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DirtNews Digest Your Online News Source for Late Model Dirt Track Racing "Get Some Dirt On Your Computer!" Todd Turner, editor

Email address: DirtNews@aol.com Web site: http://members.aol.com/dirtnews/digest =================================== CONTENTS: STARS results April 18-20 (April 20) HAGERSTOWN: Gary Stuhler repeats (again) in Schetrompf WINCHESTER: Gary Stuhler gets 40-lap victory worth $6,000 WILLIAMS GROVE: Davey Johnson edges Rick Eckert for $5,000 =================================== SHORT TRACK AUTO RACING STARS (STARS) Stanley Schetrompf Memorial

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (Sunday) Polesitter Gary Stuhler kept up his improbable stranglehold of the STARS-sanctioned Stanley Schetrompf Memorial, winning the 50-lap race for the fifth consecutive time and the sixth overall for an $8,000 payday at Hagerstown Speedway.

Stuhler took the lead from Marvin Winters on the ninth lap to win his second consecutive STARS race and mark his 79th career victory at the half-mile Maryland oval. Rick Eckert finished second, followed by Bart Hartman, Steve Francis and Winters. Scott Bloomquist, Chub Frank, Dick Barton, Tim Hitt and D.J. Myers finished sixth through 10th in the afternoon event.

Winters jumped into the early lead, but Stuhler stalked him and made an outside pass coming off the second turn on the ninth lap to grab the point and build a big lead. A caution on the 30th lap zapped Stuhler's lead, and two more quick cautions kept the field close for a lap-32 restart.

Despite facing lapped traffic over the final 10 laps, Stuhler kept a comfortable edge over Eckert and held on for the victory. Eckert had reached second position by getting past Hartman on the 26th lap when the Ohio driver got caught in loose dirt coming off the second turn.

CAR COUNT: 60 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Rick Eckert, 19.488 (half-mile oval).

FAST DASH: Gary Stuhler, Marvin Winters, Rick Eckert.

HEAT WINNERS: Tim Hitt, Dick Barton, Denny Bonebrake, Chub Frank, Brent Rhebergen, Scott Bloomquist.

CONSOLATION WINNERS: Mike Balzano, Les Hare.

FEATURE (50 laps): Gary Stuhler, Rick Eckert, Bart Hartman, Steve Francis, Marvin Winters, Scott Bloomquist, Chub Frank, Dick Barton, Tim Hitt, D.J. Myers, Brent Rhebergen, Denny Bonebrake, Charlie Swartz, Mike Balzano, Jim Daversa, Kenny Pettyjohn, Rick Workman, Kevin Denton, David Williams, Tommy Armel, Rod Conley, Rodney Franklin, Les Hare, Doug Timmons, Davey Johnson.

NOTES: Scott Bloomquist and Bart Hartman both traveled more than 500 miles for the Sunday afternoon race after racing at the two-day Hav-A-Tampa event in Brownstown, Ind., which ran until nearly midnight Eastern time .... Bloomquist started 12th and worked his way up to sixth by the 24th lap, but couldn't make any more headway .... Hagerstown switches to a Saturday night schedule beginning April 26 .... midget cars are on the schedule for next Saturday at Hagerstown.

NEXT STARS RACE: April 25, Cumberland (Md.) Speedway.

CREDIT: Hagerstown Speedway publicity. ------------------------------------------------------------- SHORT TRACK AUTO RACING STARS (STARS) R&R Racing Collectibles/Gunters Honey 40

WINCHESTER, Va. (Saturday) Gary Stuhler, moving up from his fourth-row starting spot, grabbed the lead from Mike Balzano on the 26th lap and led the rest of the way for a 40-lap feature victory worth $6,000 at Winchester Speedway in northern Virginia.

Stuhler advanced to second position by the 17th lap, although three lapped cars separated him from the leading Balzano after a caution. Stuhler continued to advance and eventually dispatched of Balzano to lead the final 14 laps. Steve Francis finished second ahead of Balzano, Jeff Friese and Tom Myers. Charlie Swartz, D.J. Myers, Tim Hitt, John Mason and Denny Bonebrake finished sixth through 10th.

CAR COUNT: 50 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Steve Francis, 16.710 seconds.

FAST DASH: D.J. Myers, Nathan Durboraw, Ernie Davis, Mike Balzano, Tom Myers, Steve Francis.

FIRST HEAT: Davey Johnson, Rick Eckert, R.J. Conley, Brent Rhebergen, Rod Conley, Mike Johnson, Rob Nichols, Scott Brode, Chuck Harper, Ryan Markham, Brad Omps.

SECOND HEAT: Gary Stuhler, Denny Bonebrake, Tommy Armel, Todd Andrews, Charlie Schaffer, Barry Bragdon, Terry Miller, Bo Feathers, Timmy Booth, Scott Harley, Charlie Swartz.

THIRD HEAT: Chub Frank, Tim Hitt, John Mason, David Williams, Kevin Denton, Jim Mazur, Allan Brannon, C.S. Fitzgerald, Rick Workman, Richard Shutts, Richard Irwin.

FOURTH HEAT: Jeff Friese, Les Hare, Scott Haus, Dick Barton, Gerald Davis, Steve Shaver, Delmas Conley, Ricky Edmonds, Mike Benedum, Sean Cosgrove, Andy Anderson.

CONSOLATION WINNERS: Brent Rhebergen, Dick Barton.

FEATURE (Pos., name, car no., laps, purse) 1. Gary Stuhler (19), 40, $6,000 2. Steve Francis (15), 40, $3,500 3. Mike Balzano (E1), 40, $2,000 4. Jeff Friese (6), 40, $1,500 5. Tom Myers (70), 40, $1,200 6. Charlie Swartz (1), 40, $1,040 7. D. J. Myers (70j), 40, $900 8. Tim Hitt (68), 40, $850 9. John Mason (72), 40, $800 10. Denny Bonebrake (44), 40, $750 11. Kevin Denton (22), 40, $740 12. Davey Johnson (1j), 40, $650 13. Dick Barton (28b), 40, $640 14. Tommy Armel (15), 39, $550 15. Brent Rhebergen (07r), 39, $540 16. Rick Eckert (24), 39, $450 17. Gerald Davis (28), 39, $440 18. R.J. Conley (71c), 39, $350 19. Chub Frank (1*), 29, $350 20. Allan Brannon (4N), 39, $390 21. Scott Haus (1H), 39, $350 22. Nathan Durboraw (24), 39, $350, engine 23. Rod Conley (71r), 20, $390, accident 24. Les Hare (40), 19, $350, handling 25. Ernie Davis (25), 17, $350, handling

NOTES: Scott Harley clipped a tire barrier in the second heat and reportedly broke his left thumb .... C.S. Fitzgerald flipped his car during the third heat but was uninjured .... Rod Conley and Charlie Swartz started the feature with STARS provisional spots, while Allan Brannon got a track provisional .... there were four caution flags in the 20-minute feature race.

CREDIT: Bret Emrick of STARS. ------------------------------------------------------------- SHORT TRACK AUTO RACING STARS (STARS) Williams Grove 30

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (Friday) Davey Johnson made an inside pass of Rick Eckert in Turn 2 on the last of 30 laps for a $5,000 victory at Williams Grove Speedway, his first in nearly two years on the STARS circuit. Johnson stuck his car down low on the half-mile oval going into Turn 1 on the final lap, and pulled in front of Eckert as the leaders entered the backchute.

Johnson won by a single car-length over Eckert, who was followed by Delmas Conley, Charlie Swartz and Gary Stuhler, who advanced to fifth from his 18th-starting spot. Steve Shaver, Kevin Denton, Denny Bonebrake, Tim Hitt -- who led the first 17 laps -- and Mike Balzano rounded out the top 10.

CAR COUNT: 50 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Steve Shaver, 20.970 seconds (half-mile oval).

FAST DASH: Rick Eckert, Steve Francis, Delmas Conley, Tim Hitt, Rod Conley, Steve Shaver.

FIRST HEAT: Davey Johnson, Mike Balzano, Scott Harley, Kevin Denton, D.J. Myers, Rick Workman, Paul Crowl, Ken Dickson, Ryan Markham, Chris Shuey, Brian Shuey.

SECOND HEAT: Nathan Durboraw, John Mason, Denny Bonebrake, Bobby Croop, Dick Barton, David Williams, Chuck Harper, Doug Timmons Jr., Jeff Shearer, Barry Bragdon, Bill Palmer.

THIRD HEAT: Todd Andrews, Scott Haus, Bob Salathe, Mike Johnson, Carl Billett, Alan Sagi, Charlie Schaffer, Mike Benedum, Travis Ayers, C.S. Fitzgerald, Tommy Armel.

FOURTH HEAT: Charlie Swartz, R.J. Conley, Gary Stuhler, Brent Rhebergen, Kenny Pettyjohn, Steve Campbell, Jeff Rine, Jeff Friese, Junior Eckert, Jim Mazur, Jim Teets.

CONSOLATION WINNERS: Kevin Denton, Kenny Pettyjohn.

FEATURE (Pos., name, car no., laps, purse) 1. Davey Johnson (1j), 30, $5,000 2. Rick Eckert (24), 30, $2,500 3. Delmas Conley (71), 30, $1,500 4. Charlie Swartz (1), 30, $1,00 5. Gary Stuhler (19), 30, $900 6. Steve Shaver (30), 30, $850 7. Kevin Denton (22), 30, $840 8. Denny Bonebrake (44), 30, $750 9. Tim Hitt (68), 30, $700 10. Mike Balzano (E1), 30, $650 11. Steve Francis (15), 30, $600 12. Bob Salathe (RG3), 30, $550 13. Rod Conley (71r), 30, $500 14. R.J. Conley (71c), 30, $450 15. Todd Andrews (42), 30, $400 16. Kenny Pettyjohn (38), 30, $390 17. Scott Haus (1H), 30, $300 18. Scott Harley (32), 30, $300 19. Steve Campbell (2), 30, $340 20. John Mason (72), 30, $300 21. Carl Billett (33), 30, $340 22. Mike Benedum (25), 29, $300 23. Barry Bragdon (77), 29, $340 24. Nathan Durboraw (24), 4, $300, engine

NOTES: Davey Johnson's last STARS victory came Aug. 19, 1995 at Buckeye Speedway in Orrville, Ohio .... Steve Francis started outside the front row, but he had a flat right-rear tire on the first attempt at a start and ending up starting on the tail .... the feature had three caution flags and lasted just 12 minutes .... Barry Bragdon and Mike Benedum won STARS provisional starting spots.

CREDIT: Bret Emrick of STARS. -------------------------------------------------------------

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