USAR: Gordon ready for 2008, will add NCTS events

Gordon Anxious to Start the 2008 Season North/South Motorsports adds crew chief, CTS Program Dubois, Pa.-In 2007, Benny Gordon finished the Hooters Pro Cup season with 10 top-10 finishes and three wins, putting him second in the...

Gordon Anxious to Start the 2008 Season
North/South Motorsports adds crew chief, CTS Program

Dubois, Pa.-In 2007, Benny Gordon finished the Hooters Pro Cup season with 10 top-10 finishes and three wins, putting him second in the Northern Division standings and ninth in the Championship Series standings. For some drivers that would be a very successful year. For Benny Gordon and the North/South Motorsports team, it was at best an unsatisfactory year. Some would consider that a conceited statement. However, for the 2005 Hooters Pro Cup Series Champion Benny Gordon who is accustomed to better results, the year was frustrating.

"We finished fewer races on the lead lap, had several DNFs and that really hurt us in the points," said Benny. "You must finish every race and as many laps as possible to be competitive. The competition in the series is very tough"

For Benny and the North/South race team the 2008 season will start with a strong stable of proven races cars, the solid sponsorship needed to have a successful season, and a driver/team combination aggressively pursuing race wins and the series championship.

"I am extremely happy to announce that our primary sponsor from 2007, Samuel Metals, will be back with us in 2008 along with the sponsorship from the co-owner of the North/South Motorsports team, Johnny Dangerfield," said Benny. "Johnny brings to us the financial assistance of his Suzuki Auto Dealerships in Moncks Corner and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina along with the help of the Automotive Development Group (ADG). I cannot thank these sponsors enough for their confidence in me and in the team. I am especially grateful to Johnny and the Automotive Development Group for joining me last year to form the North/South Motorsports team. Johnny has been a huge part of my racing career and I look forward to our future of building this team and expanding our racing efforts."

The 2008 season will see The North/South Motorsports team again based out of the 43,000 square foot Predator Performance facility in DuBois, Pa. Benny will be wheeling the Predator Performance chassis powered with the Predator engines.

"These are proven race winning chassis and engines," said Benny. "I am excited to be driving them again this year."

But there will be some changes in 2008 to strengthen the North/South team.

"We have hired Dan Glauz as the full time crew chief this year. Dan has over 27 years as a car chief and crew chief in Craftsman Trucks, Busch and Cup programs," said Benny. "With Dan's knowledge and experience, we have made some significant gains during the off season preparing for this year. In addition to the preseason improvements, we will be testing frequently on the track and on the chassis dyno during the season. We will be more prepared than ever this year. We have completed rebuilding the three cars and we are already doing setups."

Expanding his racing efforts is a key goal for Benny to achieve this year. The 2008 racing schedule will be a little different than the four previous seasons. In addition to running the full Northern Division and Championship Series races, Benny will be adding to his resume by competing in at least five Craftsman Truck races.

"Johnny has a Craftsman truck that we want to put back on the track," said Benny. "Both of us love racing and since the Hooters series has trimmed the schedule and combined some of the North/South races it opens up dates for us to pursue other opportunities. I raced in one Craftsman Truck race last year and it was a great experience. We have the truck in the shop now updating it to the 2008 rules. I look forward to announcing our schedule in the near future. "

If racing in two series is not enough for Benny, he will be pulling duty as the Crew Chief for rookie driver Hunter Robbins in the Southern Division of the Hooters Pro Cup Series. Hunter will be driving for Tracy Goodson /Goodson Racing out of Tallahassee, Florida.

"We built a car for Tracy Goodson last year and I drove Tracy's late model in the Snowball Derby," said Benny. "While at the Derby, Tracy asked if I would help with the development of a new driver. I thought it would be a good way to fill some of those open dates in the racing calendar and keep tabs on what is happening in the Southern Division."

The North/South team will be joining Benny at those races to handle the race day crew duties. "It is a very aggressive racing schedule and we are going to be logging a lot of miles," said Benny. "I think this will help our team by working more races, refining their skills and having less downtime to lose their rhythm. I am very excited about getting this season started."

Benny will start the racing season in Lakeland at the first Southern Division race on March 15.

"I want to win this championship and to do that performing well at Lakeland is key in that effort. It also helps to have a preseason tune-up race in before the Northern Division opening race. We have not had good results racing only the championship race at Lakeland. It is the longest haul we make all year long and I am preparing for the championship beginning with the first race," said Benny.

After Lakeland, Benny will begin the Northern Division season at South Boston.

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