Pocono Mountain Speedway report 2001-0707

Former Multi Champ Flemington driver Danny Ballentine's smooth driving style holds off hard charging point leader Paul Koehler for the victory in the first held over rain delayed Late model feature... By the first lap the outside starting two...

Former Multi Champ Flemington driver Danny Ballentine's smooth driving style holds off hard charging point leader Paul Koehler for the victory in the first held over rain delayed Late model feature...

By the first lap the outside starting two rows of #11 Dave Christman and #12x Dan Ballentine powered around pole sitter #22 Dean Kline to take the first two spots with #00 Koehler Jr. up to third by lap 3. By lap 6 Ballentine would take the lead from Christman. Two laps later a blown motor would take the #11 out of contention moving Koehler to second. Ballentine would hold off Koehler on the restart to hold first position. #45 Doug Yanders was also on the move passing Kline for third with #22c Comer fourth. In an exciting 17 lap green flag run to the finish Koehler was showing was showing the nose of the #00 to Ballentine every circuit but the former champs smooth driving style proved victorious.

Held over LM Feature Results: Ballentine,Koehler Jr.,Yanders,Kline,Collins, Radocha,Comer,Kromer,Pilman,Christman,Ryan,Scales **Koehler makes turn around fair play**

In the regular Late model feature #00 Paul Koehler Jr. holds off first feature winner #12 and returns the favor by handing second spot to #12x Danny Ballentine.

A 14 lap green flag run showed pole sitter #454 Paul Radocha Jr. holding on to the lead until lap 3 when #45 Doug Yanders and #00 Paul Koehler Jr. took over the first two spots, with #12x Ballentine moving up to fourth passing #22 Dean Kline. Multi car driver Yanders tried but couldn't hold off the charge of Koehler taking the lead on lap 8. Koehler never looked back as Ballentine was steadily moving up the pack now in second spot on a lap 15 restart. To the end it was a negative of the first feature with Ballentine now putting the nose of the #12x along the side of the #00. With 2 cautions on laps 22 and 23 for Yanders cooking a motor and the #54 of Bob Nenstiel and #454 Radocha coming together, it was a two lap shootout with Koehler holding on for the win

Regular Late model Feature; .Koehler Jr, Ballentine, Collins, DeFranco, Kline, Kromer, Radocha, Nenstiel, Yanders, Christman, Comer **Rich Spaide wins Pro stock feature**

Second place finisher #74 Rich Spaide was awarded the win after a post race Tech inspection disqualifying race winner #20 Hoffman.

#74 Rich Spaide fought all the way to lap 17 leading the race only giving it up one time to #07 Tom Spencer Jr. on a lap 6 restart taking the lead back the next lap. After a few mid race cautions the #20 of Hoffman was now in second putting the pressure on Spaide. By lap 15 #51 Mike Higgins had passed the #34 of Paul Monkoski for third. Three laps later Hoffman grabbed the lead and a last 5 shuffle showed #20 taking the chckered,and Spaide in second Higgins holding third and the #13 of Chris Hamilton passing Monkoski for fourth.

Pro stock feature: Spaide, Higgins, Hamilton, Monkowski, Barbush, Kennedy, Hughes, Spencer, Reakes, Eccles, Decker, Burge, Weaver, Davis. DQ=Hoffman

**Bob Ankner declared first "bounty hunter"**

11A Bob Ankner holds off hard charging pointleader #26 Scott Meckes with an exciting, sideways, tires smokin' across the line finish.

Rookie driver Louis Mitchalk took the lead from the pole sitter #11 Todd Ahrner and held on until lap 14 when tha !!a Bob Ankner starting from his11th starting spot charged to the lead pulling point leader #26 Scott Meckes along with him to second. With the bounty on the #22 of Jim Buzinski at stake Jim charged from the back of the field after an early race pit stop for a flat tire. He looked like he was on fire passing a car a lap until the end running out of time finishing in the fourth spot giving the win to Ankner and Meckes second in a close exiting finish.

Street stock feature; Ankner,Meckes,Mitchalk,Buzinski,Swerdon,Roth,Kutz, McCloud,Fletcher,Kowalczyk,Katona,Dula,Fink,Smith,Babula

**Cascioli finds victory lane in one caution Factory Stock Feature**

It seemed like the #23 Brad Kline was the man to beat in the Factory stock feature holding on to the top spot until a halfway point restart showed the #42 of Dan Cascioli grabbed the lead. Multi feature winner #51 Mike Odwazny was steadily finding his way to the top 5 by lap 8 starting from his 12th spot. #77 Mike Corbisiero joined team mate #17 Shaun Burd in the top 5 by lap 11. Multi feature winner Odwaznypassed the #23 on lap 12 and was able to make a few last lap attempts at the #42 but but Cascioli anxious for his first win would not submit. Factory stock feature; Cascioli, Odwazny, Kline, Burd, Corbisiero, Frantz,Barbush, McCracken, Labatch, Sweeney, Hilfiger, Glasser, Monkowski, Cervino, Collins

See Modifieds and Late Models in their extra distance Mid Season Championship Race plus the Pro Stocks, Factory Stocks and Street Stocks in action. The debut of the Officials race will have the fans and competitors on their feet in this special presentation. For more information call 570-788-7544 or visit www.poconomountainspeedway.com


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