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Hayner & Sak put hope back in Corvette Trans-Am program Detroit -- May 18, 2003 -- With the first three races in the books, Corvette teams have not had much to look forward to in the 2003 Trans-Am Series for the BFGoodrich Tires Cup. Continuing...

Hayner & Sak put hope back in Corvette Trans-Am program

Detroit -- May 18, 2003 -- With the first three races in the books, Corvette teams have not had much to look forward to in the 2003 Trans-Am Series for the BFGoodrich Tires Cup. Continuing with their "Not To Be Denied" campaign of 2002, the Revolution team of Stu Hayner and Bobby Sak did their best to inject some life into the Corvette program at the More To Discover Ontario Victoria Day Trans-Am Weekend at Mosport International Raceway.

After running in second place for the last half of the race, Stu Hayner in the #2 Trenton Forging / GMAC Commercial Finance Corvette, was cheated by a late race part failure.

"As disappointing as it was," said Hayner of the loss, "our spirits are actually pretty high. We proved our team always puts a competitive car on the track. We may have to work 120% harder and I might have hang the back end out that much more-- it doesn't matter, we show up to race."

After the first and only practice round, Hayner and Sak [#10 Revolution Motorsports Corvette] were sitting 8th and 9th. Jaguars dominated the top six spots by as much as a 2 second per lap advantage. At the end of Saturday's qualifying, Sak and Hayner were best in class putting Corvette 6th and 7th on the grid behind 5 Jaguars for Sunday's race.

"We just don't have the steering we need in the high speed turns," Hayner continued. "We can't plant the front end down-- when we hit a high-speed kink or turn the front and back of the car are not connected. So, basically the Corvette's handling has a dysfunctional personality."

"You have no idea how hard our guys worked to come up with a combination that would work," said Hayner. "We made the decision that our best bet was to make the car as comfortable as possible so at least Bobby and I could call the shots from the seat--. we just tried to get the car neutral."

"Once the flag dropped I tucked in behind Bobby and we started working together figuring out where we could make up time. We were good in the two slow turns in 5a and 5b and we found that with a creative line we could close up in the Esses and through turn 10. Bobby was putting a lot of pressure on the #12 Jaguar without abusing his tires. We were actually pretty pleased."

"As the #3 car had problems and later the #5 car, it became apparent that the leaders were running each other pretty hard," Hayner said. "The race started to come to us and the battle up front was playing into our strategy. I was really disappointed when Bobby had oil pressure problems-- he was driving like a veteran. As much as we were up on the wheel, we were having a good time running together."

"As the race wore on, and I found myself on the bumper of the leader, I could see his car going away. Working the line we had figured out earlier, there were corners were I could really close up on him. Then after the caution, with the #12 car losing ground to me every lap, I found I could actually push Pruett. It really was just a matter of when I would make my move. Believe me, we definitely had him covered."

"Unfortunately," Hayner laughed, "an axle let go and the day was all for naught. But, not really, we learned a lot and we built character in our team."

Hayner set the second fastest lap of the race. The mechanical failure resulted in a DNF and an 11th place finish. Sak fell back to 15th after losing oil pressure and ultimately throwing a rod.

Hayner concluded, "We'll continue to do our best and do our part to give the Trans-Am fans a good show. We're not quitting."

The team will move on to Lime Rock Park for the Mohegan Sun Presents the Lime Rock Grand Prix weekend with Hayner in close five-way battle for third in points and Bobby Sak sitting 12 points back in the Rookie Championship.

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Revolution Motorsports in association with Trenton Forging <> competes as part of the Trans-Am Series for the BF Goodrich Tires Cup. All events are nationally televised on SPEED. The Trans-Am Series is the oldest form of American sports car racing.

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