USAR: Pit Crew Challenge set for Lakeland

BFGoodrich Tires Pit Crew Challenge Set For Lakeland Longs, SC-Though the battle for the points title has been narrowed to five drivers, ten Hooters ProCup teams will have a shot at the other title at stake during the season finale Four...

BFGoodrich Tires Pit Crew Challenge Set For Lakeland

Longs, SC-Though the battle for the points title has been narrowed to five drivers, ten Hooters ProCup teams will have a shot at the other title at stake during the season finale Four Champions Hooters 300 Weekend at USA International Speedway in Lakeland, Fla.

Prior to the running of the race, the top five teams from both the Southern and Northern Divisions are be eligible to compete in the 2004 BFGoodrich Tires Pit Crew Challenge.

Without the defending champion Premiere Motorsports in the competition, the title could change hands for the fourth time in as many years.

If the past few races are any indication, Lamb and Robinson Motorsports may be the team to beat.

The L&R Motorsports Team has put Bobby Gill, driver of the No. 06 USG Sheetrock Brand Ford, in the lead after the cycle of stops in the past two Championship Series events.

"We take a lot of pride in our pit stops," said crew chief Jamie Mosley. "We've been jelling over the last few races. It's easier to pass in the pits than it is on the track.

"Our crew is very excited about this competition," said Mosley. "We usually practice pit stops, but we're going to hit it hard this week. We want to show that we have the best crew out there."

That will be a tough task, however.

Every team competing in the competition is seasoned and looking to claim the $4,000 check for winning the BFGoodrich Tires Pit Crew Challenge. Mardy Lindley's pit crew finished second to Premiere Motorsports last season and will be looking to advance one position this year.

XTRA Motorsports will be the only team in the competition searching for their second title in the Pit Crew Challenge. The crew, which pits the No. 84 Ford for Shane Huffman, won the title in 2002 and finished third last season.

Benny Gordon's team will have something to prove after a miscue caught them a lap at Motor Mile Speedway.

The 10 teams competing in the competition will be allowed to use a maximum of six crewmembers during the stop and must make a four-tire stop. Timing of the stop will start when the nose of the car crosses the line marking the pit stall and stop when the nose crosses the ending line on exit. The crews will not be able to cross the pit stall until the car comes to a complete stop.

If the crew crosses the pit wall too early, a 10-second penalty will be added to the finishing time. Ten seconds will also be added to all teams that leave equipment on the left side of the car, run over the air hose or pit out of the stall. Two seconds will be added per each loose lug nut that is not tightened to 60 ft. lbs, placing a premium on precision as much as speed.

In addition to paying the winner $4,000 and a set of Traction T/A radials, the BFGoodrich Tires will pay $3,000 for second place and $2,000 for third place. The top-three finishers will also receive racing apparel and crew shirts from Heintz Performance, Pit Gear Custom Covers, Ringers Gloves, Tri-Star Racewear, CV Products, Race Inc., Brunnhoelzl Racing and Lance Kelly Designs.

The 2004 BFGoodrich Tires Pit Crew Challenge Rules

Equipment Requirements

1. Each team must have a maximum of the two air wrenches, one jack and two compressed air bottles.

2. Each crewmember must have a radio and headset on.

3. Each crewmember must be in full-team uniform.

Competition Procedures

1. Maximum of six crewmembers will be allowed to participate (one sign holder, two tire changers, two tire carriers and one jack man)

2. Sign holder will not be allowed over the wall.

3. Competition will consist of a four-tire change.

4. All cars will be lined up at the beginning of pit road.

5. Each team will be stationed in pit stall along pit road.

6. Clock starts when the front of the car crosses the beginning line marking the pit stall.

7. Clock stops when the front of car penetrates the ending line marking the pit stall.


1. Crewmembers cannot cross over the pit wall until the car comes to a complete stop. Crossing early is a 10-second penalty.

2. Teams must carry all equipment back to the left side of the car before the car exits the pit stall. Leaving equipment of the right side of the car is a 10-second penalty.

3. All lugs must be tightened to 60 ft. lbs. Failing to tighten lugs is a 2-second penalty per lug.

4. Drivers must not run over air hoses on exit. Running over an air hose is a 10-second penalty.

5. Cars must stop completely in pit stall. No part of the car is allowed outside of the pit stall during service. Pitting outside of the designated pit stall is a 10-second penalty.

1. First Place-$4,000
2. Second Place-$3,000
3. Third Place-$2,000
4. The top three teams will also receive racing apparel and crew shirts from various contingency sponsors.

The Teams:

The No. 44 Ultra Comp Trailers Crew
Driver: Clay Rogers
Jackman: Doug Ingold
Front Tire Changer: Chuck Gafrarar
Front Tire Carrier: Tony Holmes
Rear Tire Changer: Ben Gable
Rear Tire Carrier: Brad Fritts
Sign Man: Clay Ward

The No. 06 USG Sheetrock Crew
Driver: Bobby Gill
Jackman: Floyd Cruch
Front Tire Changer: Scott Prillaman
Front Tire Carrier: Jamie Mosley
Rear Tire Changer: Joseph Christian
Rear Tire Carrier: Ron Bennington
Sign Man: A.L. Kip Andleton

The No. 84 John Morrell Dinner Bell Crew
Driver: Shane Huffman
Jackman: Sebastian Skierski
Front Tire Changer: Chad Stevens
Front Tire Carrier: Devon Bollinger
Rear Tire Changer: Rick Mace
Rear Tire Carrier: Mike Sigmon
Sign Man: John Kirby

The No. 29 T.L. Hyman Properties Crew
Driver: Brad Rogers
Jackman: Jason Jameson
Front Tire Changer: John Royer
Front Tire Carrier: Mark Norman
Rear Tire Changer: Jamie Campbell
Rear Tire Carrier: Troy Hartman
Sign Man: Billy Canipe

The No. 42 U.S. Insurance Group Crew
Driver: Joe Gaita
Jackman: Donny Markham
Front Tire Changer: Sam Gaita
Front Tire Carrier: Gene North
Rear Tire Changer: Mark Silver
Rear Tire Carrier: Jonathan Roberts
Sign Man: Craig Miller

The No. 66 Predator Performance Crew
Driver: Benny Gordon
Jackman: Brandon Clarey
Front Tire Changer: John Collins
Front Tire Carrier: Ryan Gordon
Rear Tire Changer: Dave Gordon
Rear Tire Carrier: Scott Kachelmier
Sign Man: Don Betton

The No. 8 Lucas Oil Crew
Driver: Johnny Rumley
Jackman: Greg Moore
Front Tire Changer: Eric Davis
Front Tire Carrier: Brad Amborn
Rear Tire Changer: Jason Arden
Rear Tire Carrier: Charlie Stevens
Sign Man: Jimmy Robinson

The No. 73 NGA Hooters Golf Tour Crew
Driver: Jeff Agnew
Jackman: Jeff Tramel
Front Tire Changer: Doug Weddle
Front Tire Carrier: Ricky Vance
Rear Tire Changer: Tracy Thompson
Rear Tire Carrier: Jody Harris
Sign Man: Ebby Price

The No. 16 Hooters Air Crew
Driver: Mardy Lindley
Jackman: Jim Wynn
Front Tire Changer: Elvin Rector
Front Tire Carrier: Jimmy Rector
Rear Tire Changer: Jason McDowell
Rear Tire Carrier: Timmy Rector
Sign Man: Katie Muir

The No. 11 Crew
Driver: Gary St. Amant
Jackman: Bill Harkins
Front Tire Changer: Ernie Morse
Front Tire Carrier: Larry Pompeo
Rear Tire Changer: Kurt Bartley
Rear Tire Carrier: Lindey McCann
Sign Man: Bob Heysek


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