JCTC: Sendai results

JCTC: Sendai results
Mar 29, 1996, 3:08 PM

All Japan GT Championship Rd.3 June 29-30, 1996 Sendai Hi-Land (63 laps of 4.0296km) Weather Conditions: Partly Cloudy, Hot, Humid Pos Class Drivers Car Laps Time/Delay 1 GT500 Eric ...

All Japan GT Championship Rd.3 June 29-30, 1996 Sendai Hi-Land (63 laps of 4.0296km) Weather Conditions: Partly Cloudy, Hot, Humid

Pos Class Drivers Car Laps Time/Delay 1 GT500 Eric Comas(F)/Hironori Takeuchi(J) Castrol Cerumo Supra 1:57'53.822 2 GT500 Masahiro Hasemi(J)/Tetsuya Tanaka(J) UJ Skyline +13.094 3 GT500 Masanori Sekiya(J)/Pedro de la Rosa(E) Castrol Tom's Supra +14.937 4 GT500 Wayne Gardner(AUS)/Alain Ferte(F) Sard Supra GT +17.497 5 GT500 Kazuyoshi Hoshino/Masahiko Kageyama(J) Calsonic Skyline +24.854 6 GT500 Tom Kristensen(DK)/Tatsuya Tanigawa(J) FET SPORTS SUPRA +1'10.080 7 GT500 Aguri Suzuki(J)/Hideaki Fukuyama(J) ZEXEL Skyline +1'52.503 8 GT500 David Brabham(AUS)/John Nielsen(DK) Lark McLaren F1 GTR -2 laps 9 GT500 Yoji Yamada(J)/Eiichi Tajima(J) Sogo Keibi Porsche -2 laps 10 GT500 Kaoru Iida(J)/Tetsuya Ota(J) Chatrese Porsche GT2 -2 laps 11 GT500 Kenji Tohira(J)/Hiroyuki Kawai(J) WISE Skyline GTR -2 laps 12 GT500 Kunimitsu Takahashi(J)/Keiichi Tsuchiya(J)ADVAN BP NSX -3 laps 13 GT500 Yukio Okamoto(J)/Yasutaka Hinoi(J) BMB Mini Juke Porsche-3 laps 14 GT300 Takayuki Kinoshita(J)/Norio Makiguchi(J)WAKO'S BMW M3 -4 laps 15 GT300 Tetsuya Kawasaki(J)/Nendai Fukushima(J)imuraya BP MR-2 -4 laps 16 GT300 Shinichi Yamaji(J)/Hisashi Wada(J) RE Amemiya SuperG -5 laps 17 GT300 Seiichi Sodeyama(J)/Naoki Nagasaka(J) Nine Ten Porsche -5 laps 18 GT300 Yoshimi Ishibashi(J)/Kaoru Hoshino(J) Gaikokuya Porsche -5 laps 19 GT300 Fuminori Mizuno(J)/Yasushi Hitotsuyama BP DUNLOP BMW -5 laps 20 GT300 Shogo Kobayashi(J)/Hiroyuki Enomoto(J) Golden Bear Porsche -6 laps 21 GT500 Kenji Kawagoe(J)/Shunji Kasuya(J) Zennie GT2 -6 laps 22 GT500 Naoki Hattori(J)/Ralf Schumacher(D) McLaren F1 GTR -8 laps 23 GT300 Adrian Fu(HK)/Masaoki Nagashima(J) TaisanFuSpeed Porsche-8 laps 24 GT500 Katsuo Kobayashi(J)/Naohiro Furuya(J) Jun Trust Skyline -11 laps 25 GT500 Toshio Suzuki(J) Masahiko Kondo(J)KURE R33 -12 laps 26 GT300 Masahiro Matsunaga(J) Junko Mihara(J) Birdie Club MR2 -14 laps

DNF GT300 Hiromoto Ishimori(J)/Masuo Saito(J) Murauchi Kamei GTS-R -26 laps GT500 Hideshi Matsuda(J)/Osamu Nakako(J) STP Taisan PorscheGT2-27 laps GT500 Masami Kageyama(J)/Yuji Tachikawa(J) FEDEX 300ZX-GTS -34 laps GT300 Satoshi Motoyama(J)/Yuji Ide(J) Person's Sylvia -41 laps 300 Keiichi Suzuki(J)/Morio Nitta(J) Taisan StarCard RSR -42 laps GT500 Motoji Sekine(J)/Takahiro Ito(J) Prova 964 Twin Turbo -49 laps GT500 Oscar Larrauri(RA)/Takeshi Tsuchiya(J) Taisan Porsche GT2 -57 laps GT300 Nobuyuki Oyagi(J)/Tsuneaki Mankumo(J) Daishin Sylvia -57 laps GT300 Masamitsu Ishihara(J)/Hiroyuki Noji(J) Cobra Porsche -58 laps GT300 Katsunori Iketani(J)/Kazuo Mogi(J) Caltex Porsche -58 laps

Fastest Lap 60 Naoki Hattori 1'47.791 Attendance 48,400

JGTC Rd.3 in the tight and twisty Sendai Hi-Land attracted action-packed racing which resulted in Toyota's maiden victory of the season. The race started with the #60 McLaren with Naoki Hattori leading followed by Tom Kristensen in the Supra, Masanori Sekiya in a sister car, John Nielsen in the #61 McLaren, and the #37 Supra with series debutant Hironori Takeuchi.

Kristensen snatched the lead from Hattori on lap 8 and went on for 32 more laps. Behind the leading Supra, there were big dice going on between Hattori, Takeuchi and Sekiya.

Meanwhile Nielsen had a hard time keeping up with the bunch because of the 50kg weight penalty, slipping back the order in consequence.

Then came the pitstops. The Lark McLaren team signaled the #60 to come in first, with the #61 scheduled for its stop the following lap. The #60 pulled over. Ralf Schumacher was ready for his stint. Change tires, wipe the windshield and everything. Then, to the crew's surprise, they saw the OTHER McLaren coming down the pitlane! Without the necessary preparations for the pit stop, the #61's chance of winning was well over right there.

Speaking of pit confusions, the leading #8 Supra's pitstop on lap 41 was nothing but a disaster. The FET crew spent a huge amount of time changing one tire, for the wheel nut was too hot to come undone. By the time Tatsuya Tanigawa got back to the track, they were down in sixth place. Poor Tom was wearing a long face.

So the new leader was the #37 Supra driven by Eric Comas, followed by the super fast McLaren in the hands of Ralf Schumacher, and a train of Skylines and Supras fighting for a podium finish.

In fact the German was faster than the car itself. He pushed over the limit and the rear suspension gave way on lap 54. It sure wasn't a McLaren day.

The show didn't end there. Eager to finish higher, the Skyline and Supra train headed by the #3 Nissan with Tetsuya Tanaka at the wheel provided an enormous battle for a number of laps.

It was Tanaka who endured the incredible pressure from Pedro de la Rosa in the #36 Supra to finish in well-deserved second place.

A great race all in all except for Ralf Schumacher who failed to make his 21st birthday a memorable one.

Championship Standings: GT500 Brabham/Nielsen 38, Sekiya/de la Rosa 35, Hasemi/Tanaka 33, Comas 30, Gardner/Ferte 22, Hattori/Schumacher 20, Hoshino/Kageyama 19, A.Suzuki/Fukuyama 14, etc.

GT300 Kinoshita/Makiguchi 42, Kawasaki 37, Suzuki/Nitta 35, Sodeyama/Nagasaka 30, etc.

Next Race: Fuji, August 10-11

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