big challenge ahead of us," acknowledged Sak. "The team did such a fantastic job of putting good equipment on the track in 2002. Stu Hayner drove the wheels off the car. We have so much confidence in Stu. He brings a unique combination of quality, professionalism and knowledge to the team. He treats people like family--. I like that-- Martha (Sak) and I like our crew to feel like family.

On Bobby Sak:
"I'm real excited about Bobby running his first full Trans-Am season," continued Sak. "Sure, I'm proud--. he's my son. But, he's going to have to work.. he's going to have to listen-- and he's going to have to take orders from his Crew Chief. I'm not going to treat him any different than any other driver. He's going to have to earn the respect of his crew, his fellow competitors and his car owner."

On Car Changes:
Sak talked about changes to the cars; "We've made a commitment to Bobby Cronin with CRD Motors. With the #88 car not returning in 2003, Cronin was looking for a lead team. CRD has a good knowledge of the Chevy engine and a great reputation for making them fast. I think the combination will get us to the winner's circle."

On 2003 Trans-Am Series:
"I'm very optimistic about the future of Trans-Am," noted Sak. "I admire Paul Gentilozzi's commitment to the Series, the racing community and his own legacy within the Series' history. Paul has been a great competitor and friend. I think his racing experience, knowledge of the product and his business savvy will go a long way to righting the ship."

"I'm sure it will get a bit rocky from time to time-- change is not easy," Sak added. "But Revolution Motorsports has dedicated itself to this program. We fully intend to be part of the solution. We will aggressively market our program in lockstep with Paul's objectives for Trans-Am. He has our full support."

2003 Schedule:
"We're very pleased with this year's schedule," Sak said.

"Specifically, we like the balance of mixing our appearances with CART and ALMS. The Sonoma event with NASCAR is going to put us in front of a great audience that needs to see what Trans-Am is all about. Last year's events at DC, Long Beach and Denver were great street races-- we're glad they are back on the schedule. We've kept Mosport and Trois Rivieres-- these are fun events and we love the Canadian Trans-Am fans. Plus, I think the St. Petersburg race and Puerto Rico will round out the year nicely. Everyone is very excited about Puerto Rico."

"While we are not ready to make any formal announcements," said Sak, "we will hopefully reveal our marketing partners for 2003 in the next few weeks. Of course, David Moxlow and Trenton Forging will return with us in 2003 and we are currently in final negotiations with several companies that are new to Trans-Am and motorsports marketing. What pleases me is their participation includes multiple levels of marketing and hospitality-- not just logos on the cars. This means our partners will be bringing guests to the track and expose the Trans-Am product to more people. We think this is very important to accomplishing a successful partnership with our sponsors and the Series."

Revolution Motorsports competes as part of the Trans-Am Series for the BF Goodrich Tires Cup. All events are nationally televised on SPEED. The Trans-Am Series is the oldest form of American sports car racing. You can find out more at

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