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BFGoodrich* Tires at a glance - Trans-Am Series for the BFGoodrich* Tires Cup July 13, Trans-Am Series on the tarmac, presented by Microchip Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, Ohio What time is your flight? - While the Trans-Am Series competes...

BFGoodrich* Tires at a glance - Trans-Am Series for the BFGoodrich* Tires Cup
July 13, Trans-Am Series on the tarmac, presented by Microchip
Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, Ohio

What time is your flight? - While the Trans-Am Series competes on a variety of road and street courses, none compares to Cleveland's Burke Lakefront Airport. Measuring 2.106 miles, with 10-turns, the totally flat circuit is made up of runways and taxiways utilized by small passenger planes. The airport features a challenging hairpin that always makes for an exciting start. The airport is closed only during the Grand Prix and is an active airport the remaining days of the year.

The key to the Cleveland race is turn one. At first glance, it is deceiving. It seems to be a wide-open corner with grassy run-off areas on either side. Once in the corner, however, the apex tightens up and forces drivers to show what they are made of. A number of races have been lost in that first turn, on the first lap.

BFGoodrich* g-Force T/A* radials critical for race - From a tire perspective, Cleveland provides the highs and lows of racing conditions. The track is high-speed and the BFGoodrich* g-Force T/A* radials work best on a high-speed course. At the same time, though, the track surface is brutal. The BFGoodrich* g-Force T/A* radials used in Trans-Am racing have, on average, a contact patch of only 35 square inches. That means that a 2,800-pound, 690 horsepower Trans-Am car is connected to the track by only 140 square inches of rubber (equivalent to 4 size 10 men's shoes). The deeply grooved runways (designed to keep planes from hydroplaning) at Burke Lakefront Airport tend to rip away the tread of a hot, super-sticky racing tire, grinding it away over time.

Therefore, tire pressures will be critical at this street course. Too much tire pressure provides a smaller contact patch and will cause the tires to have a reduction in grip. Too little tire pressure allows for a larger contact patch but can cause the car to be less responsive. Therefore, it will be important for teams to get their cars nice and balanced and to have their tire pressures spot on. BFGoodrich* Tires engineers will recommend hot operating pressures of 26 psi on all four positions.

Dog Days of Summer Battle for BFGoodrich® Tires Cup - With two Trans-Am races in the next three weeks, the battle for the BFGoodrich* Tires Cup heats up with this weekend's race at Cleveland. Most teams will be in search of a strong two-race stretch to distance themselves from their closest pursuers. With the hot summer weather prevalent for the next two races, drivers will be put to the test as important championship points are available. Boris Said continues to lead the BFGoodrich* Tires Cup Point Standings after posting his fourth consecutive podium finish of the year.

After Round Four of the 2002 Trans-Am Series for the BFGoodrich* Tires Cup, Boris Said, with 120 points, leads in the battle for the BFGoodrich* Tires Cup, followed by Paul Gentilozzi with 101 points and Johnny Miller with 97 points. Not far behind are Butch Leitzinger (87 points) and Tony Ave with 76 points.

CBS Sports to Televise Trans-Am - This years' Trans-Am Series race for the BFGoodrich* Tires Cup race on Burke Lakefront Airport will be the second of thee nationally televised Trans-Am races on CBS Sports. CBS will air the Cleveland race on Saturday, July 13 at 5:00 P.M. ET. CBS also televised the Mid-Ohio race two weeks ago and will televise the Washington, D.C. Trans-Am race later this month. The Washington, D.C. race will be broadcast live on CBS Sports. According to Sponsors Report, last year's Trans-Am broadcasts at Detroit and Cleveland on CBS delivered $3.7 million each in sponsor value, while the live broadcast at Sears Point delivered $5.7 million.

BFGoodrich® Tires Contingency Award. BFGoodrich® Tires has established a contingency award for the top 10 finishers in each race this season. The top five finishers will receive two tires and the finishers from sixth through tenth will receive one tire.

BFGoodrich® Tires "Take Control" Award. BFGoodrich® Tires will sponsor the BFGoodrich® Tires "Take Control" Award, an award that will be given to the driver who leads the most laps in each Trans-Am race. In the event of a tie, the driver with the highest finishing position will receive the award. For their efforts, the driver will receive a free set of BFGoodrich* g-Force T/A* radials.


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