Utica-Rome Speedway crowns track champions

VERNON, NY - The New Utica-Rome Speedway in Vernon crowned its 2000 Track Champions on the final points night of the season Sunday September 3 amidst the sprays of champagne. Track Champions were Ron Holmes in the headline DIRT 358 Modified ...

VERNON, NY - The New Utica-Rome Speedway in Vernon crowned its 2000 Track Champions on the final points night of the season Sunday September 3 amidst the sprays of champagne. Track Champions were Ron Holmes in the headline DIRT 358 Modified division, Kevin Crave in the DIRT Sportsman, Tom Denton in the DIRT Pro Stocks, Dave Mannise in the Pure Stocks, Jackie Botindari in the Senior Slingshots, and A.J. Kingsley in the Junior Slingshots.

Oneida's Ron Holmes had his best season ever at Utica-Rome in the Ralph's Collision Bicknell chassied No. 82, with two feature wins, seven top fives, eight top tens, and of course, his first ever DIRT 358 Modified Track Championship. Holmes, who is the only driver to win features in all four present day divisions at Utica-Rome, also had a banner season at Fonda Speedway, where he had four feature wins, finishing fifth in Big Block points and second in 358 Modified points. Holmes was the highest finishing track regular at Utica-Rome in the May 14 Super DIRT Series 100-lap event in third place, and was in contention for the win in the season ending Super DIRT Series event on September 22, when he blew his motor. The battle for the title went right down to the final night, with J.J. Michaels leading going into the night, until he broke a rear suspension part while challenging Holmes for the lead in the feature, which Holmes eventually finished fourth in. Completing the top five in point standings were Dale Planck, J.J. Michaels, Billy Wilcox, and Tim Clemons.

West Winfield's Kevin Crave turned one feature win, eight top fives, and nine top tens into his first career Utica-Rome DIRT Sportsman Track Championship driving the JRM Paving Troyer No. 28. Rounding out the top five in points for the competitive Sportsman division were Jamie Christian, Willy Decker, Paul Carey, and Ron Richardson.

Bridgewater's Tom Denton won his second consecutive DIRT Pro Stock Track Championship at Utica-Rome in the Hemstrought's Bakeries No. 94. Denton dominated the competition, with five feature wins, nine top fives, and ten top tens. Jerry Holmes, Jason Rood, Bret Belden, and Wayne Archer completed the top five.

Dave Mannise of Fulton, won his eighth career Utica-Rome Pure Stock Track Championship for the fifth consecutive year in the Mannise and Sons Logging No. 8 Camaro. Mannise had five feature wins, nine top fives, and nine top tens during his dominating effort on the season. Rounding out the top five in points were Jeff Pastorella, Chad Ray, Mark Effner, and Jim Thomas.

Weedsport's Jackie Botindari never won a feature in the all-new Senior Slingshot division, but her consistency in the Pillsbury No. 1 with four top fives and six top tens gave her the Utica-Rome Track Championship. Following Botindari, it was Todd Land, Bob Hoffman, Denny Tilison, and J.J. Courcy.

Fulton's A.J. Kingsley, son of New Utica-Rome Speedway promoters Eric and Gisele Kingsley, won three features and had eight top fives in the Stadium International No. 87 on his way to being the first Track Champion in the all-new Junior Slingshot division. Larry Wight, Kyle Reuter, Weylyn Barrows, and Brian Howland rounded out the top five.

Despite a record seven rainouts, 2000 was a season of intense racing competition and very close points battles that went right down to the end.


(Top 25 Listed - Feature Wins in Parenthesis)

DIRT 358 Modifieds - 1)RON HOLMES 519 (2), 2)Dale Planck 501 (1), 3)J.J. Michaels 496 (1), 4)Billy Wilcox 483, 5)Tim Clemons 474, 6)Roger Phelps 467, 7)Gus Schmidt 439, 8)Ronnie Johnson & John Barker Jr. 418 (1), 10)Todd Burley 380, 11)Jason Barney 379 (1), 12)Mitch Gibbs 376 (1), 13)Jim Rothwell 359, 14)Andy Romano 303, 15)Steve Hulsizer 302, 16)Andy Bachetti 293 (1), 17)Mark Schoonover 286, 18)Jeremy Smith 278, 19)Mike Hulsizer 240, 20)Ted Lamb Jr. 220, 21)Pete Taylor 211, 22)Mike Fusco 209, 23)Ryan Baye 186, 24)Jack Johnson 178 (1), 25)Bill Shantel Sr. 162.

DIRT Sportsman - 1)KEVIN CRAVE 504 (1), 2)Jamie Christian 450 (5), 3)Willy Decker 449, 4)Paul Carey 440, 5)Ron Richardson 402, 6)John Christian 383, 7)Dan Yankowski 379, 8)John Kinsella 366, 9)Criag Pritchard 364, 10)Jim Roberts 348, 11)Steve Davis 346, 12)Butch Reiter 334, 13)Dave Bargabos 328, 14)Paul Kinney 325 (1), 15)Steve Way 322, 16)Tim Mayne 309 (1), 17)Geoff VanRiper 305, 18)Brian Murphy 220, 19)Donnie Wetmore Jr. 160, 20)Steve Anderson 150, 21)Shawn Donath 142, 22)Bill Shantel Jr. 140, 23)Jessica Zemken 133, 24)Daryl Hagen 119, 25)Steve Kotary 116.

DIRT Pro Stocks - 1)TOM DENTON 578 (5), 2)Jerry Holmes 527 (4), 3)Jason Rood 502, 4)Bret Belden 500 (2), 5)Wayne Archer 498, 6)John Kiskiel 470, 7)Dave Moyer 454, 8)Stan Clark 444, 9)John Roese 402, 10)Doug Grimaldi 392, 11)Gerry Newman 386, 12)Richard Stevenson 367, 13)Bill Knapp 333, 14)Eric Vanderhoof 310, 15)Gus Gould 266, 16)Ed Kotary 247, 17)Chuck Mathews 238, 18)Brett Hamon 205, 19)Chuck Jones 183, 20)Scott Moyer 174, 21)Dave Meeks 169, 22)Jason Dockstader 145, 23)Frank Twing 120 (2), 24)Mike Watkins 100, 25)Aaron Jacobs 98.

Pure Stocks - 1)DAVE MANNISE 552 (5), 2)Jeff Pastorella 502 (3), 3)Chad Ray 488 (2), 4)Mark Effner 442 (1), 5)Jim Thomas 406, 6)Waylan Wilczek 367, 7)Bobby Newman 358, 8)Herm Staats 352, 9)Art Newman Jr. 342, 10)Jeremy Bargabos & Rob Seavy 296, 12)Ray Fancher 293, 13)George Schulze 263, 14)Les Lewis 249, 15)Cali Hall 218, 16)Mike Kirk 212, 17)Bob Gloska 202, 18)Bill Lashen 174, 19)Chuck Cushman Jr & Bill Gibson 173, 21)Dave Arbes 172, 22)Matt Spisak 159, 23)Walt Koperda Jr. 150, 24)David Pope 148, 25)Scott Simzer 136.

Senior Slingshots - 1)JACKIE BOTINDARI 356, 2)Todd Land 314 (1), 3)Bob Hoffman 310, 4)Denny Tilison 300, 5)J.J. Courcy 296 (2), 6)Ryan Phelps 288 (1), 7)Randy Marsh 282, 8)A.J. Digsby 238 (1), 9)David Nimey 220 (3), 10)Mike Waterman 264, 11)Todd Thomas 134, 12)Pete Neff 86, 13)Fred Helmer & Steve Gowe 52, 15)Dave Barrows, Brian Thomas, & Brad Alger 50, 18)Tim Lotz 46, 19)Bill Cook 38, 20)Jerry Zenzillo 36.

Junior Slingshots - 1)A.J. KINGSLEY 452 (3), 2)Larry Wight 396 (2), 3)Kyle Reuter 116 (1), 4)Weylen Barrows 112 (1), 5)Brian Howland 60 (1), 6)Kory Guerney 50.

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