Toledo Speedway report 2000-07-21

Toledo Speedway: Royal Truck and Trailer/GTec Gold Cup Race ...

Toledo Speedway:

Royal Truck and Trailer/GTec Gold Cup Race #3

Fast Qualifier: Don St. Denis, 15.82


St. Denis, Chuck Roumell, Harold Fair Jr, Ron Allen, Rick Knowles, Steve Cronenwett, Mike Demars, Stan Yee Jr, Dennis Strickland, Sean Monahan, Robbie Loving, Chris Benson, Dale Tanner, Arnold Kirsch, Kent Brewer, Kevin McCarthy, Bill Steinhilber, Bob Mikolajczyk, Dan Trosen Jr, Craig Pace, Kevin Stahl, Art Rozanne, Dennis Dombek

Five cautions including two red flag periods. The first red came out on lap 22 when Kevin Stahl hit the turn one wall hard. The second red was when Rick Knowles, Chris Benson, Steve Cronenwett, and Arnold Kirsch spun in fluid in turn four.


Fast Time: Ron Allen, 18.36 Dash: Randy Cornett Heats: Randy DeMaggio, Rich Frantz Feature: Allen, Carl Bumgardner, Dan Guy, Brian Norton, Tom Selmi, Cornett, Brian Foster, DeMaggio, Kevin Burnheimer, Frantz, Bob Nuen, Tommy O’Leary III, Randy Cronenwett, Jeff MacZink, Nick Nuccio, Craig Pace, John Brooks

Ron Allen continues his winning streak, winning his sixth sportsman feature in a row.

Figure 8's Heats: Ricky Kargel, Danny Leppen Feature: Kargel, Ken Ahlgren, Jeremy Miller, Dennis Whisman, Greg Studt, Eric Buck, Leppen, Danny Apperson, Parker Wade, Brice Thompsen

It was Ricky Kargel’s first career feature win in the Figure 8 division.

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