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Contact person: Joe Ruch For immediate release: SENNEKER STILL SEEKS PRIMARY SPONSOR Grand Rapids, MI - American Speed Association (ASA) stock car driver Bob Senneker, a 2-time winner in the AC Delco Challenge Series this season is still...

Contact person: Joe Ruch For immediate release:


Grand Rapids, MI - American Speed Association (ASA) stock car driver Bob Senneker, a 2-time winner in the AC Delco Challenge Series this season is still without a primary sponsor. Senneker, of Dorr, Michigan winner at Berlin Raceway in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the latest ASA race at Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa currently stands 5th in the ASA point standings. "We have a great list of Associate sponsors with Lane Automotive, JR Automation , Mr. Gasket and many product sponsors; however we still need that big primary sponsor, Senneker said. "Our team has alot to offer a company if they are interested in marketing their product through auto racing. The majority of the ASA races are now televised and the exposure they receive is tremendous; were hoping someone will helped us out for the remainder of this year then go with us in '97." The ASA win at Hawkeye Downs was career win #81 for Senneker who is the career leader in wins, poles and money earned in the ASA series.



Grand Rapids, MI - Bob Senneker already leads the series in wins with 81, poles with 48, and at the conclusion of the 1995 season also continued with lead in ASA career earnings. However, that was short lived when his closet pursuer Mike Eddy won the season opener at Lakeland. Eddy has had bad luck since then, and Senneker has reeled off two wins in the last 3 ASA races. As of the June 29 "Pontiac Excitement 300" at I-70 Senneker had $1,556,743 and Eddy had $1,550,127. With Senneker's latest win July 6 in Cedar Rapids and Eddy's 33rd place finish, the lead will grow larger.


Grand Rapids, MI - When Bob Senneker won the ASA "Hawkeye Downs 300", July 6 he continued an incredible record at the only paved race track in Iowa. In ASA's first visit to the facility in 1994, Senneker finished 2nd to winner Steve Holzhausen. In the 1995 race, Senneker was running third when leaders Brad Loney and Mike Eddy crashed with 5 laps to go. Senneker drove around the two combatants and went on to win. Here in 1996 he has won the first of two visits to Hawkeye Downs, the ASA cars will return to Cedar Rapids, September 21. Is Senneker looking forward to the return trip to Hawkeye? "Yeah. I really like like this track. The 'ole Bluebird just kinda flies around this place." **************************************************************************** ******** WHAT IF....? Grand Rapids, MI - Bob Senneker currently sits 5th in the ASA points with a total of 1042 points, Gary St. Amant is atop the ASA points with 1156. If Senneker had a "wee bit o luck" in 3 earlier ASA events, he would be atop the points and not St. Amant. In the opener at Lakeland, Florida on February 11, Senneker is running 3rd with 25 laps to go when a car spins in front of him that he cannot avoid, crashing he finishes 15th. June 15 in the ASA race at Indianapolis Raceway Park, Senneker is running 5th with 50 laps to go when he misses a shift and damages the engine, he finishes 23rd. At the "Pontiac Excitement 300" at I-70 Speedway in Odessa, Missouri; the "Sneaker" is in 3rd place with 35 laps to go when a suspension part breaks on the right front and he tags the 4th turn wall, he finishes 15th. If Senneker had finished where he was running an those three events he would be leading the ASA points by 70 points over St. Amant. But we know close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. **************************************************************************** ******** DO YOU BELIEVE IN NUMEROLOGY? Grand Rapids, MI - The PR guy for Senneker Motorsports unable to attend the ASA race at Hawkeye Downs because of his commitments to his full-time job at the grocery store he works at. A half an hour before the race, he goes to the store deli to purchase lunch, his customary order of french fries. When the clerk doles out his portion and asks "Do want More?", "Sure, I'll take some more." When the clerk prices it up, it come to - .84 cents! Upon the conclusion of his meal, the receipt goes in his pocket and later in the day he gets the call at work, that indeed Mr. Senneker has won his 81st race. I bet that receipt will be hanging around a few more races this summer. ********************************************************************** The Goodyear Deal Goodyear awards points to the top finishing positions in ASA races with the winner receiving 9, 2nd-6, 3rd-4, 4th-3,5th-2, 6th-1 the winner of the Goodyear deal receives a tire deal for the following year.

1. Gary St. Amant 26 Bob Senneker 26 3. Scott Hansen 24 4. Joe Nott 17 Dave Sensiba 17 6. Mike Miller 14 7. Mike Eddy 12 8. Brad Loney 8 Kevin cywinski (R) 8 Tony Raines 8 11. Steve Holzhausen 6 12. Brandon Sperling 3 13. Buddy Schrock 2 14. Carl Miskotten (R) 1 Jack Landis (R) 1 Mike Garvey 1 Glenn Allen Jr 1 **************************************************************************** AC Delco RAPIDFIRE Qualifying Points Points are awarded to the top 5 ASA qualifiers, with 5 points going to the fastest and descending by 1, to the 5th fastest getting 1 point. The winner at the end of the year receives an monetrary award.

1. Scott Hansen 15 2. Dave Sensiba 14 3. Joe Nott 12 4. Gary St. Amant 11 5. Mike Eddy 10 6. Bob Senneker 6 7. Tony Raines 5 Kevin Cywinski (R) 5 Rick Beebe 5 10. Dennis Berry (R) 4 Joe Bush 4 12. Bill Baird 3 13. Glenn Allen Jr 2 Brett Bell 2 Brandon Sperling 2 16. Tony Roper 1 **************************************************************************** Manufacturer's Cup Points are awarded to the top three finishing positions in each ASA race, the first place make gets 3 points, 2nd 2 points and the 3rd gets one point.

1. Ford 16 2. Chevrolet 14 3. Pontiac 12


AC Delco Challenge Series Points (After 7 event) 1. Gary St. Amant 1156 11. Tony Roper 852 2. Scott Hansen 1148 12. Rick Miller 850 3. Dave Sensiba 1090 13. Tom Jones 812 4. Joe Nott 1043 14. Jack Landis (R) 806 5. BOB SENNEKER 1042 15. Ted Smokstad 797 6. Tony Raines 1023 16. Dennis Lampman 745 7. Mike Miller 1016 17. Rick Beebe 743 8. Kevin Cywinski (R) 956` 18. Carl Miskotten (R) 740 9. Brad Loney 919 19. Bill Baird 673 10. Mike Eddy 866 20. Yale Conley MD 672

1996 AC Delco Challenge Series Schedule

February 11 Hooters 300 Mike Eddy USA International Speedway, Lakeland, FL May 5 "Glass City 300" TNN Scott Hansen Toledo(OH) Speedway May 12 "Buckeye 300" Gary St. Amant Columbus (OH) Motor Speedway June 15 "Speedway 200" Scott Hansen Indianapolis(IN) Raceway Park June 22 "Berlin 200" Bob Senneker Berlin Raceway; Grand Rapids, MI June 29 "Pontiac Excitment 300" Mike Miller I-70 Speedway, Kansas City, MO July 6 "Hawkeye Downs 300" Bob Senneker Hawkeye Downs Speedway; Cedar Rapids, IA July 20 "Pennsylvannia 250" TNN 2pm Jennerstown(PA) Speedway July 28 "LaCrosse 300" TNN 3pm LaCrosse(WI) Fairgrounds Speedway August 4 "Pontiac 300" TNN 1pm Lancaster(NY) Speedway August 10 "Berlin 300" PRIME 9pm Berlin Raceway; Grand Rapids, MI August 17 "Anderson-Weidner 400" PRIME 9pm Anderson(IN) Speedway August 25 "Badgerland 150" TNN 3pm Milwaukee Mile Speedway September 2 "Miller 300" NO Television Minnesota St. Fair Speedway, Minneapolis, MN September 8 "Wisconsin 300" PRIME 4pm Wisconsin Int'l Raceway; Kaukauna, WI September 21 "Hawkeye Downs 300" TNN 2pm Hawkeye Downs Speedway; Cedar Rapids, IA September 29 "Toledo 400" TNN 1pm Toledo(OH) Speedway October 6 "Midwest 300" TNN 3pm Salem(IN) Super Speedway October 13 "Jennerstown 400" PRIME 2pm Jennerstown(PA) Speedway November 17 "ASA 300" TNN 1pm Southern National Speedway; Kenly, NC

All times eastern, TNN (The Nashville Network)

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