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DirtNews Digest Your Online News Source for Late Model Dirt Track Racing "Get Some Dirt On Your Computer!" Todd Turner, editor

Email address: DirtNews@aol.com Web site: http://members.aol.com/dirtnews/digest =================================== CONTENTS: Commentary: Show Me 100 odds (May 21) =================================== MOYER FAVORED TO WIN HIS FOURTH SHOW-ME 100

By Todd Turner DirtNews Digest Commentary ------------------------------------ Predictions for the Fifth Annual Show-Me 100, scheduled for May 23-24 at West Plains (Mo.) Motor Speedway. ------------------------------------ BILLY MOYER (21), Batesville, Ark. Odds: 5-2

SHOW-ME 100 HISTORY: First in 1993, 1994 and 1996; second in 1995. SHOW ME THE MONEY: Moyer's record at West Plains speaks for itself, but we'll talk about it anyway. When each driver shows up at West Plains, they know they'll have their work cut out for them to finish ahead of the No. 21. Moyer's repelling of Scott Bloomquist's charge in last year's race was nothing short of masterful. SHOW ME THE TRAILER: Which chassis will the GVS Racing Team roll out? The Larry Shaw? The MasterSbilt? A GRT? Maybe an updated Rayburn? If Moyer outguesses himself he may be wishing he'd picked the *other* car. ------------------------------------ DONNIE MORAN (99), Dresden, Ohio Odds: 5-1

SHOW-ME 100 HISTORY: Seventh in 1994. SHOW ME THE MONEY: Isn't four wins in his last six races good enough? The red-hot Moran isn't going to skip a $10,000-to-win race at his father's Muskingum County Speedway -- just a few minutes from his house -- unless he believes he'll be hanging out with Gus the Cool Mule, the West Plains mascot, in victory lane Saturday night. SHOW ME THE TRAILER: If Moran has a weakness, it's on the shorter and slicker tracks. West Plains is always the former and often the latter. ------------------------------------ WENDELL WALLACE (6m), Batesville, Ark. Odds: 10-1

SHOW-ME 100 HISTORY: 18th in 1993, fifth in 1994, 18th in 1995 and seventh in 1996. SHOW ME THE MONEY: One of the strongest drivers nationally in the past two years, Wallace proved he could win a big one with last year's Hav-A-Tampa Shootout victory at Dixie Speedway near Atlanta. Batesville might produce another Show-Me 100 winner, but this time his name could be Wallace. SHOW ME THE TRAILER: If he doesn't start ahead of Moyer, can he ever get past him? ------------------------------------ SCOTT BLOOMQUIST (18), Mooresburg, Tenn. Odds: 12-1

SHOW-ME 100 HISTORY: Fourth in 1993, fifth in 1994, first in 1995 (after starting 18th) and second in 1996. SHOW ME THE MONEY: If he adjusts to piloting a new Rayburn chassis, he'll be up front. SHOW ME THE TRAILER: In a perfect world, we'd mail Bloomquist the $30,000. But Bloomquist's world obviously hasn't been perfect lately and -- outside a couple of victories near his east Tennessee home -- he's looked remarkably ordinary this year (although the new hairstyle gets a thumbs up). ------------------------------------ RICK AUKLAND (12), Fargo, N.D. Odds: 15-1

SHOW-ME 100 HISTORY: 11th in 1994, third in 1995 and 14th in 1996. SHOW ME THE MONEY: Aukland, the former Bullitt house car driver, is already up to speed in his Rayburn. It's up to him to regain the success he found at West Plains in July 1995, when he won $15,000 in Hav-A-Tampa's inaugural Supernationals. SHOW ME THE TRAILER: Has Aukland shaken off his horrible luck of late, when rain, wrecks, and a loose fuel line have ruined his chances for victory? He's still looking for a big-purse win in 1997. ------------------------------------ RONNIE JOHNSON (5), Chattanooga, Tenn. Odds: 25-1

SHOW-ME 100 HISTORY: Second in 1993, sixth in 1994, ninth in 1995 and eighth in 1996. SHOW ME THE MONEY: His consistent top-10 finishes -- and he started way back in 20th last year -- prove he's a potential Show-Me 100 winner. Only Johnson and Donnie Moran have captured a STARS *and* Hav-A-Tampa victory this year. SHOW ME THE TRAILER: Outside his second-place STARS finish at Cherokee Speedway on May 3, RJ hasn't exactly set the world on fire since winning on back-to-back weekends in early spring. ------------------------------------ FREDDY SMITH (00), Knoxville, Tenn. Odds: 25-1

SHOW-ME 100 HISTORY: Third in 1994, second in 1995 and 22nd in 1996. SHOW ME THE MONEY: So what if Smith hasn't won this year. The veteran ended a two-month losing streak last July at West Plains with a $15,000 victory in the Hav-A-Tampa Supernationals finale. SHOW ME THE TRAILER: Consistency is nice on a series, but at the big independent shows, it's win or be forgotten. ------------------------------------ TERRY PHILLIPS (75), Springfield, Mo. Odds: 30-1

SHOW-ME 100 HISTORY: 13th in 1996. SHOW ME THE MONEY: There's no doubt Phillips is awesome under a tire rule as he won 16 Midwest LateModel Racing Association events last year, including the MLRA Fall Nationals at West Plains. If he can turn the trick in an open-tire race, he should eclipse the sixth-place finish of his father, Larry, in the inaugural event. SHOW ME THE TRAILER: With a slow start in 1997, Phillips appears to still be shaking off the winter blahs. ------------------------------------ BILL FRYE (66), Greenbrier, Ark. Odds: 32-1

SHOW-ME 100 HISTORY: Fifth in 1993, 10th in 1994, eighth in 1995. SHOW ME THE MONEY: This is the race Frye wants so bad he can taste it, and failing to make the field for the second year in a row is unacceptable. He'll be ready. SHOW ME THE TRAILER: On-the-track concerns (including a broken arm and late-race mechanical woes) as well as off-the-track concerns (including his father's death in February) surely have made it difficult for Frye to stay completely focused in 1997. ------------------------------------ DALE McDOWELL (17m), Rossville, Ga. Odds: 40-1

SHOW-ME 100 HISTORY: 12th in 1996. SHOW ME THE MONEY: Few predicted McDowell's strong Hav-A-Tampa start as Wendell Wallace's teammate with O.J. Monday Motorsports. McDowell won at Chatham, La., and has often been among the top five in points. After driving a Billy Moyer-owned No. 21 at last year's Show-Me 100, he'll have a pretty good idea what he'll need to do to get to the front. SHOW ME THE TRAILER: Beating 22 other cars is one thing, but beating his capable teammate is another. ------------------------------------ JOHN GILL (75), Mitchell, Ind. Odds: 40-1

SHOW-ME 100 HISTORY: Eighth in 1994, 10th in 1995 and sixth in 1996. SHOW ME THE MONEY: Gill admirably held off Scott Bloomquist in a $5,000-to-win Hav-A-Tampa race in 1995, and the smooth-slick conditions at West Plains typically suit Gill's driving style perfectly. SHOW ME THE TRAILER: Gill's still not quite back into the comfort zone after suffering arm and neck injuries in last year's ARCA crash at Atlanta Motor Speedway. ------------------------------------ BEST OF THE REST

***JACK BOGGS (B4), Grayson, Ky.: After a couple of strong weekends, he'll be looking to rebound after last year's first-lap heat accident that sent him home early.

***RANDLE CHUPP (114), Knoxville, Tenn.: Last year's surprise National 100 winner in November hasn't exactly gone cold, capturing his first career STARS and Southern All-Stars events in 1997.

***CLINT SMITH (1), Griffin, Ga.: He's been spotty with the Hav-A-Tampa series, but last year's third-place finish at the Show-Me might have been a first-place finish without a lap-75 caution.

***BOB PIERCE (23), Danville, Ill.: The Tall Cool One is a contender driving Calvin Cheek's Warrior chassis or Stephen McCullough's MasterSbilt.

***LESLIE ESSARY (5), Crane, Mo.: Comes into the race as the winner of the MLRA Spring Nationals at Batesville, Ark.

***GARY WEBB (56), Blue Grass, Iowa: Heading south, he just might bring that winning spirit with him.

***DON O'NEAL (71), Martinsville, Ind.: A solid fourth place last year in the Show-Me, he's missed most of the season's early races and will head to Missouri with an unproven car. ------------------------------------------------------------- EDITOR'S NOTE: A version of this commentary appears in Behind the Wheel's Late Model America. -------------------------------------------------------------

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