USRA: Southern Iowa summary 2005-05-25

VANDERBEEK STEALS OSKY SPOTLIGHT: WINS MODIFIED MAIN, REFUSES STOCK CAR CLAIM OSKALOOSA, Iowa (May 25, 2005) -- Fan Appreciation Night was held Wednesday at the Carriker Ford Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, with event sponsorship courtesy...


OSKALOOSA, Iowa (May 25, 2005) -- Fan Appreciation Night was held Wednesday at the Carriker Ford Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, with event sponsorship courtesy of Mike's Tire, Alignment & Custom Wheels of Ottumwa and Conger Machine of Fremont, and with four classes in action for the USRA Casey's General Stores Championship Series, plus the Karl Chevrolet Dirt Trucks making their second special appearance of the season.

The night's main events kicked off with the USRA Hobby Stocks. Robert Rupprecht of Oskaloosa took the early race lead, then paced the field until lap 9 of the 15-lap feature event before Nathan Wood of Sigourney and Colt Mather of Webster made it three-wide for the lead. Wood, who started 13th, took the top spot on lap 10 and led the final five laps for his first win at the Carriker Ford Southern Iowa Speedway in 2005. Mather took the second spot, followed by Rupprecht in third and Randy Velhuizen of Oskaloosa in fourth.

The second feature was a thriller with the USRA Stock Cars putting on a exciting battle on the big half-mile clay oval. Bobby Greiner Jr. of Ottumwa took the early race lead working the bottom side of the Speedway. Greiner held of several battles for the top spot before Brad Pinkerton of New Sharon closed in on the final lap with both drivers racing off turn 4 for the win. At the finish line, Pinkerton edged Greiner for the win -- just as Greiner had done to Pinkerton back on April 9. T.J. Criss of Oskaloosa was third, Zack VanderBeek of New Sharon took fourth and Matt Greiner of Washington was fifth.

The fireworks didn't end there, however, as Jeff Joldersma of McClelland pulled into the claim area and wanted to buy a motor. The top five finisher's numbers were placed in a hat and Joldersma drew a number. The number was that of VanderBeek, who in turn refused the claim on his engine. The claim refusal resulted in VanderBeek's disqualification for the night, a fine of $1,000 and loss of all points earned so far this season.

The Karl Chevrolet Dirt Truck feature went to Ben Nading, who lead all 15 laps for his second win of the 2005 season and first at the Carriker Ford Southern Iowa Speedway. Bret Moyer took home the second spot followed by Pat Fagen in third and Rick Clark in fourth.

The final feature was the USRA Modified feature with VanderBeek leading all 20 laps for his third win of the year. Bruce Hanford of Davenport took home the runner-up spot followed by Kevin Stoa of Polk City in third and fourth going to Rick Gustin of Marshalltown.

Next week's racing action will feature the USRA Casey's General Stores Championship Series back in action, featuring USRA-sanctioned Modifieds, Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks. The night is sponsored by McDaniel Racing Enterprises of Eldon, which is owned and operated by Bert and Sue McDaniel.

Gates will open at 5 p.m., with racing scheduled to take to the track at 7 p.m. Adult general admission is just $9, with juniors and seniors $7. Kids 11 and under are admitted FREE each and every regular race night. Members of the military simply need to show their military i.d. at the ticket window to get in FREE ... just our way of saying "Thank You" for making it possible for all of us to enjoy the greatest spectator sport in the world.

The Carriker Ford Southern Iowa Speedway continues to offer one of the most lucrative weekly payouts in the state of Iowa. In addition, USRA-licensed drivers compete against drivers from other USRA-sanctioned tracks for a share of the USRA Casey's General Stores Championship Series national points fund.

For more information call the Carriker Ford Southern Iowa Speedway hotline at 515-832-7944 or visit


Heat #1 - 1. Rick Landgrebe, Sigourney; 2. Colt Mather, Webster; 3. Al Bunnell Jr., New Sharon; 4. Randy Veldhuizen, Oskaloosa; 5. Robert Rupprecht, Oskaloosa.

Heat #2 - 1. Mike Shelton, Ottumwa; 2. Bobby Greene, Eddyville; 3. Steve Allen, Oskaloosa; 4. Tyler Ford, Lovilia; 5. Dave Breuklander, Oskaloosa.

A-Feature - 1. Nathan Wood, Sigourney; 2. Mather; 3. Rupprecht; 4. Veldhuizen; 5. R. Landgrebe; 6. Bunnell; 7. Shelton; 8. Greene; 9. Allen; 10. Ray Lasser Jr., Ottumwa; 11. Breuklander; 12. Matt Beal, Oskaloosa; 13. Jason VanZomeren, Oskaloosa; 14. Chase Mitrisin, Oskaloosa; 15. Rodney Fairchild, Oskaloosa; 16. Rusty Sands, Unionville, Mo.; 17. Ford.


Heat #1 - 1. Rick Brown, Kellogg; 2. Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon; 3. Brian Mitrisin, Oskaloosa; 4. Bobby Greiner Jr., Ottumwa; 5. Kevin Booy, Oskaloosa.

Heat #2 - 1. Matt Greiner, Washington; 2. Jim Brown, Fremont; 3. Josh Newell, Oskaloosa; 4. Mark Steinke, Gibson; 5. Steve Landgrebe, Oskaloosa.

Heat #3 - 1. T.J. Criss, Oskaloosa; 2. Brandon Bandstra, Lynnville; 3. Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon; 4. Eric Flanders, What Cheer; 5. Ryan Meyer, Mt. Pleasant.

A-Feature - 1. Pinkerton; 2. Bobby Greiner Jr.; 3. Criss; 4. M. Greiner; 5. Flander; 6. Jim Brown; 7. Rick Brown; 8. Lorne Parks, Ottumwa; 9. Steinke; 10. Booy; 11. Jeff Joldersma, McClelland; 12. Darrin Thompson, New Sharon; 13. Newell; 14. Landgrebe; 15. Bandstra; 16. Mitrisin; 17. Rick Vandusseldorp, Oskaloosa; 18. Chad Severe, Des Moines; 19. Meyer; DQ - VanderBeek.


Heat #1 - 1. Bruce Hanford, Davenport; 2. Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon; 3. Kevin Stoa, Polk City; 4. Terry Walker, Riverside; 5. Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon.

Heat #2 - 1. Steve Stewart, Washington; 2. Rick Gustin, Marshalltown; 3. Ken Bryant, Ottumwa; 4. Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa; 5. Toby Vandekamp, Knoxville.

A-Feature - 1. VanderBeek; 2. Hanford; 3. Stoa; 4. Gustin; 5. Stewart; 6. Walker; 7. Pinkerton; 8. Brian Edel, Oskaloosa; 9. Vandekamp; 10. VerBeek; 11. Steven Blattler, Oskaloosa; 12. Bryant; 13. Dustin Clark, Eldon; 14. Roger Baxter, Oskaloosa.


Heat #1 - 1. Ben Nading, Ankeny; 2. Pat Fagen, Des Moines; 3. Jeff Luke, Earlham; 4. Bill Hull, Lorimar; 5. Al Thayer, Indianola.

Heat #2 - 1. Bret Moyer, Polk City; 2. Rick Clark, Des Moines; 3. Mike Fagen, Des Moines; 4. Matt McBride, Des Moines; 5. Frank Grove, Des Moines.

A-Feature - 1. Nading; 2. Moyer; 3. P. Fagen; 4. Clark; 5. Luke; 6. M. Fagen; 7. Hull; 8. Thayer; 9. Lou Sipolt, Des Moines; 10. Matt Phillips, Indianola; 11. McBride; 12. Grove; 13. Jim Philipson, Des Moines; 14. Mike Hofmann, Adel.


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