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PENTON, AL - RIS - The Southern All Stars 9:1 Dirt Lade Model Series made is only visit this year to Penton Speedway in Penton, AL and it was a local driver who made use of his knowledge of the tight 1/4 mile oval to take the win. Ricky...

PENTON, AL - RIS - The Southern All Stars 9:1 Dirt Lade Model Series made is only visit this year to Penton Speedway in Penton, AL and it was a local driver who made use of his knowledge of the tight 1/4 mile oval to take the win. Ricky Williams of nearby Fayetteville, GA set the fast time and took the win in the 40 lap event.

Williams took the lead at the drop of the green flag and held it the entire way to the finish, with the exception of one turn, to record his first ever 9:1 SAS win and his second SAS win overall in the last three weeks. Second place finisher Rodney Dickson managed to run Williams down in the late stages of the race, aided by a caution period and lapped traffic, and actually took the lead for one corner, but Williams came right back and pulled away as the cars hit the straight. Williams held on to the point through one more caution before recording the win.

For current points leader Danny Peoples it was not a good night as he blew an engine on the fifteenth lap and finished last in the 17 car field. Jeff Landrum also had a rough night as he was running in third spot when the caution came out for Peoples and he was unable to check up fast enough and hit Ricky Cotton. Landrum's race was finished and he was classified 16th in the final race results.

Third place at the checkered flag went Tim Roszell with Greg Skinner taking fourth and Eddie Holder fifth, his best career finish on the series.

Race Results 1. Ricky Williams 2. Rodney Dickson 3. Tim Roszell 4. Greg Skinner 5. Eddie Holder 6. Kelly Hanvey 7. Jon Miller 8. Dana Eiland 9. Mike Tinker 10. Jamie Gowers 11. Stanley Mayo 12. Marc Goode 13. Ricky Cotton 14. D R Granger 15. Tom Maddox 16. Jeff Landrum 17. Danny Peoples

John (Bubba) Kaiser RIS/AL CLEVELAND, TN - RIS - Rodney Dickson dominated the Southern All Stars 9:1 Dirt Late Model Series race at Cleveland Speedway in Cleveland, TN by setting the fast time and then leading all 40 laps of the feature to capture his first ever win on the series.

There were 34 late models on hand for the qualifying, with the top 18 locked in after time trials. The final six starters were determined in a consolation race, won by Mike Tinker.

When the green flag fell on the 24 car field for the feature ra.ce, Dickson quickly showed his superiority and pulled away from his pursuers. It was a short lived lead as the caution came out on lap 3 when Kenny LeCroy crashed, ending his evening abruptly.

Twice the field came to the line for the restart, and twice incidents prevented them from completing another lap of racing. First it was Jody Coltrane who spun in turn 4 and collected the cars of Spencer Singleton, Greg Skinner, Dewayne Wilson and John Jones. On the second attempted restart Craig Reece and Butch Heatherly got together.

Third time was the charm, and once again Dickson began to pull away from the field. Jamie Perry tried hard to stay with the flying Dickson but was unable to match the speed and handling of the Fayetteville, GA driver The second, and final, caution of the race came out on lap 17 when Heatherly hit the wall in turn three and retired to the pits.

The last half of the race saw Dickson work his way through the lapped traffic with no one able to put any pressure on him. He stayed smooth and took his time on each pass and crossed the finish line well ahead of Perry who took the second spot. Kevin Gibson finished in third, David Millians was fourth with Jeff Stansbury fifth.

The next event for the SAS 9:1 Dirt Late Models will be June 28th at Seven Flags Speedway in Douglasville, GA.

Race Results 1. Rodney Dickson 2. Jamie Perry 3. Kevin Gibson 4. David Millians 5. Jeff Stansberry 6. John Jones 7. Eddie Benfield 8. Mike Tinker 9. Spencer Singleton 10. Greg Skinner 11. Dewayne Smith 12. Dewayne Wilson 13. Carson Burris Jr. 14. Jody Coltrane 15. Rusty Webb 16. Jamie Sisson 17. Craig Reece 18. Jason Welshan 19. Butch Heatherly 20. Tom Maddox 21. Brad Allen 22. David Crabtree 23. Kenny LeCroy 24. Jake Lowry

SAS 9:1 Dirt Late Model Points 1. Rodney Dickson 562 2. Greg Skinner 542 3. Danny Peoples 462 4. Mike Tinker 458 5. Tom Maddox 424

John (Bubba) Kaiser RIS/AL

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