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The USPRO Racing Series was run Sunday night at Spartan Speedway in Lansing, Mich. There has not been a repeat winner in the first three races of their inaugural season. Fred Campbell became the third different driver when he won Sunday's U.S....

The USPRO Racing Series was run Sunday night at Spartan Speedway in Lansing, Mich. There has not been a repeat winner in the first three races of their inaugural season. Fred Campbell became the third different driver when he won Sunday's U.S. Army 50.

Rick Everidge started on the pole after drawing the #1 pill, while fast qualifier, Brent Hook started in the fourth row after drawing the #8 pill. Mike Simon started alongside of Everidge in the first row. Everidge quickly pulled into the lead and Galen Beauch was able to get under Simon before the field sorted themselves out to a single file formation.

The USPRO template late models again put on a good show for the fans. The cars ran in tight packs of three or four cars racing nose to tail and side-by-side throughout the entire 50 lap distance.

Campbell started sixth and continue working his way to the front. He and Simon had a battle for third for 20 laps before Campbell finally was able to get around him on lap 34. It took Campbell only three laps to move into second when he began pressuring Everidge for the lead. Campbell pushed past Everidge on lap 44 to take the top spot. He went on to win by .212 seconds.

Bob Varney and Mark Kortz, also were able to get around Everidge. The trio finished second through fourth. Fast qualifier Brent Hook finished fifth.


Today was Fred Campbell's first start in the USPRO Series and his only schedule race in the #14 car. The car was driven by Robbie Johnson at the last race (Midvale). Campbell started sixth in the Birch Machining, Sign Depot, Bus Stop Inn Monte Carlo and clawed and rooted his way to the front, taking the lead with only seven laps to go. "It was a fun but hard race. This ends a long weekend for us. I finished second Friday at the Main Event Series race at Dixie and won last night at Auto City in my regular ride. We had a real good weekend," said the driver from Battle Creek, Mich. With the Spartan win, Campbell becomes the only driver ever to win a template bodied LM race at Spartan ... he also won a race held at the track in 2001 in the old Iceman Series.

Bob Varney was the runner-up for the second race in a row. The Richmond, Mich. started fourth but at one time had dropped back as far as eighth place. "The car wasn't the best today. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and was able to capitalize on other drivers problems to move up to second place," said the driver of the Ford Performance/Rousch Racing, Budweiser/Main Beverage Taurus.

Mark Kortz finished third. "We had an awesome car tonight but circumstances kept me from challenging for the win," said the driver of the U.S. Air Force, Phelps Towing, Speedway Motors Taurus.

Rick Everidge started on the pole aboard his Everidge Motor Sales, Wells-Fargo Home Mortgage Grand Prix (the only Pontiac currently running in USPRO) and went on to lead 43 laps. He currently sits on top of the lap leader. "We didn't need that last caution. The car got real tight afterwards and there was nothing I could do to hold off everyone. I might've been able to hold them off if the race would've stayed green," said the driver from Stroh, Ind.

Fifth place finisher, Brent Hook was the fast qualifier for today's event. The Kalamazoo, Mich. driver is the third different fast qualifier in three races.

Dave Peffers finished ninth, a career best in late model competition. Peffers said, "I'm happy with my finish. I thought I'd do better but the car developed a mean push in the one corner and I could barely hang on to it. I love this track, the fans are great and the track officials are nice and polite."

Mike Simon spun and then was T-boned by Bill Tomlinson late in the race. Simon received only cosmetic door damage but was unable to continue when the car overheated badly. Mike finished 13th.

Tomlinson's car suffered right side frame rail damage was towed to the pits. "The car was running so much better today. I have to thank Jeff Bozell who came today to help me set up the car," said Tomlinson who finished 14th.

James Johnson's race only lasted seven laps after developing fuel pickup problems. He finished 16th.

Three new cars were on hand for today's race, with more coming soon:

Rob Buckley, who moved up from late models at Spartan, recorded the second fastest qualifying time. He finished sixth.

Galen Beauch finished his car at 11:00 Sunday morning. He didn't even have enough time to put his sponsors' names, or the roof number, on the car. Although he ran second for most of the race a late race spin dropped him to a 11th place finish.

Jason Holibaugh had a short lived first race. Ignition problems forced an early departure from the race. He finished 15th.

Fred Campbell, 50 laps; Bob Varney, 50 laps; Mark Kortz, 50 laps; Rick Everidge, 50 laps; Brent Hook, 50 laps; Rob Buckley, 50 laps; Steve Shlater Jr., 50 laps; Shaun Whitney, 50 laps; Dave Peffers, 50 laps; Mike Carter, 50 laps; Galen Beauch, 50 laps; John Musser, 48 laps; Mike Simon, 35 laps; Bill Tomlinson, 25 laps; Jason Holibaugh, 13 laps; James Johnson, 7 laps


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