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DirtNews Digest Your Online News Source for Late Model Dirt Track Racing "Get Some Dirt On Your Computer!" Todd Turner, editor

Email address: Web site: =================================== CONTENTS: June 19-21 results (published June 23) HAV-A-TAMPA: Clint Smith triumphs at Dixie NCRA: Purkey wins $10,000 in Sunflower Classic STARS: Francis gets third series in in four starts CAPSULES: Other weekend results =================================== HAV-A-TAMPA DIRT RACING SERIES Kendall Oil 100

WOODSTOCK, Ga. (Saturday) Clint Smith inherited the lead when Bill Frye fell out of the race on the 31st lap and cruised to a victory worth $10,000 in the Kendall Oil 100 at Dixie Speedway, Smith's second Hav-A-Tampa victory of the season. Stan Massey finished three seconds behind as the runner-up while Marshall Green, Dale McDowell and Johnny Virden rounded out the top five at the 3/8-mile oval north of Atlanta.

"We had it together tonight," said Smith, whose Ford-powered GRT also won in Waycross, Ga., on March 1. "It was a team effort."

Smith won a race that saw half the field suffer from mechanical problems or crashes. Although he was originally a second-row starter, Smith got the pole position when polesitter Skip Arp was eliminated on the initial start when he lost a water pump.

Arp's car dumped water at the exit of Turn 4, creating a demolition derby on the front stretch that also put Ray Cook, Ronnie Johnson and Eric Evans out of the race before any official laps were completed. Cook's car hurdled over the top of the car driven by John Gill, who stayed in the race and wrestled his mangled machine home 17th.

Frye, who started in the second row after the melee, had the lead on the 31st lap but left the race with a broken fuel pump.

CAR COUNT: 64 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Skip Arp, 15.999 seconds (3/8-mile oval).

FIRST HEAT (top three transfer): Skip Arp, Marshall Green, Donnie Moran, Ronnie Johnson, Eric Evans, Eddie Blackmon, Greg Knight, Michael Coleman, David Killian, David Eubanks, Jeff Wilson.

SECOND HEAT: Stan Massey, Jeff Treece, Freddy Smith, Frank Ingram, Wade Knowles, Gerry Paulk, Gusty Christenberry, Buddy Morris, Mike Duvall, Glenn Barnett.

THIRD HEAT: Clint Smith, Billy Moyer, Earl Pearson Jr., Bobby Turner, Joe Armistead Jr., Pete Broughton, Wendell Wallace, Ronnie Adams, David Payne, Danny Ferguson.

FOURTH HEAT: Johnny Virden, David Gibson, John Gill, Andy Dill, Ricky Williams, Tim Day, Ray Cook, K.C. Carpenter, Steve Russell.

FIFTH HEAT: Bill Frye, Dale McDowell, Jody Summerville, Steve Smith, Wayne Echols, Mark Miner, Jimmy Sharpe, Ed Basey, Rodney Martin, Dewayne Johnson.

SIXTH HEAT: Rex Richey, Terrence Nowell, Richard Goode, Vernon Smith, Derrick Rainey, Mike Head, Red Farmer, Duke Whiseant, Johnny Chastain (Jack Pennington disqualified).

CONSOLATION WINNERS: Eric Evans, Frank Ingram.

FEATURE 1. Clint Smith (1) Griffin, Ga., GRT, $10,600 2. Stan Massey (23), Mableton, Warrior, $6,000 3. Marshall Green (89), Dalton, Ga., Warrior, $3,300 4. Dale McDowell (17m), Rossville, Ga., GRT, $2,900 5. Johnny Virden (1V), Russellville, Ark., GRT, $2,200 6. Earl Pearson Jr. (7), Jacksonville, Fla., GRT, $1,800 7. Billy Moyer (21), Batesville, Ark., MasterSbilt, $1,900 8. Freddy Smith (00), Knoxville, Tenn., GRT, $1,950 9. David Gibson (G2), Ash Flat, Ark., GRT, $1,500 10. Jody Summerville (25), Rome, Ga., SmokeyJoe, $1,100 11. Terrence Nowell (55), Phenix City, Ala., McClendon, $1,000 12. Donnie Moran (99), Dresden, Ohio, MasterSbilt, $1,250 13. Frank Ingram (9), Acworth, Ga., Warrior, $900 14. Wendell Wallace (6m), Batesville, Ark., GRT, $1,275 15. Vernon Smith (4), Rome, Ga., Larry Shaw, $850 16. Jeff Treece (6), Knoxville, Tenn., Warrior, $825 17. John Gill (75), Mitchell, Ind., MasterSbilt, $800 18. Bill Frye (66), Greenbrier, Ark., GRT, $750 19. Rex Richey (87), Ringgold, Ga., Larry Shaw, $700 20. Richard Goode (39), McDonough, Ga., MasterSbilt, $700 21. Skip Arp (31), Georgetown, Tenn., GRT, $1,000 22. Eric Evans (49), Williamson, Ga., Rayburn, $700 23. Ronnie Johnson (5), Chattanooga, Tenn., MasterSbilt, $700 24. Ray Cook (53), Murphy, N.C., GRT, $700

NOTES: Jack Pennington was disqualified from the sixth heat after refusing to start in the rear after jumping a start. Instead of going to the rear, Pennington parked his car on the front stretch, where a tow truck removed it and the race began four minutes later .... it was the 14th Hav-A-Tampa race of the year .... it was Clint Smith's fourth career series victory.

CREDIT: Ozzie Altman <> of Hav-A-Tampa. ------------------------------------------------------------- NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RACING ASSOCIATION (NCRA) Sunflower State Late Model Classic

WICHITA, Kan. (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) Al Purkey of Coffeyville, Kan., passed polesitter Gary Gorby for the lead on the fifth lap and went on to a 50-lap victory worth $10,000 in the Sunflower State Late Model Classic at Eighty-One Speedway. Purkey, who finished third in Thursday's feature and won Friday's feature, capped the NCRA's richest weekend ever as $60,000 in prize money was up for grabs during the three-day event.

Missouri's Leslie Essary won $7,000 for second place, while Minnesota's Willy Kraft ($4,000), Colorado's Jeep Berry ($3,000) and Oklahoma's Delbert Smith ($2,200) rounded out the top five in Saturday night's feature at the 3/8-mile oval.

Purkey, in winning his second career NCRA race, stretched his lead until a lap-47 caution for Mike Brown's spin between Turns 3 and 4. With lapped cars protecting him from Essary, Purkey resumed his lead and went on to the 50-lap victory.

THURSDAY'S FEATURE: Gary Gorby, Donnie Barnhart, Al Purkey, Jeep Berry, Leslie Essary, Rod Bencken, Kent Taylor, Terry Muskrat, Bill Workman, Joe Kosiski.

FRIDAY'S FEATURE: Al Purkey, Leslie Essary, Willy Kraft, Terry Muskrat, Joe Kosiski, Delbert Smith, Mike Brown, Ted Martin, Alan Vaughn.

SATURDAY'S FIRST HEAT: Alan Vaughn, Tony Gregg, Ronnie Warman, Earl Kinderknecht, Frank McGehee, Joe Conway, David Hughes, Terry Phillips.

SATURDAY'S SECOND HEAT: Lonnie Smith, Darren Beckham, Larry McDaniels, Steve Hamlin, Joe Woods, Bill Workman, Don Renfro, Gerald Spurgeon.

SATURDAY'S THIRD HEAT: Gary Webb, Steve Kosiski, Bill Martin, Robbie Starnes, Mike Conkwright, Chris Kratzer, Rod Hook, Mike Bucker.


SATURDAY'S FEATURE (50 laps): (1) Al Purkey, (2) Leslie Essary, (3) Willy Kraft, (4) Jeep Berry, (5) Delbert Smith, (6) Ted Martin, (7) Terry Muskrat, (8) Larry McDaniels, (9) Lonnie Smith, (10) Kent Taylor, (11) Joe Kosiski, (12) Mike Brown, (13) Gary Gorby, (14) Alan Vaughn, (15) Terry Phillips, (16) Tony Gregg, (17) Donnie Barnhart, (18) Darren Beckham, (19) Steve Kosiski, (20) Ron Bencken.

NOTES: Terry Phillips destroyed his car Thursday and made a 12-hour round trip to Springfield, Mo., to pick up his backup .... the backup was strong, setting fast time Friday and winning the feature before NCRA officials ruled he was too light at the scales for a 438 cubic inch engine .... Gary Gorby's victory in Thursday's preliminary feature was his second career NCRA win.

NCRA POINT STANDINGS (through June 21): Delbert Smith 1,345; Ted Martin 1,295; Larry McDaniels 1,235; Lonnie Smith 1,160; Earl Kinderknecht 1,055; Rod Bencken 1,045; Jeep Berry 1,010; Gary Gorby 1,005; Mike Conkwright 965; Frank McGehee 855.

NEXT SERIES RACE: July 5, Fairgrounds Speedway, Liberal, Kan.

CREDIT: John Rittenoure of NCRA. ------------------------------------------------------------- SHORT TRACK AUTO RACING STARS (STARS) K-C Raceway Anniversary 40

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (Saturday) Defending STARS Steve Francis led every lap of the K-C Raceway Anniversary 40 to win $6,500 and capture his third victory in the last four series events. Mike Balzano's late-race challenge was impeded by lapped traffic, while Bart Hartman worked his way up from his 12th starting position to finish third. Jerry Rice and Steve Shaver rounded out the top five.

"I think we've finally got our program together," said Francis, who is dominating the STARS points again this season. "We've struggled in the beginning of the season but here lately things have been going our way."

Francis led easily until the last 10 laps as Balzano began to challenge the leader. But Francis made a nifty move under lapped traffic on the 31st lap, separating himself from the runner-up. Francis won by four car lengths.

Francis began his hot streak May 24 at Muskingum County Speedway, winning $10,000. He won $10,000 in last week's Ralph Latham Memorial at Florence (Ky.) Speedway before Saturday's victory at K-C Raceway.

CAR COUNT: 35 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Mike Balzano, 14.072 seconds.

FAST DASH (six laps; sets first three rows of feature): Steve Francis, Randy Boggs, Steve Shaver, Jerry Rice, Mike Balzano, Jeff Houser.

FIRST HEAT (10 laps; top four advance): Aaron Bapst, Craig Leist, Skip Watterman, Mark Frazier, C.J. Rayburn, Rob House, Ryan Markham, Jon Osman, Craig Gibson, Charlie Fannin.

SECOND HEAT: Rod Conley, Barry Bragdon, Mike Benedum, Tim Hitt, Gary Krug, Don Clark, Lance Elson, Rob McCoy, Mike Wilson, Carl Coleman.

THIRD HEAT: Rick Eckert, Bart Hartman, John "Weasel" Rhoades, Jerry Hemming, Pat Boice, Shannon Roese, Adam Stevens, Rick Shannon, Doug Dodd.


FEATURE (Pos., driver, car no., laps, purse, reason out) 1. Steve Francis (15), 40, $6,500 2. Mike Balzano (E1), 40, $3,500 3. Bart Hartman (75), 40, $2,000 4. Jerry Rice (1b), 40, $1,500 5. Steve Shaver (30), 40, $1,200 6. Randy Boggs (17B), 40, $1,000 7. Rod Conley (71r), 40, $900 8. Mark Frazier (9F), 40, $850 9. Rick Eckert (24), 40, $800 10. Aaron Bapst (43), 40, $750 11. Tim Hitt (68), 40, $700 12. Jeff Houser (99), 39, $650 13. Skip Watterman (0), 39, $600 14. C.J. Rayburn (1cj), 39, $600 15. Barry Bragdon (77), 39, $500 16. Rob House (24), 39, $500 17. John "Weasel" Rhoades (6), 39, $400 18. Mike Benedum (25), 38, $350 19. Jon Osman (19), 38, $400 20. Jerry Hemming (72), 38, $350 21. Ryan Markham (5m), 3, $400, axle 22. Craig Leist (51), 3, $350, accident

CREDIT: Bret Emrick of STARS. ------------------------------------------------------------- THURSDAY'S AND FRIDAY'S RACE CAPSULES

JOHNSON, MATTHEES GET $5,000 VICTORIES: Mitch Johnson (Thursday) of Fargo, N.D., and Lance Matthees (Friday) of Winona, Minn., captured 66-lap, $5,000 feature victories at Brown County Speedway in Aberdeen, S.D. On Thursday, Johnson beat Matthees to the line while Dirt Late Model Dream IV winner Jimmy Mars was third. On Friday it was Matthees winning a cautionless race. A total of 46 late models were on hand. THURSDAY'S FEATURE (66 laps): (1) Mitch Johnson, (2) Lance Matthees, (3) Jimmy Mars, (4) Steve Egersdorf, (5) Pat Doar, (6) Mike Chamernik, (7) Curt Gelling, (8) Steve Laursen, (9) Rick Egersdorf, (10) Jerry Redetzke. FRIDAY'S FEATURE (66 laps): (1) Lance Matthees, (2) Steve Laursen, (3) Jerry Redetzke, (4) Mike Chamernik, (5) Jeff Wildung, (6) Mitch Johnson, (7) Rick Thoennes, (8) Pat Doar, (9) Jimmy Mars, (10) Curt Gelling. ------------------------------------------------------------- SATURDAY'S RACE CAPSULE

RED-HOT JEWELL WINS $5,000 AT BARDSTOWN: Mike Jewell of Scottsburg, Ind., who swept three feature races the previous night at Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City., Ky., cruised to a 40-lap UMP-sanctioned victory worth $5,000 at Bluegrass Speedway in Bardstown, Ky. Dennis Erb Jr. made the trip down from northern Illinois to finish second while less than half of the 18 starters finished on the ultrarough oval. Jewell beat polesitter Steve Barnett at the drop of the green flag and led every lap. Barnett faded, eventually dropping out with ignition trouble on the 19th lap. Two rallying contenders also failed to finish as Johnny Wheeler started 17th and made his way to fourth place until he left on the 21st lap with a damaged tie rod, while Kevin Claycomb was making his way to the front but left with a punctured radiator. Track officials regraded the oval twice and reduced the feature from 50 to 40 laps because of the roughness. FEATURE (40 laps): (1) Mike Jewell, (2) Dennis Erb Jr., (3) Jeff Harrod, (4) Dennis Erb Sr., (5) Jeff Coulter, (6) Butch Barber, (7) Jason Bingham, (8) Tim Tungate, (9) Johnny Wheeler, (10) Steve Biddle, (11) Billy Meredith, (12) Steve Barnett, (13) Jerry Rucker, (14) Mike Hawley, (15) Paul Feistritzer, (16) Kevin Claycomb, (17) Jeff Wilson, (18) Dustin Neat, (19) Terry Wilson (scratched). ------------------------------------------------------------- CAPSULE CREDIT: Terry Mynhier <>. ------------------------------------------------------------- CORRECTIONS: The weekend schedule contained errors. Saturday's SUPR race at in Chatham, La., had been canceled. Also, Sunday's MACS race in Ebensberg, Pa., had been canceled. -------------------------------------------------------------

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