USAR: DRT Enterprises announces 2002 plans

DRT Enterprises is coming off their first season with the USAR Hooter& ...

DRT Enterprises is coming off their first season with the USAR Hooter’s ProCup Series and is excited about making a return for these events. The team was more than satisfied with Tim Jr’s performance and feel they accomplished a great deal last season in the Hooter’s Series.

“ Last season we accomplished what we set out to do,” said Tim Sr., the owner of DRT Enterprises.“ Timmy needed to get seat time in the bigger cars as it was a learning year for him. He gained a lot of experience running with the Hooter’s Series. It would have taken years in the late models to get him that much seat time. It’s tough when you step up to a professional series, especially as a young driver, but he performed very well.”

The team competed in 14 events with the USAR Series. Tim Jr. had 7 top-twenty finishes during the year with a best finish of 10th at Illiana. He performed very well in qualifying throughout the season with a best of 7th at Winchester and 10 top-twenty runs.

“ We have a long term plan for the team, and we are right on track. Timmy matured a lot last season. We feel confident that he will be a top contender in the events we have scheduled for him this year. We have to thank Jackaroo Sauces for everything they have done, but we couldn’t make the commitment to be at every event with the other plans we are working on for this season as well as next year and into the future.”

The team is working on other plans to fill out there 2002 schedule. Ethan Dixon, Director of DRT Sports Marketing says they are making progress towards what looks to be a major announcement concerning both that and the 2003 season in the next few months, but says the team will have more to say about that at a later date.

“ We want to keep the team focused, and maintain the level of operation it takes to compete at the professional level. The USAR Hooter’s ProCup Series does that, and this is a great opportunity for us to showcase the One Less Tear album to a national audience. The One Less Tear Project is amazing; we are just starting to really kick off promotions for it. Chuck Navasky (creator of the One Less Tear Project) has done something great, and the people that are involved with it will make this one of the most exciting and beneficial promotions we have ever done.”

“ We are working hard to find the right marketing partner to match with Tim Jr. He is a great individual, a very talented young driver, and will no doubt be a future star. We don’t want to just find a partner for him, but we are looking to find the right one. There are many corporations out there, but we want to find one that shares our desire to go to the top.”

As for Tim Jr. he is ready to build on his USAR Hooter’s ProCup experience.“ I really learned a lot last year. We got to run so many laps, and it made a big difference in what you could learn. You really had to pay attention to the car and what it was doing; you couldn’t afford to be off. A tenth of a second could mean 10 positions in qualifying. But you also had to find balance; it wasn’t a 30-lap sprint race. You had to get the most out of the car by using as little of it as you could, after 50 laps it would start to show, I really like the longer races.”

“ We made some really good contacts that will help us in the future. We have a number of things we are working on right now, and hopefully can make some announcements real soon. I’m really looking forward to this season, and it’s great that we will be able to make this many shows with the Hooters Series. The people are great, the fans are great, and it’s just a great series to be part of.”

So be ready for the USAR Hooter’s ProCup Series season opener at Jennerstown Speedway’s April 13th, 2002 and look for Tim Bainey Jr. in the One Less Tear / DRT Enterprises #17.


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