Susquehanna results 2005-06-19

Rich Eichelberger Victorious in Trail Motors Super Sportsman Feature at SSP on Sunday Night Newberrytown, PA (June 19, 2005) - Dillsburg's Rich Eichelberger scored his first win of the season in Sunday night's Trail Motors Super Sportman feature...

Rich Eichelberger Victorious in Trail Motors Super Sportsman Feature at SSP on Sunday Night

Newberrytown, PA (June 19, 2005) - Dillsburg's Rich Eichelberger scored his first win of the season in Sunday night's Trail Motors Super Sportman feature at Susquehanna Speedway Park. Tim Tomson won the 15-lap Legends Car feature and Jason Rochelle won the make-up Legends Cars feature. Butch Richcreek won the 10-lap Vandamonium Mini Van feature.

Eichelberger passed Danny Hager during the completion of lap 7 of the feature. He cruised over the next 13 laps with only minor challenges from Hager to score the victory. Hager settled for a season-best second followed by Dave Calaman, Paul Troutman and Steve Cannon. Joe Biasi Jr., Ken Carberry, Russ Mitten Jr., Paul Miller and Scott Dellinger completed the top 10.

Heats for the 28 cars went to Hager, Pat Cannon and Eichelberger. Aaron Eichelberger, Rich's son, won the consolation race.

The win was Eichelberger's eighth career at the speedway. He won his first career super sportsman feature in 1975 at the speedway, which was then called Midway Speedway.

Craig Morgan earned his second consecutive victory in the 15-lap Street Stock feature. He took the lead from Kory Sites on lap 2 and led for the remaining laps. Scott Thunburg was second followed by sites, West Alleman and Joe Whitely. Heat races 21 entires went to Morgan and Sites.

Tim Tomson took the lead from Randy Kissinger on lap 5 of the 15-lap Legends Cars feature and led the remaining 10 circuits. Butch Brough was second followed by Kissinger, Ronnie Dunstan and Paul Rochelle.

Jason Rochelle led all 15 laps in the 15-lap Legends Cars feature, which was postponed from May 19. Rod Kistler finished in the second spot followed by Tim Tomson, Butch Brough and Dunstan.

The next race at SSP will be Thursday night, June 23 with a great night of fun and entertainment featuring the Sprint Cars, Xtreme Stocks, Classic Cars and Kid's Box Car Racing. Lots of great prizes from Hamilton Motorsports will be available for all entrants. If needed, a rain date will be announced for this event.

Gates open in the pit area and grandstands at 5:00 p.m. Warm-ups begin at 7:00 p.m. with racing beginning promptly at 7:30 p.m. SSP will continue its Repeat Fan Discount in which there will be a $2.00 discount for each person with a ticket stub from the June 16 or June 19 events only. For example, $2.00 off an Adult ticket for June 23 with and Adult ticket stub from the June 16 or June 19 event. Returning fans are encouraged to write their name, address and phone number on the back of the stub to be entered into special drawings during the season for great prizes. Last season, the grand prize was two tickets for the October NASCAR race at the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pit pass prices are $20.00 with a reduced price of $18.00 for all track license holders.

The next Sunday night event will be July 3 featuring the Summer Fun 50 for the Trail Motors Super Sportsman Series along with the Silver Spring Street Stocks, Legends Cars and the All Star Race Trucks.

For more information, visit or call the SSP home office at (717) 292-1696. The Susquehanna Speedway Park is located off I-83 to exit 32, then 1.4 miles NW on SR382 to York Road, then 1.3 miles south. On raceday, use the track phone at (717) 938-9170.

SSP Results from Sunday, June 19, 2005

Trail Motors Super Sportsman Feature (20 laps): 1. Rich Eichelberger; 2. Danny Hager; 3. Dave Calaman; 4. Paul Troutman; 5. Steve Cannon; 6. Joe Biasi Jr.; 7. Ken Carberry; 8. Russ Mitten Jr.; 9. Paul Miller; 10. Scott Dellinger; 11. John Stehman; 12. Jason Fry; 13. Steve Wilbur; 14. Bill Brown Jr.; 15. Aaron Eichelberger; 16. Matt Ondek; 17. Dave Socks; 18. Brian Boughter; 19. Bob Gutshall; 20. Scott Ausherman; 21. Pat Cannon; 22. Gregg Foster; 23. Richie Hartman; 24. Stan Wanner. Did Not Qualify: Rob Hockenberry; Steve Fannasy; David Finch. Raymond Myers

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Danny Hager (1-6); Rich Eichelberger (7-20)
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Danny Hager; Pat Cannon; Rich Eichelberger

Street Stock Feature (15 laps): 1. Craig Morgan 2. Scott Thunburg 3. Kory Sites 4. Wes Alleman; 5. Joe Whitely; 6. Kirby Sites; 7. Mike Leonard; 8. Sam Leonard; 9. George Eash; 10. Brian Henise; 11. Justin Rhoads; 12. Lance Grove; 13. Chad Milliken; 14. Kevin Sigler; 15. Tim Wirt; 16. Paul Morgan; 17. Jim Hulse. Did Not Start: Gary Welsh; Bruce Nichols; Mike Herman; Dave Thompson.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Kory Sites (1); Craig Morgan (2-15).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Kory Sites; Craig Morgan

Legends Cars Make-up Feature from May 19 (15 laps): 1. Jason Rochelle; 2. Rod Kistler; 3. Tim Tomson; 4. Butch Brough; 5. Ronnie Dunstan; 6. Jason Ewing; 7. Randy Kissinger; 8. Geremy Sheaffer; 9. Bob Murray; 10. Lamar Shaffer; 11. Andy Lupfer; 12. Bob Moyer; 13. Randy Fetterhoff; 14. Zack Dieter; 15. Robert Sobleski; 16. Pat McDermott; 17. Kenny Keyton; 18. Gerry Eldridge; 19. Dallas Schittler Jr.; 20. Jim Black.

FEATURE LAP LEADER: Jason Rochelle (1-15)

Legends Cars Feature (15 laps): 1. Tim Tomson; 2. Butch Brough; 3. Randy Kissinger; 4. Ronnie Dunstan; 5. Paul Rochelle; 6. Rod Kistler; 7. Pat McDermott; 8. Jim Black; 9. Kenny Keyton; 10. Lamar Shaffer; 11. Craig Rochelle; 12. Bob Moyer; 13. Bob Murray; 14. Bob Lash; 15. James Holbert; 16. Andy Lupfer; 17. Geremy Sheaffer; 18. Randy Fetterhoff; 19. Zack Dieter; 20. Jason Smith; 21. Dallas Schittler Jr.; 22. Gerry Eldridge; 23. Jason Rochelle; 24. Steve Shirk.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Randy Kissinger (1-4); Tim Tomson (5-15)

York Haven Auto Sales Vandamonium Mini Van Feature (10 laps): 1. Butch Richcreek; 2. Travis Fink; 3. Scott Fisher; 4. Daryl Sipe; 5. Scott Kelks; 6. Jim Medellin; 7. Carl Pagze; 8. Buddie Jeffers; 9. Kurt Clingan; 10. Bob Sipe; 11. Ryan Knaub; 12. Lori Forney; 13. Randy Sipe; 14. Jason Funk; 15. Sherry Kitner; 16. Jim Riley. Did Not Start: Harold Ebough

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Butch Richcreek (1-7, 9-10); Travis Fink (8)


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