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SCCA Trans-Am Round #3 Lime Rock,CT Monday May 29th 1995

Pos (Q) # DRIVER SPONSOR / CAR Pts Laps Purse Fast Lap

1.( 3) 12 Dorsey Schroeder Raybestos/Mustang 32 66 $19,250 0:51.860 2.( 2) 11 Tom Kendall All Sport/Mustang 30 66 15,000 0:51.860 3.( 7) 15 Price Cobb Highway Master/Camaro 25 66 9,500 0:51.962 4.( 4) 2 Jamie Galles ICC & Glidden/Camaro 25 66 5,200 0:52.232 5.(10) 5 Paul Gentalozzi Highway Master/Camaro 21 66 3,500 0:52.229 6.( 5) 27 Robert Rizzo Ford Credit/Mustang 21 66 3,400 0:52.061 7.( 6) 22 Biran Simo Valvoline/Mustang 19 66 2,900 0:51.973 8.(11) 9 Brian Till RAL Group/Camaro 18 66 2,700 0:52.344 9.( 9) 65 Tony Ave Carlin Combust/Camaro 17 66 2,500 0:52.547 10.( 8) 4 Boris Said III Tom Gloy Racing/Mustang 16 66 2,300 0:51.785 11.(13) 28 Tim McAdam Highway Master/Camaro 15 66 2,100 0:53.034 12.(16) 20 Chris Kneifel Matco Tools/Camaro 14 66 1,900 0:53.162 13.(12) 8 Bill Saunders Highway Master/Camaro 13 66 1,700 0:53.090 14.(15) 7 R.J.Valentine Pennzoil/Camaro 12 65 1,500 0:53.270 15.(19) 29 Phil Bartelt Metalplate Prod/Mustang 11 64 1,300 0:53.266 16.(14) 66 Dale Phelon Carlin Combust/Camaro 10 64 1,100 0:53.117 17.(20) 76 Jerry Simmons True North Racing/Camaro 9 61 1,000 0:55.086 18.(17) 87 Ray Kong Sunsource-Ginsana/Camaro 8 57 900 0:53.111 19.(21) 10 Don Sak Don Sak Racing/Cutlass 7 56 800 0:55.796 20.(18) 16 Jon Gooding Mountain Dew/Mustang 6 36 700 0:53.591 21.( 1) 3 Ron Fellows AER & AC Delco/Camaro 10 29 3,100 0:51.918

Fastest Lap: 00:51.785 by Boris Said III LAP LEADERS Length of Race: 100.98 Miles # 27 Rizzo 1- 3 Time of Race: 1 Hour 2 Minutes 6.281 Seconds # 2 Galles 4-36 Margin of Victory: .756 Seconds 97.557 MPH Ave. # 12 Schroeder 37-66

RACE NOTES: Due to inverted start 19 year old rookie Robert Rizzo started from the pole. Brian Till started last because he elected to change his damaged tires. At the green flag Tom Kendall shot through the front row in an impressive move to lead the pack into turn one. SCCA ruled (correctly) that Tommy had jumped the start and was assessed a stop and go penalty.

As a result Robert Rizzo lead for the first three laps, then Galles drove around the outside of Rizzo in turn one to lead the most laps, to lap 36. The order was Galles, Rizzo, Simo, Said.

Ron Fellows and Dorsey Schroder, after a terrible start, followed in 5th and 6th and bided their time and saved their tires. Dorsey told me after the race that he and Ron could have gone a little faster but probably couldn't have passed anyway. So they waited. Mean while Kendall and Till were moving quickly up through the pack.

Dorsey slipped past Fellows and Simo on sucessive laps and the order was Galles, Rizzo, Said, Schroder, Fellows, Simo, Cobb and Gentalozzi after lap 29. Then disaster struck for Fellows.

Fellows went straight off of the last turn and into the tire barrier. This turn, Lime Rock's Diving Turn as it is called, is one of the fastest on the TA tour (about 120-125 mph). The car was heavily damaged and Ron was taken to a local hospital for observation, but didn't appear to be seriously injured. It was widely speculated that either a tire failed or something broke in the suspention.

After the yellow flag Boris Said did his best Kendall impersonation and moved into the lead, only to suffer the same penalty as Kendall. Dorsey followed Boris past Galles and took a lead that he would never relinquish. Simo took a slight excursion wide of turn one after the restart and dropped back a few spots.

Meanwhile Tom Kendall, remember him, decided to leave his ninth place slot during the yellow to replace the tires he had been abusing in his dash back to the front. This stop dropped him back to 15th for the restart.

Price Cobb moved past Rizzo then Galles but had little for Schroeder. Kendall continued to charge and picked off Simo, Gentalozzi, Rizzo, and Galles with suprising ease. He set sail on Cobb and was helped greatly by the Pennzoil Camaro of RJ Valentine who blocked Cobb for several laps as Tommy closed in from behind. Finally Kendall, Cobb and Valentine flew down the main straight three abreast. Kendall and Cobb went abreast through one, but Cobb had to back down as he was on the outside.

Galles, his tires long since used, gamely held off Paul Gentalozzi, who never really ran strong all week-end, and the Fords of Rizzo and Simo. Brian Till did a commendable job finishing eight after his last place start and one trip into the wet grass.

Sorry for the wordyness of this article but this was one of the best races I have ever attended. The threatning weather held, the beer was cold, and the action in the Big Bend was fantastic. The other races were very entertaining as well. I really hope Lime Rock, SCCA, and IMSA decide to do this again!!!

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