Trail-Way results 2005-05-21

CARL DAVIS JR. CLAIMS JUNK CAR DEMO EXTRAVAGANZA & FIGURE 8 FEATURE Randy Crunkilton and Will Walls take scramble cars features HANOVER, PA, 5/21/05 -- Randy Crunkilton showed his driving experience in the first scramble car feature of the night...

Randy Crunkilton and Will Walls take scramble cars features

HANOVER, PA, 5/21/05 -- Randy Crunkilton showed his driving experience in the first scramble car feature of the night (Saturday May 21st) at Trail-Way Speedway's "Sunfest". Crunkilton took the lead away from Josh Smith on the fourth lap, and led to the final lap of the feature race.

Robert Tracy who started towards the rear of the field made his way up to third and challenged Smith and Crunkilton for the top two spots, but coming out of the fourth turn on the final lap, Crunkilton and Smith proved to be stronger.

Completing the top five were Smith in second, Tracy in third, Fred Chasteen in the fourth position, and Brent Eckert in fifth.

Will Walls was victorious in the second scramble car feature of the night. Walls took the lead away from polesitter Kevin Henry on the ninth lap and led the rest of the 12 laps to take his first win of the 2005 racing season.

Following behind Walls was Henry, Buddie Jeffers, Brian Myers, and Jerry Kress.

Figure 8 racing returned to the 1/3 mile oval, bringing exciting action as is customary with the division. Carl Davis Jr. picked up the first figure 8 feature win of the year, leading 11 laps of the 12 lap event. Davis took the lead away from Buddie Jeffers on the second lap.

In junk car demolition action, Carl Davis Jr. beat and banged his way to victory. Completing the top three were Jimmy Tyson and Josh Schrum.

Brad Kress, Josh Schrum, Richard Wolfe and Carl Davis Jr. picked up the junk car heats.

In the junk car best appearance contest, Brad Kress came away victorious.

Misti Kopp was victorious in the powder puff demo divison. Following Kopp across the line was Amber Weaver who is no beginner to the powder puff class and Margaret Wolfe as well who knows her way around Trail-Way Speedway, completed the top three.

In Starlite Limited racing action Bryan Green picked up the feature win. Sharpsburg, Maryland's Green led all 12 laps of the racing event. Chase Eckert who started the feature in the last position made his way up to the second spot not too long after the green flag. Eckert raced with Green for the lead, but lapped traffic became a factor after several laps. A caution on lap 11 resulted in a green/checkered finish giving Green the win.

6 cylinder Starlite Oval action saw Harry Shipe take the win over youngster Kyle Martin. Martin led from the drop of the green until the ninth lap when Shipe took over, leading the rest of the race to the checkered.

In the 4 cylinder Starlite Ovals, Wayne Kopp remained consistent and took the checkered flag. Kopp led the final three laps of the 12-lap race. Polesitter Josh Ulrich led the first lap yielding the lead to Joe Racine who led from the second lap to the ninth lap. Racine fell back a few positions once Kopp passed him for the lead.

Racing resumes at Trail-Way Speedway next Friday, May 27th with the 358 sprints, thundercars and street stocks on the schedule.

The following Sunday May 29th, Trail-Way Speedway hosts the "410 Sprint Shooutout" sponsored by Sunset Mortgage, Trone Outdoors, Premier Auto Works, and Neiderer Sanitation. Also scheduled to race that evening will be the 600 winged micro sprints, a Saturday favorite "Scramble Cars", and the Starlite Ovals. Gates open at 5:00 p.m. with racing to begin at 7:00 p.m.


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 0-Randy Crunkilton; 2. 32-Josh Smith; 3. 07-Robert Tracy; 4. 33-Fred Chasteen; 5. 59-Brent Eckert; 6. 47-Dale Hahn; 7. 28-Tim Diello; 8. 71-Steve Inman; 9. 52-Brian Walls; 10. 4-Rodney Jewell; 11. 83-Brian Markle; 12. 73-Richard Wolfe; 13. 97-Dustin Klein; 14. 00-Shawn Crunkilton; 15. 19-Roy Denike; 16. 86-Edward Blymire; 17. 55-Scott Fisher; 18. 70-Dennis Harrison; 19. 84-Travis Reed; 20. 31-Creden Sponseller Jr.

Lap Leaders - Josh Smith (1-3); Randy Crunkilton (4-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 21-Will Walls; 2. 88-Kevin Henry; 3. 3-Buddie Jeffers; 4. 63-Brian Myers; 5. 56-Jerry Kress; 6. 17-Timothy Hahn; 7. 58-Scott Mehring; 8. 82-Tim Thompson; 9. 42-William Kress; 10. 27-Rick Hopkins; 11. 2-Lonnie Fisher Jr.; 12. 5-Dale Sheeler; 13. 66-Rodney Wolfe; 14. 14-Bernie Looney Sr.; 15. A4-Kevin Hersey; 16. 48-Joshua Decker; 17. 91-Shaune Stapleton; 18. 45-John Drummer; 19. 10-Robert Fox Jr.; 20. 99-Tim Williams Jr.

Lap Leaders -- Kevin Henry (1-8); Will Walls (9-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. B2-Bryan Green; 2. B8-Chase Eckert; 3. C4-William Salisbury; 4. B3-Dustin Jeffers; 5. D1-Eric Patton; 6. A8-Amanda Racine; 7. A5-Travis Leh; 8. C1-Ronald Coons; 9. A3-Misti Kopp; 10. A9-Travis Jeffers; 11. C2-Damien Eckert; 12. B9-Robert Nicklow; 13. B4-Jeffrey Racine Jr. No time.

Lap Leaders -- Bryan Green (1-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 409-Carl Davis Jr.; 2. 44-Randy Crunkilton; 3. 111-Carl E. Davis; 4. 64-Michael Corbin; 5. 66-Rodney Wolfe; 6. 3-Buddie Jeffers; 7. 19-Roy A. Denike; 8. 82-Donald Brown; 9. 143-Dennis Dorosz; 10. 24-; 11. 98-Donald Shultz; 12. 28-Brenda Brown; 13. 97-Dustin Klein.

Lap Leaders -- Buddie Jeffers (1); Carl Davis Jr. (2-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 38-Harry Shipe; 2. 54-Kyle Martin; 3. 49-Nathan Herr; 4. 46-Tim Harford; 5. 62-Robert Stevens III; 6. 35-Rodney Wolfe; 7. 31-Richard Eck; 8. 50-Eugene Hare; 9. 33-Jody Klinedinst; 10. 57-Brad Shank; 11. 55-Jeff Kump; 12. 47-Jesse Miller; 13. 53-Jodi Lee Klinedinst; 14. 48-Todd Martin; 15. 42-Dustin Klein; 16. 51-Buddie Jeffers; 17. 45-Bo Sheeler; 18. 40-William Kress.

Lap Leaders -- Kyle Martin (1-9); Harry Shipe (10-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 29-Wayne Kopp; 2. 6-Doug Hughes; 3. 12-Kyle Rohrbaugh; 4. 5-Daryl Hanson; 5. 13-Brad Kress; 6. 17-Justin Mong; 7. 9-Joe Racine; 8. 3-Gary Johnson Sr.; 9. 18-Josh Ulrich; 10. 10-Shawn Crunkilton; 11. 21-Roy Denike; 12. 2-Danny Mintmier; 13. 24-Scott Mehring; 14. 26-Jeffrey Dillman; 15. 19-Kevin Henry; 16. 11-Rich Dorsey; 17. 8-Lee Zeiders; 18. 15-Josh Schrum; 19. 14-Bernie Looney Sr.; 20. 28-Joseph Flanary; 21. 7-Gary Johnson Jr.; 22. 1-Justin Dorsey.

Lap Leaders -- Josh Ulrich (1); Joe Racine (2-9); Wayne Kopp (10-12)


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