Potomac Speedway report 2001-07-21

Prince Frederick Ford Night proved to be an edge-of- your-seat exciting night of racing action at Potomac Speedway. Pat Wood of Waldorf, MD, took home the victory in Budweiser Super Late Model action with a breath-taking final lap pass. It was his...

Prince Frederick Ford Night proved to be an edge-of- your-seat exciting night of racing action at Potomac Speedway. Pat Wood of Waldorf, MD, took home the victory in Budweiser Super Late Model action with a breath-taking final lap pass. It was his first win of the season. In other racing action, Paul Cursey of Baltimore, MD came from seventh to take the Bell Motor Company Late Model feature victory. Jamie Lathroum of Mechanicsville, MD, took the Coors Light Street Stock feature victory. The 4 Cylinder feature win went to Calvin Wright of Nanjemoy, MD. Former Enduro Stock Champion, John Burch of Ownings, MD, took the Clifff's Heating and Air Enduro/Hobby Stock feature event. Eric Hanson of Mechanicsville, MD prevailed to take the Chesapeake Web Design Bomber victory. Ashley Bellere of Waldorf, MD was the Jack Coburn sponsored bike winner.

A spectacular group of Budweiser Super Late Models were on hand to strut their horsepower. The heat races went to Potomac Speedway veteran, Tommy Wagner, and Scott Cosgrove. Cosgrove and Pat Wood sat on the first row of the feature event. Wood took the lead at the drop of the green and lead the first 7 circuits, handing the top spot over to Cosgrove on lap 8. Rick Jones advanced his way through the field from his fourth place starting position, getting by Wood and moving into second on lap 12. In the meantime, last weeks' feature winner, Wagner, was working his way through the field. He made the pass on Jones and moved into second on lap 16, but spun and dropped out of the race at that point. Jones and Wood then battled for the second spot with Wood claiming the territory. Deane Guy then entered the battle getting by Jones on lap 18, then Wood on lap 22 to claim the second position. He then set his sites on Cosgrove. A late caution left a one-lap shoot-out. As Cosgrove and Guy battled for the lead in turn three, Jones and Wood were battling for third right behind them. Cosgrove dove down low, protecting the top spot from Guy, and Wood saw his chance to go to the high side of the track. He made the crowd-pleasing pass coming off the fourth turn, getting by Guy then Cosgrove to take the win. Second went to Cosgrove, third to Guy with Jones and Darryl Hills rounding out the top five.

Bell Motor Late Model action was intense. Paul Cursey took the heat race over season newcomer, Joey Dean. Ronnie Hollidge took the early lead until lap 8 when Paul Cursey made his move to the front from his seventh place starting spot. Cursey led the remainder of the event which slowed for only one caution. Sommey Lacey worked his way through the field to finish second. Following Cursey and Lacey to the stripe were Hollidge, Chet Gagnon, and Johnny Smith.

Coors Light Street Stocks heat races went to Joe Scaggs and Mike Latham. Billy Tippett and Jamie Lathroum showed the way at the drop of the green flag with Lathroum taking the lead. Former feature winner, Ronald Cusic, methodically worked his was through the field from his seventh place starting spot to take over third position on lap 13 of the 15 lap event. The event was slowed for only one caution for debris on lap 11. Following Lathroum to the checkered were Tippett, Cusic, Mike Latham and Tom Turner.

Potomac Speedway's 4 Cylinder action saw Chappy Knaack taking the heat race win. Linda Wright and Billy Crouse showed the way at the drop of the green flag for the 12 lap feature event. A caution came out on the first lap. When racing resumed, Jerry Dick jumped to the early lead surrendering to Calvin Wright on lap 5. Knaack worked his way through the field from his last place starting position to come home second, followed by Dick, Sam Woods and Linda Wright.

The 15 lap Cliff's Heating and Air Enduro/Hobby Stock feature event pole sitters were Barry Lear, Jr. and Frank Helsel. Twelfth place starter, John Burch, moved his was to the front spot on the first lap. He was challenged by Ray Weaver on lap 7, and relinquished the spot to him on lap 9. Weaver held onto the spot until the final lap, when a flat tire relegated him to eighth position. Burch took over the top spot again. Meanwhile, current track champion Joe Adams worked his way through the pack from an eleventh starting position to finish third. Rounding out the top five were John Latham, Marty Page and Helsel. The heat race went to Wayne Suite.

The Chesapeake Web Design Bomber feature proved to be exciting once again. Jimmy Suite took the heat race. Donald Doss and Billy Maginty lead the way at the drop of the green flag. Ronnie Doss took the lead for the first two circuits, until Maginty took over the position. On lap six Eric Hanson assumed the lead when Maginty experienced mechanical woes relegating him to the pit area. Hanson was challenged by Jerry Oliver and Earl Whitehouse who battled for second. Oliver held the second spot, followed by Oliver, Whitehouse, Donald Doss and Maginty..

Next week, July 28th, the racing action will be sponsored by American Combustion Industries, Inc. There will be a regular program of Budweiser Super Late Models, Bell Motor Co. Late Models, Coors Light Street Stocks, 4 Cylinders, Cliff's Heating & Air Enduro/Hobby Stocks and Chesapeake Web Design Bombers. Pit and grandstand gates open at 5:30pm with racing action starting at 7:00pm. For more information call the Track Office at (301) 884-4624 or visit our Web Site at www.PotomacSpeedway.com.

Budweiser Super Late Model

1. Pat Wood-3, 2. Sean Cosgrove-64, 3. Deane Guy-44, 4. Rick Jones-88,

5 . Darryl Hills-7H, 6.Ray Kable-90, 7. Ernie Jones-22, 8. Tim Murphy-21M, 9. Frank Smith-17, 10. Jackie Booth-33, 11. Rick Griffith-36, 12. Brad Siebert-81, 13. Larry Emory-1, 14. Harold Dorsey-92, 15. Tommy Wagner-50, 16.Dave Padula-112, 17. Duane Woolford-33W, 18. Barry Lear-99L, 19.Robbyb Beall-70

Bell Motor Company Late Models

1. Paul Cursey-37, 2. Sommey Lacey-45, 3. Ronnie Hollidge-0, 4. Chet Gagnon-30, 5. Johnny Smith-82, 6.Joey Dean-62 7. Craig Bowling-75, 8. Bobby Harrington-10, 9.Jeff Burroughs-29B

Coors Light Street Stock

1. Jamie Lathroum-6, 2. Billy Tippett-37, 3. Ronald Cusic-23, 4.Mike Latham-78, 5. Tom Turner-25T, 6. Joe Scaggs-5, 7. Tommy Hitt-7T, 8. Jimmy Jessmer-47, 9. Larry Fuchs-2, 10. Craig Tankersley-18, 11. Rick Jackson-8up, 12. P.J. Hatcher-77, 13. Matt Valiquette-27, 14. Chester Sellers-10, 15. Cory Hanson-21, 16. Kirk Confair-81, 17. DNS Wayne Weaver-41

Potomac Speedway's 4 Cyliners

1. Calvin Wright-94, 2. Chappy Knaack-51, 3. Jerry Dick-44, 4. Sam Woods-00, 5.Linda Wright-1, 6. David Lee-77, 7. Bob Tester-82. , 8. Billy Crouse-8 9. Butch Mclanigan-39, 10. Scotty Nelson-33 DNS J.T. Mclanigan-22

Cliff's Heating and Air Enduro/Hobby Stock

1. John Burch-12, 2. Joe Adams-69, 3. John Latham-78, 4. Marty Page-29, 5.Frank Helsel-23, 6. Bill Kessler-44, 7. Check Williams-2, 8. Ray Weaver-11, 9.Barry Lear, Jr. -99, 10. Wayne Suite-00, 11. Ray Meador-41, 12. Paul Schendel-8, 13. John Sellner-5. 14. Ben Bowie-17

Chesapeake Web Design Bombers

1. Eric Hanson-21, 2. Jerry Oliver-3, 3.Earl Whitehouse-18, 4. Ronald Doss, Jr.-38, 5.Billy Maginty-01, 6. Ronnie Doss-11, 7. David Cooper-27, 8. Dale Moore-5 DQ: Jimmy Suite


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