Potomac Speedway report/results 2001-06-09

Hulson Makes Late Race Pass to Win Cody Endicott Memorial at Potomac Speedway Potomac Speedway June 9, 2001 Budds Creek, Md., -- Race fans saw the running of the fourth I.T.S.I. Budweiser Super Late Model feature of the season, the 40-lap...

Hulson Makes Late Race Pass to Win Cody Endicott Memorial at Potomac Speedway

Potomac Speedway
June 9, 2001

Budds Creek, Md., -- Race fans saw the running of the fourth I.T.S.I. Budweiser Super Late Model feature of the season, the 40-lap Cody Endicott Memorial at Potomac Speedway this past Saturday night. Rookie driver, Darryl Hills of Great Mills, Md., seemed to be on his way to his third win of the season. But, with two-laps to go, Rick Hulson of Glen Burnie, Md., made the pass to find his way to victory lane for the first time this year.

Another first-time feature winner this year was Ronnie Hollidge of Mechanicsville, Md. Hollidge took the checkered flag to become only the third different winner out of nine feature races in the Bell Motor Company Late Models.

Jamie Lathroum of Mechanicsville, Md., picked up his second win of the season in the Coors Light Pure-Street Stocks. Scotty Nelson of Mechanicsville, Md., visited victory lane for the third time this year. John Latham of Mechanicsville, Md., got his first win in the Cliff's Heating and Air Conditioning Enduros. Eric Hanson of Mechanicsville, Md., took his second checkered flag of the season in the Chesapeake Web Design Bombers.

Corruth Concrete sponsored the children's bike giveaway. Five-year-old Milton, Delaware native, Robbie Emory, son of Budweiser Super Late Model driver John Emory, was the lucky bike winner.

Twenty-nine cars made up the starting line-up of the 40-lap Budweiser Super Late Model Cody Endicott Memorial feature. Darryl Hills and Scott Richwine made up the front starting row. As the green flag waved, Richwine took the early lead. Before lap one was put in the books, a multi-car incident occurred on the front straight-a-way involving James Adkins, Jr., Bill Timme, Ernie Jones, Deane Guy, Allen Brannon, Jim Bernheisel, Barry Lear, David Sibold, Michael Christopher, Tim Murphy, and Bob Griffith. All of the cars involved in the incident were able to continue except for Tim Murphy. As the field went back to green, a second multi-car incident occurred in turns three and four involving Lear, Alex Beaumont, Griffith, Sibold, and Robby Beall. When the field got under green flag racing, Darryl Hills led the way. He jumped out front with a five-to-six car length lead. Hills continued to show the way through three more caution flags. As Hills caught up with a group of slower traffic, second-place runner Rick Hulson was able to pull up on Hills rear bumper. Third-place runner, Jim Bernheisel, who had worked his way back through the field after being involved in the first lap incident, also began closing in on the top two cars. Just after receiving the two-to-go signal, Hills' car slid up the track in turn two while trying to get around a slower car. Hulson and Bernheisel both dove to the inside of Hills, making the pass. Hulson went on to take the checkered flag. Bernheisel finished second followed by Hills in third, Richwine in fourth, and Mike Warshauer in fifth. Bernheisel, Bill Timme, and Harold Dorsey, Jr., won the heats.

In the 20-lap Bell Motor Company Late Model feature, Ronnie Hollidge started on the pole and led the way as the green flag waved with Paul Cursey in tow. As Hollidge led, Chet Gagnon challenged Cursey for second. The two battled for several laps with Cursey holding onto the position. On lap 12, Cursey challenged Hollidge for the lead, but Hollidge held him off. Cursey continued to challenge for the lead the next few laps. He made one last attempt as they exited turn four with the checkered flag in sight. Hollidge was able to hold onto the spot to get the win. Cursey finished second, followed by Johnny Smith in third, Gagnon in fourth, and Sommey Lacey in fifth. Cursey won the heat.

In the 15-lap Coors Light Pure-Street Stock feature, Craig Tankersley took the early lead to complete lap one by just a half-car length advantage over Jamie Lathroum. Lathroum passed Tankersley for the lead as they entered turns one and two. As Lathroum led, a good battle for second developed between Tankersley and Mike Latham. The two battled side-by-side for three laps. Latham was able to get the position. Lathroum went on to take the checkered flag, finishing with about a four-to-five car length advantage over Latham. Tankersley finished third followed by Kirk Confair in fourth, and Jimmy Jesmer in fifth. Tommy Hitt and Kirk Confair won the heats.

The field of the 12-lap Potomac Speedway Four-Cylinder feature were all bunched together as the green flag waved. Bob Tester, Jr., made his way to the front to lead lap one. On lap two, Scotty Nelson dove to the inside of Tester and was able to make the pass for the lead as they exited turn two. Once Nelson took over the lead, he never looked back. He went on to lead the rest of the feature unchallenged for the lead. He finished with about a four-car length lead over second-place finisher Sam Woods. Jerry Dick finished third, followed by Bob Tester, Jr., in fourth and J.T. Mclanigan in fifth. Nelson won the heat.

Ray Weaver led the way at the start of the 15-lap Cliff's Heating and Air Conditioning Enduro/Hobby Stock feature. Wayne Suite looked to the inside of Weaver on lap two, but couldn't make the pass for the lead. John Latham was able to take over the lead on lap four as Suite slowed on lap four, bringing out the caution flag. On the restart, Latham led the way. He stretched his lead out to about a four-to-five car length advantage. A caution came out on lap eight bringing the field back together. Second-place runner John Burch stayed glued to Latham's rear bumper on the restart. He made a bid for the lead on lap nine, but Latham held him off. Burch stayed glued to Latham's rear bumper. He made one last challenge for the lead on the last lap in turns three and four. The two made contact as Burch went to the outside of Latham. As they exited turn four, they stayed side-by-side. Latham beat Burch to the start-finish line by a nose. Joe Adams came in third, followed by Ben Bowie in fourth, and Ray Weaver in fifth. Weaver won the heat.

In the 15-lap Chesapeake Web Design Bomber feature, a three-way battle for the lead occurred between Jerry Oliver, Eric Hanson, and Rob Hitt as the green flag waved. Oliver made his way out front to lead lap one. On lap two, Hanson passed Oliver to take over the top position. Hanson then began to pull away from the field as Hitt and Dale Moore battled for position. Moore experienced problems and pulled in the pits. Hitt got loose on lap 10 giving second to Oliver. Hanson went on to take the checkered flag unchallenged for the lead. He finished with over a half-track advantage over Oliver. Hitt finished third, followed by Ronnie Doss in fourth, and Moore in fifth. Hanson won the heat.

This coming Saturday night, there will be no stock car racing action as the National Motorcross comes to town. The racing action will resume the following Saturday night, June 23rd, with the Virginia Sprints visiting the speedway for the second time this year along with a regular program. Pit and grandstand gates open at 5:30 p.m. with racing starting at 7:00 p.m. For more information, contact Potomac Speedway at (301) 884-4624 or check out the website at www.potomacspeedway.com..

Budweiser Super Late Models

1. Rick Hulson-18, 2. Jim Bernheisel-119, 3. Darryl Hills-7H, 4. Scott Richwine-2, 5. Mike Warshauer-7, 6. Allen Brannon-4N, 7. Frank Smith-17, 8. Ernie Jones-22, 9. David Sibold-07, 10. Jackie Booth-33, 11. James Adkins, Jr.,-24B, 12. Chris Hiser-24H, 13. Rick Jones-88, 14. Harold Dorsey, Jr., -92, 15. Pat Wood-3, 16. Barry Lear-99L, 17. Deane Guy-44, 18. Jeff Pilkerton-8, 19. Les Hare-1H, 20. George Moreland-24, 21. Mark Elksnis-47, 22. Robby Beall-70L, 23. Bob Griffith-36, 24. Tommy Wagner, Jr.-50, 25. Alex Beaumont-22A, 26. John Emory-99, 27. Bill Timme-81, 28. Michael Christopher-66, 29. Tim Murphy-21M

Bell Motor Company Late Models

1. Ronnie Hollidge-0, 2. Paul Cursey-37, 3. Johnny Smith-82, 4. Chet Gagnon-30, 5. Sommey Lacey-45, 6. Kevin Nelson-66X, 7. Cowboy Gryszkiewicz, Jr. -20, DNS - Craig Bowling-75, Jeff Burroughs-29

Coors Light Pure-Street Stocks

1. Jamie Lathroum-6, 2. Mike Latham-78, 3. Craig Tankersley-18, 4. Kirk Confair-81, 5. Jimmy Jesmer-47, 6. Bill Tippett-37, 7. Tom Turner-25T, 8. Jeff Thomas-33, 9. P.J. Hatcher-77, 10. Dan Dotson-2D, 11. Scott Thompson-25, 12. Troy Kassiris-17, 13. Jeff Snavely-99, 14. Tommy Hitt-7T, 15. Joe Scaggs-5, 16. Matt Valliquette-27, 17. Rusty Alton-3, 18. Bill Lackey-11, DNS - Cory Hanson-21, Doug Cook-0C, Matt Tarbox-24X

Potomac Speedway Four-Cylinders

1. Scotty Nelson-33, 2. Sam Woods-00, 3. Jerry Dick-44, 4. Bob Tester, Jr.-22, 5. J.T. Mclanigan-39, 6. Billy Crouse-8, 7. Chris Mclanigan-82, 8. Calvin Wright-94, 9. Linda Wright-1

Cliff's Heating and Air Conditioning Enduros

1. John Latham-78, 2. John Burch-12, 3. Joe Adams-69, 4. Ben Bowie-17, 5. Ray Weaver-11, 6. Bill Kessler-44, 7. Paul Schendel-8, 8. Frank Helsel-23, 9. Chuck Williams-2, 10. Barry Lear, Jr.-99, 11. Wayne Suite-00, DNS - Bob Kolbe-9

Chesapeake Web Design Bombers

1. Eric Hanson-21, 2. Jerry Oliver-3, 3. Rob Hitt-47, 4. Ronnie Doss-11, 5. Dale Moore-5, 6. Jimmy Suite-1, 7. JoAnn Jackson-8up, 8. Donald Doss, Jr. -38

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