Potomac Speedway report 2001-10-06

Budds Creek, Md. -- Potomac Speedway hosted their season finale, the Southern Maryland Nationals this past Friday and Saturday night.. P.J. Hatcher of Mechanicsville, Md., took home the $1,500 purse in the 40-lap Coors Light Pure-Street Stock...

Budds Creek, Md. -- Potomac Speedway hosted their season finale, the Southern Maryland Nationals this past Friday and Saturday night.. P.J. Hatcher of Mechanicsville, Md., took home the $1,500 purse in the 40-lap Coors Light Pure-Street Stock event after race winner Sean Thompson was disqualified for an illegal carburetor. The win was Hatcher's third of the season.

In the Bell Motor Company Late Model division, Dennis Lamb of Front Royal, Va., a regular campaigner at Winchester, took the checkered flag in the 30-lap event. Greg Gunter of Berryville, Va., visited victory lane for the second time this year in the 25-lap Potomac Speedway Four-Cylinder feature.

The weekend of racing began with sixty-eight pure-street stock cars from various tracks around the region attempting to qualify for the 30-car field. Ron Schultz set the fastest qualifying lap with a time of 19.44 seconds. Potomac Speedway pure-street stock points champion, Jamie Lathroum, was second fastest with a lap of 19.55 seconds.

The cars then lined for heat race events with the top three finishers advancing to the feature event on Saturday. The eight heat race winners went on to compete in a six-lap dash for starting position. Sean Thompson, Lathroum, Brad Ritter, Terry Carlyle, Bobby Beard, Kris Eaton, Ronald Cusic, and Hatcher. Cusic started on the pole of the dash and led the way as the green flag waved. Cusic continued to lead until lap five when Carlyle went to the inside of him in turns three and four. They made contact causing Cusic to spin. Carlyle was sent to the rear of the field for the incident. When the field went back to green, Hatcher led the way to take the checkered flag followed by Ritter, Lathroum, Eaton, Cusic, Thompson, Carlyle, and Beard.

In other qualifying action, Paul Cursey set the fastest lap for the Bell Motor Company late models with a lap of 17.95 seconds followed by Todd Chicklo with a lap of 17.97 seconds. Arlin Brougher was the fastest Potomac Speedway four-cylinder qualifier with a lap of 20.32 seconds followed by Bob Tester Jr.'s 20.58-second lap.

The Chesapeake Web Design Bombers and the Classic Cars were on hand for 20-lap features on Friday. Dale Moore Jr. took the checkered flag in the bomber event for his seventh win of the season while Bill Brown, Jr. was the classic car feature winner.

The classic cars were on hand again Saturday along with the Little Lincoln cars. Roland Brown took the checkered flag for the Classic Cars while Jim Miller took the checkered flag for the Little Lincoln cars.

Jay Dee Supply sponsored the boys and girls bike giveaways. Six-year-old Richard Jellich of Severna Park, Md., was the lucky boys bike winner while seven-year-old Jenna Goodwin won the girls bike.

By winning the six-lap dash, P.J. Hatcher earned the pole position in Saturday's pure-street stock feature. When the race got underway, Brad Ritter led the way with Hatcher in tow. Hatcher made a bid for the lead on lap 10, but Ritter held him off. On lap 12, the third of 11 cautions came out when Beard got loose causing Cusic to spin.

On the restart, Ritter led the way as Carlyle went to the outside of Hatcher as they exited turn two to take over second. Carlyle then set his sights on Ritter. Carlyle challenged Ritter for the lead on the outside as they exited turn four, making the pass to lead the lap. Ritter came battling back as the two ran side-by-side the whole circuit around. Ritter edged Carlyle as they exited turn four to reassume the lead

Carlyle challenged for the lead again on lap 16, going to the inside of Ritter in turn two. He was able to make the pass for the lead as Hatcher also tried to pass Ritter. Ritter ended up spinning on lap 17.

Sean Thompson then made a bid to take over second from Hatcher. He was able to make the pass on lap 17. Four laps later, Thompson dove to the inside of Carlyle as they exited turn two. They ran side-by-side down the backstretch and into turns three and four. Thompson made the pass for the lead.

On lap 25, Thompson brushed the wall on the backstretch, falling back several positions. The caution flag then waved for debris on the track. Because the caution came out before the lap was completed, Thompson got the lead back.

Carlyle challenged for the lead as the race went back to green but Thompson held him off. Thompson continued to show the way as Hatcher and Carlyle battled it out for second. On lap 36, a caution came out as Carlyle spun in turn two. Hatcher looked to the inside of Thompson on the restart, but Thompson held him off to get the win.

During post-race inspection, Thompson's carburetor was declared illegal, giving the win to Hatcher. Mike Warrenfelt finished second followed by Bryan Kerns in third, Ronnie Dennis in fourth, and Eugene Conley in fifth.

In the 30-lap Bell Motor Company Late Model feature, pole sitter Sommey Lacey and Allen Brannon made contact at the start of the feature causing them to spin, collecting Bernie Beard, Brian Thompson, Eric Ottler, and Eugene Conley. The field had a complete restart.

On the restart, Dave Padula led the way. By lap nine, Padula had about a half straight-a-way advantage over Dennis Lamb. As Padula began to enter slower traffic, Lamb was able to catch him. On lap 16, Padula got caught behind a lapped car. Lamb went to the inside groove as they exited turn two to make the pass for the lead.

Padula ended up falling back a few positions. As Lamb led, Kevin Nelson and Allen Brannon battled for second. Brannon won the battle on lap 25 and then began to pressure Lamb. On lap 28, a caution came out for Dave Puckett. On the restart, Brannon jumped to the outside groove as soon as Lamb started the field. The two ran side-by-side the whole lap with Brannon with Lamb edging Brannon back to the start-finish line. The two continued to battle. Lamb was able to hold Brannon off to go on to take the checkered flag. Brannon finished second followed by Padula in third, Kevin Nelson in fourth, and Leo Nichols in fifth. Brannon and Lacey won the heats.

When the 25-lap Potomac Speedway Four-Cylinder event got underway, Arlin Brougher led the 18-car field to complete the first seven laps. On lap eight, Brougher began smoking, bringing out a caution as he put some oil down on the track. Brougher then pulled his car in the pits, handing the lead over to Greg Gunter. Chuck Knaack stayed glued to Gunter's rear bumper until lap 12 when Gunter began to pull away. By lap 20, Gunter enjoyed almost a straight-a-way lead. Some late cautions brought the field back together, but Gunter easily took his truck into victory lane.

Knaack finished second, followed by Billy Saunders in third, Scott Russell in fourth, and Butch Mclanigan in fifth. Bob Tester Jr. and Brougher won the heats.

In Friday's Chesapeake Web Design Bomber feature, Beadle Binelli led the way to complete lap one of the 20-lap event. By lap two, Dale Moore Jr. was able to take over the lead position. Moore led the next 19 laps, taking the checkered flag in the event. Jimmy Suite finished second, followed by Rob Hitt in third, Rick Marks in fourth, and Quentin Mise in fifth. Wayne Suite won the heat.

In Friday's Classic Car feature, Mike Ashwell led the first 13 laps of the 20-lap event. He spun in turn two on lap 14, giving the lead to Bill Brown Jr. Bill Brown Sr., looked to the outside of Bill Brown Jr. on the last lap, but was unable to make a move as Bill Brown Jr. went on to take the checkered flag. In Saturday's feature, Roland Brown started from the pole and went on to lead all 20 laps to get the win finishing with almost a straight-a-way advantage over the rest of the field. Jim Miller started from the pole in the Little Lincoln car feature and jumped out front to lead all 15 laps of the caution free event.

Potomac Speedway would like to thank all of the drivers, crew, fans, and officials for another successful year of racing. The annual awards banquet to honor the top points finishers will be held on Saturday November 17th at the Mechanicsville Firehouse. For tickets or more information, contact the track office at (301) 884-4624.

Coors Light Pure-Street Stocks

1. P.J. Hatcher-77, 2. Mike Warrenfelt-5W, 3. Bryan Kerns-83, 4. Ronnie Dennis-19, 5. Eugene Conley-92X, 6. Ricky Edmonds-110, 7. Kris Eaton-15, 8. Matt Kerns-1, 9. Tom Turner-25T, 10. Jamie Lathroum-6, 11. Chris Nelson-66X, 12. Craig Wagaman-7W, 13. Chester Sellers-10, 14. Ken Berwager-77H, 15. Terry Carlyle-11N, 16. Bobby Beard-5X, 17. Terry Staton-36, 18. Sam Crouch-92, 19. Ron Schultz-31, 20. Randy Carter-55, 21. Joey Carter-33, 22. Brad Ritter-20, 23. Kirk Confair-81, 24. Mike Latham-78, 25. Brian Miller-6M, 26. Bernie Beard-X, 27. Ronald Cusic-25, 28. Deano Painter-24, 29. Gary Jenkins-3J, DQ - Sean Thompson-07

Bell Motor Company Late Models

1. Dennis Lamb-55, 2. Allen Brannon-17, 3. Dave Padula-00, 4. Kevin Nelson-66X, 5. Leo Nichols-11N, 6. Ronnie Hollidge-0, 7. Eric Ottler-22E, 8. Charles Burch-50, 9. Barry Lear-51, 10. Ben Bowie-36H, 11. Chet Gagnon-30, 12. Dave Puckett-30D, 13. Paul Cursey-37, 14. Bill Daniel-8, 15. Brian Thompson-141, 16. Bernie Beard-X, 17. Bruce Cole-36, 18. Johnny Smith-82, 19. Carl Grady-89, 20. Sommey Lacey-45, 21. Walter Crouch-92, DNS - Tony Crim-93, Dale Smith-77, Todd Chicklo-44, Jeff Burroughs-29

Potomac Speedway Four-Cylinders

1. Greg Gunter-15, 2. Chuck Knaack-51, 3. Billy Saunders-55H, 4. Scott Russell-57, 5. Butch Mclanigan-39, 6. Greg Keister-1K, 7. Rodney Hoffman-51X, 8. Calvin Wright-94, 9. Scotty Nelson-33,10. Linda Wright-1, 11. Robert Holmes-97, 12. Billy Crouse-8, 13. Bob Tester Jr.-22, 14. Arlin Brougher-21, 15. Scotty Scott-42, 16. Sam Woods Jr.-00, 17. Rick Hummer-71, 18. Jerry Dick

Chesapeake Web Design Bombers

1. Dale Moore Jr. -5, 2. Jimmy Suite-1, 3. Rob Hitt-47, 4. Rick Marks-15, 5. Quentin Mise-23, 6. Richard Toot-13, 7. David Cooper-27, 8. Travis Larout-28, 9. Beadle Binelli-89, 10. Earl Whitehouse-18, 11. Wayne Suite-8up, 12. Kyle Nelson-66X, DNS - Kyle Lear


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