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Jimmy Mars Takes Second Night of Stacker2 Xtreme Late Model Nationals KNOXVILLE RACEWAY Knoxville, Iowa (October 15) - Jimmy Mars of Elk Mound, Wisconsin drove into the winner's circle at the Stacker2 Xtreme Late Model DirtCar Nationals ...

Jimmy Mars Takes Second Night of Stacker2 Xtreme Late Model Nationals

KNOXVILLE RACEWAY Knoxville, Iowa (October 15) - Jimmy Mars of Elk Mound, Wisconsin drove into the winner's circle at the Stacker2 Xtreme Late Model DirtCar Nationals Friday night at Knoxville Raceway. The win paid the Xtreme National Series competitor $6,000 for his efforts.

Shane Clanton (Locust Grove, Georgia), a driver in the running for the Xtreme Rookie of the Year honors, took the immediate lead in the 30-lap race from his front row starting spot. With just one lap in the books, the red flag flew for Terry Phillips (Springfield, Missouri) who come to a halt in turn three near the high Knoxville fences with heavy damage to his race car. He did not restart.

When the race resumed Clanton again took control with Don O'Neal (Martinville, Indiana), Davey Johnson (Greensburg, Pennsylvania) and Brady Smith (Solon Springs, Wisconsin) in tow. All the front runners found the high cushion to be the fast way around the big Knoxville half-mile oval. Track conditions on this second night for this Xtreme Late Model event were totally different than those of the first night as the surface was much drier and the cushion had moved to within 15 to 20 feet of the turn fences. Though the track was different, the weather for the evening was still in the crispy forty degree range as an early-autumn Canadian weather system had settled into the upper mid-west for the weekend.

Lap five saw O'Neal take the lead with a dive move under Clanton as they raced through turn four. With a clear track he was able to pull out to a 15 car-length advantage by the ten-lap point and in the following two circuits he began to make a runaway of it.

The yellow flag flew on lap thirteen as Steve Casebolt (Richmond, Indiana) spun his machine at the scoreboard. Casebolt, who had been involved in the lap two snafoo, had re-entered the race late after that incident, nearly half a lap behind the field. In what seemed to be an attempt to keep from being lapped by the high flying O'Neal, he seemed to pressing his luck to the limit before he spun.

On the restart, third running Johnson lost a drive shaft and went pitside, done for the evening. Clanton, who had been running second lost three spots as it appeared that something was going sour on his fleet machine. Though smoke began to show from his car, he held that same spot to the end, much to the surprise of everyone.

The final caution flag flew on the 16th circuit when Matt Furman (Iowa City, Iowa)spun all by himself in turn two.

With the race hitting the twenty lap mark, O'Neal held only six car-length lead over Mars. Smith was running in third, Bill Frye (Greenbriar, Arkansas) held down fourth and Clanton hung on to fifth. Shortly thereafter Mars began to close the gap between himself and O'Neal as they both roared around the top of the track. As they headed into lap traffic, Mars began to try various lines in the turns in anticipation of what was to come.

Heading into the 27th circuit, four lap-cars in front of O'Neal and Mars appeared to hold the key to the outcome of the event. With that lap in the books both drivers came up directly behind those backmarkers as they headed into turn three to complete lap 28. O'Neal chose to ride the cushion as Mars dove low. When both cars exited turn four, everyone could see that there would not be enough room for both machines to make it by the fence and down the front chute. Mars put the 'squeeze play' on O'Neal forcing him to strike the fence. Wounded but still limping around the track, O'Neal still managed to keep his car moving.

In the end, Mars took the win with Smith and Frye behind him. O'Neal took fourth with Justin Fegers (Mound, Minnesota) taking fifth after starting dead last in the 24-car field. Rounding out the top ten finishers were Clanton, Donnie Moran (Dresden, Ohio), Doug Dodd (Cambridge, Ohio), Steve Shaver (Parkersburg, West Virginia) and Jay Johnson (West Burlington, Iowa).

Stacker2 Xtreme Late Model DirtCar Nationals
Knoxville Raceway
Knoxville, Iowa
October 15, 2004

Results October 15, 2004

First Heat, 10 laps, 3:25.4: 1. Justin Fegers, Mound, Minnesota; 2. Matt Furman, Iowa City, Iowa; 3. Doug Dodd, Cambridge, Ohio; 4. Don O'Neal, Martinville, Indiana; 5. Mike Smith, Jewel, Iowa; 6. Jeff Bair, Solon, Iowa; 7. John Henkemeyer, Sauk Rappids, Minnesota; 8. Troy Olson, Fargo, North Dakota; 9. Jimmy Schram, Vancouver, Washington; 10. Jerry Schram, Vancouver, Washington.

Second Heat, 10 laps, No Time: 1. Denny Woodworth, Mendon, Illinois; 2. Brady Smith, Solon Springs, Wisconsin; 3. Bill Frye, Greenbriar, Arkansas; 4. Tommy Rowe, Boniphan, Nebraska; 5. Steve Casebolt, Richmond, Indiana; 6. Jason Johnson, Portland, Oregon; 7. Greg Walters, Portland, Oregon; 8. Jason Flory, Creston, Ohio; 9. Jim Kelly, Newaygo, Michigan; 10. Rob Moss, Iowa City, Iowa.

Third Heat, 10 laps, 3:25.3: 1. Terry Phillips, Springfiled, Missouri; 2. Pat Doar, New Richmond, Wisconsin; 3. Jimmy Mars, Elk Mound, Wisconsin; 4. John VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa, Iowa; 5. John Mason, Millersburg, Ohio; 6. Patrick Sheltra, Indiantown, Florida; 7. Eddie Kirchoff, Gillett, Wyoming; 8. John Duty, Portland, Oregpm; 9. Russ Sell, Brownsville, Oregon.

Fourth Heat, 10 laps, 3:25.6: 1. Shane Clanton, Locust Grove, Georgia; 2. Steve Shaver, Parkersburg, West Virginia; 3. Kelly Boen, Henderson, Colorado; 4. Jay Johnson, West Burlington, Iowa; 5. Dan Miller, Brush Prairie, Washington; 6. Nick Marolf, Moscow, Iowa; 7. Scott Peltz, Cadiz, Ohio; 8. Rusty Patterson, Mason City, Iowa; 9. Scott Byram, Toledo, Oregon; 10. Mike Balcaen, Wennipeg, ONT, Canada.

Fifth Heat, 10 laps, No Time: 1. Kerry Hansen, Spencer, Wisconsin; 2. Davey Johnson, Greensburg, Pennsylvania; 3. Dave Troutman, Hyndman, Pennsylvania; 4. Boone McLaughlin, Mediapolis, Iowa; 5. Mitch Johnson, Hixon, North Dakota; 6. Bill Reed, Knoxville, Tennessee; 7. Jeremy Shank, Salem, Oregon; 8. Mike Miller, Springfiled, Oregon; 9. Donnie Moran, Dresden, Ohio.

YJ Stinger Dash, 6 laps, No Time: 1. Davey Johnson; 2. Shane Clanton; 3. Don O'Neal; 4. Brady Smith; 5. Pat Doar; 6. Tommy Rowe.

C Main, 8 laps, No Time: 1. Jimmy Schram; 2. Jerry Schram; 3. Jason Johnson; 4. Mike Miller; 5. Scott Byram.

B Main, 15 laps, No Time: 1. Terry Phillips; 2. Mitch Johnson; 3. Mike Smith; 4. Justin Fegers; 5. Troy Olson; 6. John Mason; 7. Rusty Patterson; 8. Scott Peltz; 9. John Henkemeyer; 10. Rob Moss; 11. Mike Miller; 12. Greg Walters; 13. Eddie Kirchoff; 14. John Duty; 15. Bill Reed; 16. Dan Miller; 17. Jeremy Shank; 18. Jerry Schram; 19. Jason Johnson; 20. Jimmy Schram; 21. Dave Troutman; 22. Denny Woodworth; 23. Nick Marolf; 24. Jason Flory; 25. Davey Johnson.

A Main, 30 laps, No Time: 1. Jimmy Mars; 2. Brady Smith; 3. Bill Frye; 4. Don O'Neal; 5.Justin Fegers; 6. Shane Clanton; 7. Donnie Moran; 8. Doug Dodd; 9. Steve Shaver; 10. Jay Johnson; 11. Kelly Boen; 12. Pat Doar; 13. Patrick Sheltra; 14. John VanDenBerg; 15. Jeff Bair; 16. Mitch Johnson; 17. Boone McLaughlin; 18. Tommy Rowe; 19. Mike Smith; 20. Matt Furman; 21. Steve Casebolt; 22. Davey Johnson; 23. Kerry Hansen; 24. Terry Phillips. Lap Leaders: Shane Clanton 1-4; Don O'Neal 5-27; Jimmy Mars 28-30


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