Michael Lewis announces partner, sponsor for 2003

Michael Lewis and Too Fast Racing prepare to "Crank It Up!" in 2003 Lake Forest, Illinois -- Michael Lewis, driver of the ...

Michael Lewis and Too Fast Racing prepare to "Crank It Up!" in 2003

Lake Forest, Illinois -- Michael Lewis, driver of the #12 Jaguar XKR in the Trans-Am Series and Rick Hanchar, President of Too Fast Inc. have teamed up to compete in the 2003 Trans-Am Racing Series, sponsored by ProQuest Brands, makers of "The Crank".

"I have a wonderful opportunity to run 2003 with a motivated sponsor, a focused marketing plan and a fast Jaguar," Lewis said. "It's clear to me that ProQuest Brands and Rick Hanchar are not only interested in promoting excellent tools, but in putting the entire Trans-Am series back on the map!"

Lewis is a four-time SCCA champion and has finished in the Top Five in 24 of 79 Trans-Am starts. In 2001, Lewis won the Johnson Controls 100 at Road America. He is also the owner of Automation Technologies in California.

"It's very important to me, personally, to work with people of the highest integrity and talent" Lewis said. "Everybody in the Trans-Am paddock knows that the folks from Too Fast and ProQuest Brands are outstanding personally and professionally. Our entire crew is very excited about racing in 2003!"

ProQuest Brands is the marketing company behind the new line of tools utilizing the Trans-Am trademark. They also make "The Crank", one of America's most talked about new ratchets of 2002. "Trans-Am provides us an opportunity to not only leverage a great brand name, but also participate in one of America's most exciting forms of auto racing," said Bill Davis of ProQuest Brands. "The Crank has been a fantastic start for Trans-Am Tools, and we believe the Series will provide an excellent launch pad for our entire line of Trans-Am branded tools," Davis continued. "Mike Lewis offers us a chance to race fast, while Rick Hanchar and Trans-Am Racing offers us a chance to market our brand to fans of racing like never before."

In 2003, ProQuest will be utilizing select Trans-Am racing venues to display and demonstrate their new lineup of innovative tools for the automotive and consumer markets. These new Trans-Am Tools will be featured inside the new Innovation Station Tool Transporter, which will be hosted by the "fan-favorite" Jerry Simmons, veteran Trans-Am Series driver.

For more information on Trans-Am Tools, visit www.trans-amtools.com.


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