Selinsgrove report 2001-08-04

8/4/01, SELINSGROVE, PA -- It took until the final lap but Harrisburg's Chad Layton was able to lead a circuit on Saturday night at Selinsgrove Speedway and it was the one that counted. After a thrilling battle with veteran Jimmy Nace over the...

8/4/01, SELINSGROVE, PA -- It took until the final lap but Harrisburg's Chad Layton was able to lead a circuit on Saturday night at Selinsgrove Speedway and it was the one that counted. After a thrilling battle with veteran Jimmy Nace over the last five laps, Layton out maneuvered Nace with a half lap remaining to pick up the $1,000 winners check.

In stock car action, Jeff Rine drove to victory in the late model division while Kyle Bachman picked up the win in the pro stock feature. Coming up on August 11 at Selinsgrove Speedway will be the 15th Annual Bob Bender Late Model Memorial along with the sprint cars and the pro stocks. General admission for the show is just $7.00. Winner of the inaugural event in 1987, veteran Bobby Croop has won the Bender Memorial four times while Scott Haus took the 2000 version. Gates for the three-division program open at 5 p.m. with racing slated for 7.

A one-time winner, eighth starter Nace of Thompsontown blasted to the front of the pack at the start of the 25-lap sprint car feature. Nace was up to second after one lap, behind leader Troy Long and promptly passed Long for the top spot with two away to begin distancing himself from the competition.

Meanwhile, tenth starter Layton took a page out of Nace's book and moved into fourth with seven laps down.

With Nace at the front, Layton utilized a lap eight restart to move into second and then caught the break he needed a lap later when a three-car tangle in the third turn bunched the field. Glued to each others bumper, the leaders scrambled when action resumed, playing a high-speed game of cat and mouse that veteran Nace prevailed in to extend his lead to a half straightaway at the halfway point after slamming the door on Layton in turn three at the new green.

With ten to go, Nace was working the backmarkers, which allowed Layton to close the gap. And for the last five laps, the front pair resumed their cat and mouse routine, driving nearly bumper to bumper for the lead while brining the fans to their feet. Masterfully, Nace was able to thwart the repeated challenges of Layton until the final lap, while exiting turn two. It was then that Layton's pressure became too much for Nace as he pulled along side the leader on the backstretch to surge into the top spot in turn three and steal the win to record victory number nine on the season at Selinsgrove. Nace rode home second followed by T.J. Stutts, Etters; Bob Camilli, Reading; and Brian Buckwalter, Royersford. Sixth through tenth went to Joe Whitcomb, Jaimie Schwarz, Billy Dietrich, Gary Gollub and Dale Hammaker.

Jim Nace, Bob Camilli and Joe Whitcomb picked up sprint car qualifying events. Daryl Stimeling took the consolation. In the 20-lap late model feature, third starter Tony Adams zoomed into the lead of the first circuit over Glen Heddings and Jimmy Adams. As Adams held control of the field, all eyes were on tenth starter Jeff Rine who was making quick work of the field.

Rine methodically picked his way to the front and finally passed Adams with a bold outside move in the fourth corner to lead lap eight. While Rine was enjoying his run at the front, 13th starter Bobby Croop was quietly moving up as well and took second with seven to go.

Despite Rine's straightaway advantage with five laps remaining, Croop was able to reel in the leader and make a bid for the win. In fact, the leaders entered turn three, headed for the checkered flag side by side but it was Rine who rode home a winner by less than a car length over Croop. Dale Kerstetter finished third followed by Tony Adams and Jimmy Adams. Dan Stone, Don Schick, Eric Hons, Billy Marvin and Mike Bingamin completed the top ten.

Jimmy Adams and Tony Adams won late model heats. Donnie Murphy led the first lap of the pro stock feature over Kyle Bachman before looping his car and surrendering the lead to Bachman. Once at the front of the field, Bachman cruised to his fifth speedway win of the season over Troy Miller, Gary Kerstetter, a rebounding Murphy and Gerald Kratzer. Troy Miller and Kyle Bachman took heats for the pro stocks. <pre>

RACE SUMMARY Sprint Cars -26 -entries Heat winners: Jim Nace, Bob Camilli, Joe Whitcomb. Consolation: Daryl Stimeling. Feature finish: 1. Chad Layton , 2. Jim Nace, 3. T.J. Stutts, 4. Bob Camilli, 5. Brian Buckwalter, 6. Joe Whitcomb, 7. Jaimie Schwarz, 8. Billy Dietrich, 9. Gary Gollub, 10. Dale Hammaker, 11. James Layton, 12. Tracy Templin, 13. Daryl Stimeling, 14. Babe Mader, 15. Tim Hershey, 16. Blaine Heimbach, 17. Charlie Anderson, 18. Kenny Meyers, 19. Buzz Wilson, 20. Stan Fleming, 21. Bob Beidleman, 22. Kevin Bastian, 23. Troy Long, 24. Bobby Sanso.

Late Models - 19- entries Heat winners: Jimmy Adams, Tony Adams Feature finish: 1. Jeff Rine , 2. Bobby Croop, 3. Dale Kerstetter, 4. Tony Adams, 5. Jimmy Adams, 6. Dan Stone, 7. Don Schick, 8. Eric Hons, 9. Billy Marvin, 10. Mike Bingamin, 11. Robbie Smith, 12. Glen Heddings, 13. Jeremy Stone, 14. Bill Kary, 15. Adam Steppe, 16. Jim Farley, 17. Lou Schultz, 18. Dave Shulski, 19.Brian Cochran.

Pro Stocks -12-entries Heat winners: Troy Miller, Kyle Bachman. Feature finish: 1. Kyle Bachman, 2. Troy Miller, 3. Gary Kerstetter, 4. Donnie Murphy, 5. Gerald Kratzer, 6. Matt Drum, 7. Jake Buck, 8. Dave Brouse Jr., 9. Mark Benson, 10. Meade Hahn, 11. Greg Brouse, 12. Neil Langtry.

-Shawn Brouse

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