Stokes takes season opener at Potomac

The 2001 season opener at Potomac Speedway, on March 24th, was packed with spectacular racing action. The new Saturday night racing program found both new-comers and veterans taking their place in victory lane. Among the newcomers were Bobby ...

The 2001 season opener at Potomac Speedway, on March 24th, was packed with spectacular racing action. The new Saturday night racing program found both new-comers and veterans taking their place in victory lane. Among the newcomers were Bobby Stokes of Miltah, PA taking the Budweiser Super Late Model event. Taking his first career Chesapeake Web Design Bomber feature win was Jimmy Suite of Charlotte Hall, MD. The Bell Motor Company Late Model feature win went to veteran Sommey Lacey of Clements, MD. Tommy Hitt of Mechanicsville, MD, hit it big with the first Coors Light Street Stock feature victory. The 4 Cylinder feature win went to Chappy Knnack of Linthicum, MD who was sporting a new paint scheme and car number. Wayne Suite of Mechanicsville, MD took the Clifff's Heating and Air Enduro/Hobby Stock feature event. These drivers prevailed in a night full of fender to fender racing excitement. Christopher Nerem was the first Potomac Speedway sponsored bike winner of the 2001 season.

A stellar group of Budweiser Super Late Models were on hand to battle for season opener bragging rights. The heat races went to the Northern Invaders, Mike Christopher and Bobby Stokes. Potomac Speedway regulars George Moreland and Allen Brannon proved, however that their cars were ready for battle taking second in their respective heat races. A heads-up start showed Christopher taking the pole with Stokes on the outside. The outside row of Stokes and Darryl Hills quickly moved to first and second at the drop of the green flag. The duo never surrendered during the entire 25 lap feature event. Caution shown on lap 3 for Bill Timme and Jack Bland relegating them to the in-field pit area. The leaders flexed their horsepower at the restart as Stokes and Hills pulled away from the field. Christopher and Scott Cross battled for third for several laps until Cross took the spot on lap 18. A heated battle for fourth then ensued between Christopher and Deane Guy. The two battled door to door for four straight laps until Guy finally secured the position. With just two laps to go Hills pulled within inches of Stokes. Hills, the Potomac 2000 Semi Late Champion, made an impressive Super Late Model debut. It was Stokes in the end claiming the win with Hills following for a close second. Cross was third, followed by Guy and Moreland rounding out the top five.

Bell Motor Late Model action was red hot. Sommey Lacey took the heat race over rookie Johnny Smith, the reigning Street Stock champion who moved up to Late Model this season. The inside row of Lacey and Paul Cursey jumped to a quick break away from the rest of the field. The only caution came on lap 10 for Andy Ball, who's car was literally flaming hot. The fire was quickly attended to by the Track Officials and racing resumed. Cursey made several attempts to take the top spot. He was unsuccessful in completing the pass, however as Lacey battled to hold him at bay. Following Lacey and Cursey to the checkered were Ronnie Hollidge, Smith and Ball.

Potomac hosted a full field of Coors Light Street Stocks on opening night. Heat races went to Walt Homberg and Jamie Lathroum. As the drivers shook down their cars on opening night, lap one saw Chris Nelson's tire riding solo across the track following an altercation with another competitor. As racing got underway Lathroum showed the way followed by Homberg. Caution shown again for Stevie Long on lap 4 relegating him to the in-field pit area. As racing resumed a battle for third between Tommy Hitt and Mike Latham also heated up. On lap 11 Lathroum showed the way when a caution for Craig Tankersley tightened the field. On the restart Tommy Hitt moved from fourth position to take the lead on lap 12. Hitt was followed by Latham and Kirk Confair. Lathroum and Homberg, who were running first and second, were shuffled back to fourth and sixth places. Hitt never looked back taking the 15 lap feature event followed by Confair and Latham. Tom Turner and Homberg rounded out the top five.

Potomac Speedway's 4 Cylinder action saw Scotty Nelson's new machine taking the heat race. He got by Sam Woods on the last lap to claim the event. The duo lined up first and second for the 12 lap feature event. Woods showed the way on lap one. Nelson got by to reclaim the point on lap two. On lap 3 Jerry Dick brought out the caution when he lost a wheel. The battle between Woods and Nelson continued with the restart. On lap 10 caution shown for the second time when Chris McLanigan hit the wall hard on the front stretch. Calvin Wright was also involved in the caution. This allowed the field to tighten up opening the door for Woods to complete the pass for first on lap 11. Chappy Knnack followed Woods to take the second spot and Joe Blocker moved into third. On the last lap Blocker took the top spot followed by Knnack. Blocker moved into the third turn in route to the checkered flag when mechanical problems turned his apparent win into a 10th place finish. Knnack went on to claim the checkered followed by Phillip Woods, Linda Wright, Pop Woods, and Nelson.

The 15 lap Cliff's Heating and Air Enduro/Hobby Stock feature event saw another duo break away from the remainder of the field. Wayne Suite and John Burch battled for the top spot and they saw only one caution on lap 3 for Ben Bowie. Bowie's new machine hit the wall hard in turn one. On lap 5, Joe Adams, the 2000 Enduro Stock Champion made a hasty exit to the pits with an apparent engine failure. Burch pulled up close to Suite several times during the event, but was denied the pass as Suite hung on to claim the victory over Burch. The front runners were followed by Ray Weaver, John Latham, and Ray Meador rounding out the top five. The heat went to Suite followed by the rookie Latham.

Chesapeake Web Design Bomber action was spectacular. Jimmy Suite moved into the class after an Enduro Stock run in the 2000 season. He took the heat race. Suite started on the pole of the 15 lap feature never to relinquish the lead. Suite broke away from the field as the other competitors battled hard throughout the pack. Brian Thompson and Rob Hitt battled for second until lap 9 when trouble prevailed for Thompson sending him to the pit area. Hitt then claimed the second spot only to take the trip to the pits himself on lap 14. Second spot then went to Ronnie Doss followed by Dennis Maxey. Coming to the checkered the two cars got together allowing Don Doss to claim the second position. Following Suite and Don Doss were Ronnie Doss and Maxey. Mechanical woes claimed Hitt, Thompson, Eric Hansen, Thompson, and Dale Moore.

Potomac Speedway is gearing up for their first ITSI Super Late Models series event. On Saturday, March 31st Potomac hosts the Bobby Allen Memorial 55 Lap, $2,000 to win event sponsored by ITSI. Watch your favorite Super Late Model drivers like Allen Brannon, Scott Cross and Deane Guy battle it out for 55 laps and a $2,000 pay day. Gates open at 4:30pm, racing action starts at 6:00pm. For more information call the Track Office at (301) 884-4624 or visit our Web Site at

Budweiser Super Late Model

1. 27 - Bobby Stokes; 2. 7 - Darryl Hills; 3.107 - Scott Cross; 4. 44 - Deane Guy; 5. 24 - George Moreland; 6. 66 - Mike Christopher; 7. 07 - David Sibold; 8. 3 - Pat Wood; 9. 15 - Luke Hoffner; 10. 17 - Frank Smith; 11. 92 - Harold Dorsey; 12. 21M - Tim Murphy; 13. 33 - Jackie Booth; 14. 41 - Jack Bland; 15. 81 - Bill Timme; 16. B1 - Billy Tucker. DNS - 4N Allen Brannon

Bell Motor Company Late Models

1. 45 - Sommey Lacey; 2. 37 - Paul Cursey; 3. 0 - Ronnie Hollidge; 4. 82 Johnny Smith; 5. 141 - Andy Ball; 6. 30 - Chet Gagnon

Coors Light Street Stock

1. 7T - Tommy Hitt; 2. 81 - Kirk Confair; 3. 78 - Mike Latham; 4. 25T - Tom Turner; 5. 00 - Walt Homberg; 6. 6 - Jamie Lathroum; 7. 5 - Joe Scaggs; 8. 37 - Billy Tippett; 9. 77 - P.J. Hatcher; 10. 2D - Dan Dotson; 11. 25 - Scott Thompson; 12. 47 - Jimmy Jessmer; 13. 18 - Craig Tankersley; 14. 11 - Billy Lackey; 15. 27 - Matt Valiquette; 16. 44 - Stevie Long; 17. 66X - Chris Nelson; 18. 24X - Matt Tarbox. DNS 3 Rusty Alton

Potomac Speedway's 4 Cyliners

1. 51 - Chappy Knnack; 2. 8L - Phillip Woods; 3. 1 - Linda Wright; 4. 3 - Pop Woods; 5. 33 - Scotty Nelson; 6. 6 - Jeff Auman; 7. 77 - David Lee; 8. 39 - Butch McLanigan; 9. 00 - Sam Woods; 10. 23 - Joe Blocker; 11. 8 - Billy Crouse; 12. 44 - Jerry Dick. DQ 13 - Chris McLanigan; DQ 94 - Calvin Wright

Cliff's Heating and Air Enduro/Hobby Stock

1. 00 - Wayne Suite; 2. 12 - John Burch; 3. 11 - Ray Weaver; 4. 78 - John Latham; 5. 41 - Ray Meador; 6. 44 - Bill Kessler; 7. 69 - Joe Adams; 8. 17 - Ben Bowie; 9. 5 - John Sellner; 10. 1 - Chuck Williams

Chesapeake Web Design Bombers

1. 1 - Jimmy Suite; 2. 38 - Don Doss; 3. 11 - Ronnie Doss; 4. 05 - Dennis Maxey; 5. 47 - Rob Hitt; 6. 21 - Eric Hansen; 7. 28 - Brian Thompson; 8. 5 - Dale Moore


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