Potomac Speedway Results 4/7/00

Potomac Speedway April 7, 2000 By: Doug Watson Budds Creek, Md. -- In Budweiser Late Model action Les Hare , driving out of New Park, PA became the third different driver to score a Late Model win in the three-week old season at Potomac....

Potomac Speedway April 7, 2000 By: Doug Watson

Budds Creek, Md. -- In Budweiser Late Model action Les Hare , driving out of New Park, PA became the third different driver to score a Late Model win in the three-week old season at Potomac. Along with Hare, visitors to victory lane included Daryl Hills of Great Mills, MD picking up his first win of the season in Bell Motor Company Semi Late action. Mike Latham of Mechanicsville, MD had seen victory lane on two previous occasions in Coors Light Pure Street action only to be disqualified following post-race inspections, but this night was a charm and he was officially declared the winner. Wayne Graves of Avenue, MD took the glory for the second time in Mac Tools 4 Cylinder action, and John Burch of Owings, MD romped to win number two in the Gardiner Outdoor Products Enduro feature. The Chesapeake Web Design Bombers made their debut for the first time ever at Potomac Speedway. Going down in the record books as the first-ever winner was 17 year old Brian Thompson of Mechanicsville, MD. In Budweiser Late Model action, polesitter Rickey Edmonds would lead lap one. Fifth place starter Bill Timme would take control of the race on lap two and appeared headed to a career first Late Model win. Fate would step in and on lap ten, Timme looped his racer coming off turn two ending a great run. Eleventh place starter Les Hare took the lead on lap eleven and would lead the final fourteen circuits to score the victory, his 28th career win at the speedway, aboard the Jim Bowen Racing Engines/Cancun Cantine sponsored entry. Seventh place starter Rick Hulson finished a hard-earned second and eighth place starter David Hill came home third. James Adkins from nineth and David Hoffman from seventh completed the top five. Ten caution flags slowed the event. Heats for the nineteen cars in attendance were won by Tom Wagner, Jr. and Les Hare. In the twenty lap Bell Motor Company Semi-Late Feature, Daryl Hills started on the pole and led every lap of the feature in convincing style. Jeff Reely would finish a distant second, Sommy Lacey placed third, Dennis Windsor and twelfth place starter Paul Cursey rounded out the top five. Hills and Lacey won the heats. This Friday night, April 14th, Minor Buckler Electric of Mechanicsville, MD will sponsor a regular show, along with the Chesapeake Web Design Bomber Class. Pit and grandstand gates open at 6:00 p.m., with racing starting at 7:30 p.m. For more information, contact Potomac Speedway at (301) 884-4624 or look us up on the web at www.potomacspeedway.com.

Budweiser Late Models

1. Les Hare-1X, 2. Rick Hulson-18, 3. David Hill-75, 4. James Adkins-28, 5. David Hoffman-15, 6. David Williams-25, 7. Tom Wagner, Jr.-50, 8. Bill Timme-81, 9. Larry Emory-1, 10. Pat Wood-3, 11. Tom Rawlings-31, 12. George Moreland-24, 13. Brian Miller-12, 14. Bo Feathers-00F, 15. Jackie Booth-33, 16. Ricky Edmonds-23R, 17. Jack Bland-41, 18. Deane Guy-45(semi late), 19. Jeff Pilkerton-94(semi late)

Bell Motor Company Semi-Lates

1. Daryl Hills-7, 2. Jeff Reeley-21J, 3. Sommy Lacey-45, 4. Dennis Windsor-4, 5. Paul Cursey-37, 6. Paul Barham-5, 7. Steve Benjamin-94, 8. Jeff Burroughs-10oz, 9. Walt Homberg-33(pure street), 10. Jason Jarvis-18J, 11. Bret Royal-18, 12. Fireball Latham-41, 13. Ronnie Hollidge-3M(pure street) DNS: Bill Danel-89, Billy Tucker-B1, Craig Bowling-75

Coors Light Pure-Street Stocks

1. Mike Latham-78, 2. Ken Coron-51, 3. Jamie Lathroum-6, 4. Mike Roop-04, 5. Billy Tippett-37, 6. Kirk Confair-81, 7. Dan Dotson-2D, 8. Stevie Long-44, 9. Bobby Tipton-12, 13. Mike Suite-3M, 14. Troy Kassaris-17, 15. P.J. Hatcher-77, 16. Tim Shelton-55, 17. Johnny Smith-82, 18. Tommy Hitt-7T, 19. Shaun Wathan-23, 20. Joe Scaggs-5MD, 21. Jeff Edmunds-22(enduro), 22. Bobby Meyers-67 DNS: Tom Turner-25T, Rusty Alton-3, Ed Earl-8X

Mac Tools Four-Cylinders

1.Wayne Graves-24G, 2. Calvin Wright-94, 3. Chappy Knaack-88, 4. Scotty Scott-42, 5. Bob Tester, Jr.-5, 6. Sam Woods-00, 7. Kevin Davis-43, 8. Faron Hamblin-44, 9. J.T. Mclanigan-13, 10. Jeff Aumann-6, 11. Linda Wright-1, 12. Pop Woods-3, 13. Andy Self-99, 14. Robert Holmes-97, 15. Dean Holmes-98, 16. Jerry Fifield-44F, 17. Scotty Nelson-24JR, 18. Deuce Wright-29(enduro), 19. Patrick Pack-72

Gardiner Outdoor Products Enduros

1. John Burch-12, 2. Ben Bowie-17, 3. Kevin Sprague-55, 4. Joe Adams-69, 5. Wayne Weaver-57, 6. John Ballou-112, 7. H&D Racing-104, 8. George Heinz-56, 9. Ray Weaver-11, 10. Charles Gagnon-30, 11. Wayne Suite-00, 12. Paul Schendel-8, 13. Tommy Randell-52, 14. Ray Meador-41, 15. Jimmy Suite-1, 16. Bob Kolbe-9, 17. Marty Page-29, 18. Deano Painter-6, 19. Kevin Mann-22, 20. Barry Lear, Jr.-99, 21. Rodney Holt-007

Chesapeake Web Design Bombers

1. Brian Thompson-41, 2. Jerry Oliver-3, 3. Ronnie Doss-38, 4. Brian Maxey-04, 5. Ben Oliver-15, 6. Corey Hanson-21

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