Toledo Speedway ~ Glass City 200 report

LATE MODELS Fast Qualifier: Jr. Hanley 14.817 NEW TRACK RECORD Last Chance ...

Fast Qualifier: Jr. Hanley 14.817 NEW TRACK RECORD

Last Chance #1: Scott Hantz, Ed Hage, Jay Sommers, Michael Simko, Bob Varney, Chris Benson, Steve Tabor, Tim Ryan, Joe Hawes, Brian Keselowski, Steve Peters, George Rangel

Notes: Scott Hantz led all 20-laps to transfer to the Glass City 200. Also transferring to the A main were: Ed Hage, Jay Sommers and Michael Simko. Joe Hawes, Brian Keselowski tangled in turn three and hit the outside wall. Steve Peters and George Rangel slid into them. All four drivers were through for the evening. Peters was unable to repair his car to run the B main on Sunday. The only other caution was when Steve Tabor spun in turn four on lap 5.

Last Chance #2: Cord Ehrhart, Dr. Bob Ducharme, Jack Gritter, Tommy Adams III, Barry Quiniff, Brad Birr, Kevin Stahl, Brian Schlatterbeck, Mike Demars, Ken Ahlgren, Gary Hawes, Don St Denis, Scott Barnes

Notes: Kevin Stahl led early before being passed by Cord Ehrhart. Five cars crashed during this qualifying race. Five cautions, including one red flag slowed the 20-lap race. There were five drivers (in alphabetical order) involved in accidents: Mike Demars, Gary Hawes, Brian Schlatterback, Don St Denis, Kevin Stahl. Only Hawes and Stahl returned to run the B main. Second place Dr. Bob Ducharme is a part owner at Auto City Speedway.

30 LAP B-MAIN: Bob Varney, Steve Tabor, Brian Keselowski, Joe Hawes, Barry Quiniff, Ken Ahlgren, Dennis Rederstorf, Chris Benson, Brad Birr, John Rowloff, Kevin Stahl, George Rangel, Gary Hawes

Notes: Bob Varney won his first career SLM feature after a terrific battle with Steve Tabor. The pair dueled side by side for most of the 30-lap event. Gary Hawes crashed hard but was fine. John Rowloff crashed in Saturday's hot laps, but return to run the B main.

200 LAP FEATURE Jr. Hanley, Dennis Berry, Johnny Belott, Scott Baker, Tim Curry, Chuck Roumell, Steve Sauve, Scott Hantz, Claude Plante Jr., Ron Allen, Dave Kuhlman, Jack Gritter, Tommy Adams, Robbie Loving, Bob Ducharme, Nick Bailey, Jim Thiel, Doug Finley, John Grega, Paul Pelletier, Dennis Strickland, Jerry Cook, Jay Sommers, Terry Senneker, Adam Chase, Joe Bush, Harold Fair Jr., Ed Hage, Cord Ehrhart, Michael Simko

Notes: Jr Hanley swept both fast time and the feature event, leading the final 159 laps. Polesitter, Johnny Belott led the first 13 laps. Harold Fair Jr led until Hanley took over on lap 42. Fair Jr's great run came to an end when his car went up in a cloud of smoke. Belott ran in the top five all race long to finish third. Dennis Berry made a late race charge to finish second.

Jr Hanley's speed of 14.817 averages to 121.482 mph. The previous track record was 15.47 set by Don St. Denis on Friday, Aug. 18, 2000). Thirty-two cars surpassed that figure...There were a total of 10 cautions, including one red. Five were for extremely hard crashes...Michael Simko, Adam Chase, Terry Senneker Jr, Jay Sommers and Dennis Strickland all dropped out of the race because of crashes. All the drivers were fine.

The 200-lap event was run in two segments with a 20 minute break. At the halfway point the lead lap cars were: Hanley, Scott Baker, Dennis Berry, Johnny Belott, John Grega, Steve Sauve, Dave Kuhlman, Tim Curry, Doug Finley, Chuck Roumell, Dennis Strickland and Claude Plante.

Dennis Berry said following the race, "The car handled great but it was a little down on power. I had hoped for a top five finish so second place was an awful nice surprise. We threw a bunch of things at the car and it worked. The track eventually came back to us."

Johnny Belott, "We concentrated on driving the track and are please with our third place finish. The car was shaking because the tires were vibrating so bad."

DNR: Steve Cronenwett, accident in hot laps; Cliff Bailey, mechanical problems in hot laps <pre> ARCA SPORTSMAN Fast Qualifier: Brian Norton 18.045 Heats: Dave Rupp, Terry Jones, Marcel Bonin, Craig Pace Last Chance: Nikk Nuccio, Rob Murphy, Chuck Koob, Rich Able, David Kessler, Greg Stilwell Jr, Mitch Crider, Mike Nowak, Kevin Butzin, Richard Thomas, Gary Majchrzak, Dave Rupp DNR Dave Reese

40 LAP FEATURE Craig Pace, Randy Cronenwett, Brian Norton, Ken Knight, Dan Guy, Robbie Loving, Randy DeMaggio, Marcel Bonin, Howard Kelly Jr, Jeff MacZink, Terry Jones, Rich Frantz, Scott Selmi, Nikk Nuccio, Terry Humphrey, Craig Bracken, Rich Abel, Rob Murphy, Ron Allen, Randy Casey, Chuck Koob, Tom O'Leary III, Dave Kensler, Greg Stilwell Jr., Tim Jansen

Notes: Unlike the SLM division, the qualifying times for the Sportsman were much the same as it was for on the old pavement. There were 34 sportsman drivers in the pits. Craig Pace took over the lead on lap 9 and held off a hard charging Randy Cronenwett and Brain Norton for the win.


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