Pocono Mountain race results 2001-09-01

Frantz And Beers Split Mod 20's, Horwith Orverall Winner ST JOHNS, PA. The Modified Twin 20's highlighted the racing program and Pocono Mountain Speedway, with Russ Frantz and Eric Beers each taking the checkered. The purse was awarded based on...

Frantz And Beers Split Mod 20's, Horwith Orverall Winner

ST JOHNS, PA. The Modified Twin 20's highlighted the racing program and Pocono Mountain Speedway, with Russ Frantz and Eric Beers each taking the checkered. The purse was awarded based on points for each finishing positions in both races, with Adam Horwith declared the overall with a 2nd and 6th place finishes. It is ironic that Team owner Adam Horwith was awarded the victory with his team cars of Russ Frantz and Eric Beers each capturing a victory.

In the first 20 lapper, Cal Snyder grabbed the lead from the outside pole, while pole sitter, Tim Henry dropped back in line in the 2nd spot. A caution on lap 1, brought the field back together, with Adam Horwith, Russ Frantz, and Shaun Carrig, following Snyder and Henry.

When the time the field reached the next caution, Snyder was still leading. Frantz was now 2nd, followed by Horwith, Henry, and Carrig. On the restart, the top 5 all head their positions. On lap 14, Frantz was able to make a run on the inside of Snyder, to take over the lead. Horwith followed Frantz into 2nd, with Snyder dropping in line in 3rd. Over the remaining six laps, there was no change in the top 5, with Frantz crossing the line first, followed by Horwith, Snyder, Henry, and Carrig.

The field was stopped on the front straight, allowing teams to make minor adjustments. Drivers on the lead lap all drew for starting spots for the 2nd 20 laps. Henry drew the pole, and held the lead over the early laps. Tim Santee started on the outside of the front row, and ended up slipping back through the field. Eric Beers started 3rd, and quickly moved up to challenge Henry for the lead. John Markovic was 3rd, followed by Jim Hauser Jr and Matt Hirshman.

After a couple laps chasing the leader, on lap 7, Beers was able to get around Henry for the lead. Markovic, Hauser Jr, and Hirshman rounded out the top 5. Henry seemed to have the overall victory well in hand, with a 4th place finish in the first 20, and running 2nd at the time. A pair of cautions on lap 9, proved to be a key point in the race. On the first restart, a big pile up on the back straight and turn 4, brought out the red flag, when Cal Snyder went end over end. Snyder emerged OK, but was finished for the evening. The second restart proved fatal for Henry, allowing Markovic, Hirshman, and Wagner to get by.

There was one final caution on lap 16, with no change in the top 5. At the line, Beers got the win, followed by Markowic, Hirshman, Wagner, and Henry in the top 5. Horwith was declared the overall winner, followed by Henry, Markovic, Beers, and Hirshman.

In the Late Model feature, the pace was slow getting started, with 4 yellows falling on laps 7-9, sending half the field to the pits for the evening.

By lap 10, Paul Koehler Jr has assumed the lead, with Jimmy Wismer Jr close behind. The pair put on a great battle for the lead, as they pulled away from the rest of the field. A pair of cautions in the final 10 laps kept the pack together. Koehler Jr held on to the lead, while Wismer Jr's car seemed to fade. At the line, Koehler Jr picked up his 9th win of the season. Doug Yanders and Mike Radocha Jr each picked up a spot to finish 2nd and 3rd. Wismer Jr, making his first start of the season, finished 4th, with another newcomer, Tom George rounded out the top 5.

The Street Stock had the weekend off, making room for the visiting ATQMRA Midgets and ARTS Trucks. The number of lengthy cautions in both the heats and features pushed the program to the curfew, forcing officials to postpone the Pro Stock and Factory Stock Features until next week.

MODIFIEDS #1(20 LAPS): RUSS FRANTZ, Adam Horwith, Cal Snyder, Tim Henry, Shaun Carrig, C.J. Jones, Andy Szapacs, John Markovic, Matt Hirshman, Jim Hauser Jr, Eric Beers, Dave Anderson, Doug Yanders, Chris Ammon, Don Wagner, Mark Washko, Tim Santee, Mike Adams, Billy Swartz, Jason Beers, Steve Nedorostek, Dan Marcello, Paul Koehler Jr.

MODIFIEDS #2(20 LAPS): ERIC BEERS, John Markovic, Matt Hirshman, Don Wagner, Tim Henry, Adam Horwith, Mike Adams, Andy Szapacs, Chris Ammon, Jim Hauser Jr, Billy Swartz, Tim Santee, Paul Koehler Jr, Dan Marcello, Jason Beers, Steve Nedorostek, Dave Anderson, Shaun Carrig, Russ Frantz, C.J. Jones, Cal Snyder, Mark Washko, Doug Yanders.

MODIFEDS OVERALL: ADAM HORWITH, Tim Henry, John Markovic, Eric Beers, Matt Hirshman, Andy Szapacs, Don Wagner, Jim Hauser Jr, Russ Frantz, Chris Ammon, Shaun Carrig, Cal Snyder, Mike Adams, C.J. Jones, Tim Santee, Dave Anderson, Billy Swartz, Jason Beers, Paul Koehler Jr, Dan Marcello, Doug Yanders, Steve Nedorostek, Mark Washko.

ATQMRA (25 LAPS): DONNIE ADAMS, Jon Gambuti, Glen Halbing, Tommy Lane, Ken Hirt, Kristen McKnight, J.P. Cossman, Harry Weed, Art Lawshe Jr, John Leombruno, Kathy Erb, Mark Lawshe, Bruno Leombruno, Bob DeBoise, Brian Waggenhoffer.

LATE MODEL (25): PAUL KOEHLER JR, Doug Yanders, Mike Radocha Jr, Jimmy Wismer Jr, Tom George, Steve Pilman, Phil DeFranco, Dave Christman, Kevin Kromer, Rick Collins, Shane, Courtright, Dean Kline Jr.


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