Pocono Mountain Speedway report / results 2001-05-19

Correll Takes 50 Lap Truck Event ST. JOHNS, PA . . . . . Connecticut's, Chris Correll lead all 50 laps, enroute to victory lane in the visiting American Race Truck Series feature at Pocono Mt. Speedway. The modifieds had the night off, making...

Correll Takes 50 Lap Truck Event

ST. JOHNS, PA . . . . . Connecticut's, Chris Correll lead all 50 laps, enroute to victory lane in the visiting American Race Truck Series feature at Pocono Mt. Speedway. The modifieds had the night off, making way for the 22 ARTS trucks that made the haul from as far away as North Carolina, Massachusetts, and states in between. Pole-sitter, Correll, jumped out in front when the green dropped. Front row partner, Jay King, held on to 2nd, with Pete Yetman, Shawn Parker, and Chris Hammond in the early top 5. Lap 10 saw the first caution, with Correll and King still 1, 2. Yetman headed to the pits, moving Parker and Hammond up to 3rd and 4th. Bernie Singer move up to claim 5th. 2 laps after the restart, Hammond pushed high through 1 and 2, opening the door for Singer and Scott Riggleman to take 4th and 5th. The top 5 ran unchanged to another yellow on lap 24. Again, Singer and Riggleman took advantage of an opening, slipping past Parker for 3rd and 4th. 2 laps later, Hammond moved back into the top 5, getting by Parker for 5th. The final caution fell on lap 37, with Correll and King still leading the way. The top 5 of Correll, King, Singer, Riggleman, and Hammond ran the final 13 laps unchanged, with Correll going flag to flag for the win.

Leading the Late Model feature, was not necessarily the place to be. Dave Christman grabbed the lead from the outside of the front row, with Rick Collins and Mike Radocha Jr running 2 and 3. Cautions on laps 2 and 3 kept the race action slow. Christman lead the way through the pair of yellows, while Paul Koehler Jr used the restarts to claim 2nd. Kevin Kromer, Radocha Jr, and Doug Yanders rounded out the top 5. Koehler Jr immediately put the pressure on Christman for the lead. Christman held the inside line, while Koehler Jr ran up high. As they came around to score lap 7, Koehler Jr had the lead by a nose, and once out in front, Koehler Jr began pulling away from the field. On lap 11, Yanders began his move forward, first getting around Radocha Jr. Two laps later, Yanders passed Kromer for 3rd, then gave the spot back on the next lap. Going 3 wide into turn 1 with Kromer and Christman, Yanders came out of 2 in 2nd, followed by Kromer, Christman, and Radocha Jr. Koehler Jr brought out a caution on lap 16, when officials noticed fluids leaking from his car, heading into the pits for the evening. Yanders was in front for the restart, and appeared headed for victory lane. On lap 19, Yanders began smoking, and on the next lap lost power down the back straight, pulling to the infield for the evening, and handing over the lead to Kromer. Christman was 2nd, followed by Radocha Jr, Frank Del Nero Jr and Steve Comer. Kromer lead the remaining laps for the win. Radocha Jr got around Christman with 2 to go, for 2nd. Christman lost 3rd following the post race tech inspection, giving 3rd to new-comer Del Nero Jr, and followed by Comer.

Frank Reakes powered his way to the front by halfway, taking the victory in the Pro Stock feature. Jim Buzinski and Mike Odwazny were repeat winners in the Street Stock and Factory Stock divisions.

AMERICAN RACE TRUCK SERIES (50 LAPS): CHRIS CORRELL, Jay King, Bernie Singer, Scott Riggleman, Chris Hammond, Ryan Possoca, Rick Gonzalez, Shawn Parker, Sam Ryan, Eddie Class, Jeff Hallquist, Jeff Zoller, Rich Jackson, Danny Corker, Ryan Givens, Pete Yetman, Robbie Luh, Alex Gailhac, Paul Newman, Joe Nesler.

LATE MODEL (25 LAPS): KEVIN KROMER, Mike Radocha Jr, Frank Del Nero Jr, Steve Comer, Doug Yanders, Paul Koehler Jr, Rick Collins, Tom Scales, Dean Kline Jr. DQ - Dave Christman.

PRO STOCK (25 LAPS): FRANK REAKES, Mike Higgins, Jerry Brightaupt, Alan Decker, Paul Monkowski, Chris Hammond, Joe Barbush, Chris Burge, Frank Hughes, Skip Eccles, Bradley Brown. DNS - Rich Spaide.

STREET STOCK (20 LAPS): JIM BUZINSKI, Scott Mecces, Lou Mitchalk, Ron Bobula, John Swerdon Jr, Robert Fink, Brian Fletcher, Mike Kowalczuk, J.R. Roth, Frank Katona, Richard Smith III, Jennifer Kutz. DNS - Gary Dula.

FACTORY STOCK (15 LAPS): MIKE ODWAZNY, Mark Corbisiero, Brad Kline, Danny Casciolli, Paul Frantz, Josh Labatch, Mike Sweeney, Joel Hilfiger, Todd Barbush, Lou Cervino, Sue Collins, Shawn Burd.


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