Isle Of Man Tt Speeds - Biggest Ever (1965)


Isle of Man TT Speeds Biggest Ever.

L/S Motorbikes, mechanics and riders at the start the start. M/S Japanese mechanic on Jim Redman's Honda No.7. C/U Mechanic on bike. C/U Jim Redman putting on crash helmet. C/U Phil Read. M/S Mike Hailwood watching mechanic who is seated on Hailwood's. M/S and C/U Hailwood. L/S Bikes on the grid for the start. M/S Pan No.1. pushing his bike away from the start and jumps on the bike. M/S Pan No.2, 3 and 4 pushing their bikes at the start and jumping on them.

M/S Pan Jim Redman moving away at the start on his Honda. L/S F. Stastny of Czechoslovakia No.1. as he comes into a corner. M/S Frantisek Stastny taking the corner. L/S as Jim Redman leads Mike Hailwood into corner. M/S Group of five bikes coming round the corner. L/S Bike going past camera. L/S Bikes going round hairpin bend. L/S Pan No.18 Derek Woodman on a M.Z. going past camera. L/S No.21 leading another bike round corner. M/S Nos 77, 80 and 78 going round corner. L/S as Redman gets the chequered flag. M/S Press. C/U and M/S Redman sitting on his bike with his young son.
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Duration 01:31
Posted Feb 29, 2016
Series Tourist Trophy