USAR: Kinder to run USAR ProCup in 2001

John Kinder of Mauldin, South Carolina announced today, he will return to the competitive USAR ProCup series in 2001. Kinder, who drove the 08 MultiMedia Monte Carlo owned by PowerBase Motorsports, Inc. of Greenville, South Carolina during the...

John Kinder of Mauldin, South Carolina announced today, he will return to the competitive USAR ProCup series in 2001. Kinder, who drove the 08 MultiMedia Monte Carlo owned by PowerBase Motorsports, Inc. of Greenville, South Carolina during the 2000 season will be behind the wheel of the PBM #08.

"The team owner and I agreed I would return to drive the #08 car in USAR. The team originally had plans to enter the NASCAR Busch Series, but the sponsorship is still under negotiations, so, they felt it would be best to return to the USAR Series and asked if I would remain as the driver" Kinder said. While Kinder will return to USAR with PBM, his deal is a race by race deal enabling Kinder to remain a "free agent." "I want to move up and have been looking at the Truck and Busch series opportunities. I have experience in both Trucks and Winston Cup cars, and superspeedway experience with ARCA and I think it is time to start looking for other opportunities and this deal with PBM gives me that" Kinder added.

Nick Carone, President of PowerBase Motorsports said "John is a great driver, plus he is one of the most personable drivers in racing. The fact our team currently does not have the right level of funding should not interfere with John's career. Quite frankly as a team we have been very fortunate to have John as our driver for the past several years. To be honest, I think our team may be holding John back, and that is just not fair. This kid has too much talent and, if he can land a ride with a Busch, Truck or even a Winston Cup team that is properly financed, he will do exceptionally well"

"PowerBase Motorsports is owned by a small group of investors, most of whom are not directly involved in racing. Limited sponsorship is tied to John and if John were to move to another team, this sponsorship is likely to follow him," Carone added. "If John leaves, PBM will search for another driver that has sponsorship and we will continue to compete in the USAR Series. We find this series to be a great training ground and with the solid team we have built over the past couple of years under the guidance of Ronnie Griffin, crew chief for the #08 team, we are confident we can run up front in this series." Carone said.

"I have been racing professionally since I was 16 years old and I plan to be racing for many years to come. Racing is a full time occupation for me, and I need to go where the opportunities are. Its time that I search for a ride with a team that is not always struggling financially to make the race, this is hurting my ability to advance. PBM understands this and have been very supportive. I am confident if I get an opportunity to test in another series, I will make the grade. Its all about being at the right place at the right time and in 2001, its time that I find that place. I am very grateful for everything PBM has afforded me to advance my career. The owners are all great people and they know it is time for me to make my mark. While I am searching for other opportunities rest assured I will do everything on my part to put the #08 in victory lane" John said.

Information about John can be found on line at

MultiMedia Graphics & Production Services, of Santa Ana, California announced today they will return as an Associate Sponsor of John Kinder and the PowerBase Motorsports, Inc. USAR Pro Cup Series team. The announcement followed the annual USAR Awards Banquet held January 13, 2001 in Atlanta after management of MultiMedia G&P Services met with John and PBM president Nick Carone.

"We are indeed pleased to have MultiMedia return" said John Kinder, driver of the 08 PowerBase Motorsports Monte Carlo. "MultiMedia has been with the team for over six years and it is great to have them again in 2001. With MultiMedia on board, all our sponsors benefit from their professional media relations services, which is offered free to all our sponsors. It is truly a win win situation for all parties" John added.

"Support of John Kinder and the entire PBM team has been and continues to be a great relationship. John is an excellent spokesperson and one of the most respected drivers on the circuit both with his competitors and fans alike. John, consistently receives excellent air time on the TV broadcast, radio and in the press. Which is added value to any company who promotes their interest via motorsports" said Wellington Hall, chief financial officer of MultiMedia.

In addition to financial support, MultiMedia will provide complete media and public relations services for PBM and all other sponsors of the team. This will enable PBM and John Kinder to increase value to other team sponsors. For additional information about PowerBase Motorsports and John Kinder, visit their web site at or call Donna Carbaugh at 864-297-4557 Sponsorship packages are still available for the 2001 season.


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