Pocono Mountain Speedway results 2001-07-28

Frantz And Beers Split Modified Wins At Pocono Mountain Speedway July 28 ST. JOHNS, PA. . . . . In the make up modified feature, Russ Frantz took command, leading the final 11 laps to pick up his 2nd win of the year. In the 2nd Modified feature,...

Frantz And Beers Split Modified Wins At Pocono Mountain Speedway July 28

ST. JOHNS, PA. . . . . In the make up modified feature, Russ Frantz took command, leading the final 11 laps to pick up his 2nd win of the year. In the 2nd Modified feature, Eric Beers worked his way up through the field, leading the way to the checkered.

Tim Henry had the pole, and led the way to the green. Mike McManus, John Markovic, Mark Washko, and Andy Szapacs rounded out the early top 5 spots. During the first couple laps, Washko slipped back, allow Szapacs to move up a spot, and Frantz to climb into 5th.

Three cautions on laps 9 and 10, with one being a multi-car pileup on the back straight still saw Henry lead the field through yellows. McManus gave up his spot, heading to the pits with an oil leak. Frantz took over the runner-up position, followed by Markovic, Eric Beers, and Cal Snyder.

Over the middle third of the race, Henry continued to lead, with Frantz right behind in 2nd. Eric Beers got around Markovic for 3rd, followed by Markovic and Snyder. By the time the clicked off lap 20, both Frantz and Eric Beers got around Henry.

Lap 28 saw the final caution of the race, which shook up the top 5. Markovic and Henry got together on the front stretch, sending both to the pits. Over the final 2 laps, Frantz and Beers claimed the top 2, with Shaun Carrig, Don Wagner, and Szapacs all benefiting from the mishap, rounding out the top 5.

With two modified features to be run, there were no heat races. The lineup for the second feature was determined based on the point's handicap.

Mike McManus sat on the pole for the second feature, and had the early lead. Following along from the inside row were, Cal Snyder and Chris Ammon. Mike Adams and Andy Szapacs rounded out the early top 5.

There was little change in the top 5 over the first third of the race. McManus, Snyder, Ammon, and Adams held the first 4, while Eric Beers worked his way up from starting 14th, to grab 5th by lap 8.

The middle laps of the race saw the only cautions of the race. Snyder took over the lead on lap 14; with McManus heading to the pits for the evening, a couple laps later. Beers was now in 2nd, followed by Ammon, Adams, and Jim Long Jr.

By the time they reached the final caution on lap 20, Beers got around Snyder to take the lead. The top 5 ran the remaining laps unchanged, with Beers taking the win. Snyder, Ammon, Adams, and Jim Long Jr rounded out the top 5.

Paul Koehler Jr ran away from the field, crossing the line first at the drop checkered. The win was taken away following the post race tech inspection, handing the victory over to Rick Collins.

Richie Spaide and Chris Hamilton put on a great show for the fans for the last half of the race in the Pro Stock Feature as Richie held on to get the well deserved win.

Bob Ankner was the class of the field on this night as he geld off Scott Meckes who had a strong car from the start but just not enough to get by Ankner.

The Factory stocks had two features tonight Mike Odwazny and Danny Cascioli splitting the two.

Don't miss the same action this Saturday night that Pocono Mountain Speedway presented this past Saturday night with seven feature races. Also all kids are invited to bring their Big Wheels and participate in the Big Wheel Competition held every Saturday night at intermission. Modifieds, Late Models, Pro Stocks, Street Stocks and Factory Stocks will be in action. For more info, visit www.poconomountainspeedway.com <pre>

MODIFIED MAKE-UP (30 LAPS): RUSS FRANTZ, Eric Beers, Shaun Carrig, Don Wagner, Andy Szapacs, Matt Hirshman, Adam Horwith, Mike Adams, John Markovic, Cal Snyder, Tim Henry, Butchy Smith, Chris Ammon, Mike McManus, Mark Washko, Jim Hauser Jr.

MODIFIED (30 LAPS): ERIC BEERS, Cal Snyder, Chris Ammon, Mike Adams, Jim Long Jr, Jim Hauser Jr, Russ Frantz, Don Wagner, Adam Horwith, Andy Szapacs, Tim Henry, Dave Anderson, Steve Nederostek, Butchy Smith, Mark Washko, John Markovic, Shaun Carrig, Mike McManus, Jason Beers.

LATE MODEL (25 LAPS): RICK COLLINS, Dave Christman, Mike Radocha Jr, Dean Kline Jr, Kevin Kromer, Barry Calivini, Phil DeFranco, Steve Comer, Steve Pilman. DQ - Paul Koehler Jr.

PRO STOCK (25 LAPS): RICHIE SPAIDE, Chris Hamilton, Frank Greco, Alan Decker, Shaun Gallucci, Paul Monkowski, Chris Burge, Joe Barbush, Frank Hughes, Ralph Kennedy, Mike Higgins, Frank Petrosky, Brian Davis, Joe Hoffman, Jerry Brightaupt.

STREET STOCK (25 LAPS): BOB ANKNER, Scott Meckes, John Swerdon Jr, Ron Babula, Robert Fink, Frank Katona, Mike Kowalczuk, Jennifer Kutz, J.R. Roth, John Tombasco, Dave McCloud, Jim Buzinski, Brian Fletcher.

FACTORY STOCK MAKE-UP(15 LAPS): MIKE ODWAZNY, Mike Sweeney, Todd Barbush, Paul Frantz, Shaun Burd, Lou Cervino, Andrew Monkowski, Brad Kline, Josh Labatch, Sue Collins, Steve McCracken, Mark Corbisiero. DQ - Danny Cascioli.

FACTORY STOCK(15 LAPS): DANNY CASCIOLI, Josh Labatch, Mike Odwazny, Paul Frantz, Mark Corbisiero, Steve McCracken, Shaun Burd, Lou Cervino, Brad Kline, Dan Lucas, Mike Sweeney, Andrew Monkowski, Joel Hilfiger, Sue Collins, Del Snyder, Todd Barbush.


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