Payne and D&D Racing vie for 2001 title

Joey Payne has teamed up with D & D Racing to make a run at the 2001 ISMA title. Payne previously committed to George Brothers Racing to drive a limited schedule on the ISMA tour, but was approached by D&D Racing to drive for them if it didn1t...

Joey Payne has teamed up with D & D Racing to make a run at the 2001 ISMA title. Payne previously committed to George Brothers Racing to drive a limited schedule on the ISMA tour, but was approached by D&D Racing to drive for them if it didn1t cause any hardship with Brothers Racing. After consulting with Brothers, Payne committed to D&D Racing for the 2001 season of racing. Before committing himself to the new team, he drove the #66 Supermodified for the first time at Phoenix during the Copper World Classic race weekend. Payne had never sat in the car before except to make adjustments for comfort prior to the trip. His first debut of driving abilities was a sign of things to come for the 2001 season. After adjusting to the speeds of the one mile track on which he had never driven before, he managed to garner a third place finish at the races end. Out of the top five cars, there were three cars from the ISMA racing association, competing on the SRL racing turf. Both Payne and D&D were ecstatic of their third place finish. Quoting from Payne1s speech after the race: 3Three weeks ago I didn1t have a ride, in fact I was coming out here as a crew member to help Mike Ordway, and then I was asked if I wanted to drive the other car out here. Third place is great, we1ll take it, next year we will have something for Davey.2 Payne1s teammate Mike Ordway had rather unfortunate luck as motor woes ended his racing early on during the weekend.

The D & D Racing team is no newcomer to the ISMA tour. Doug Boisvert has been the pilot since 1992 when they first appeared at Lee USA Speedway. Racing in 1993 at both tracks close to home and claiming Rookie of the Year honors for both tracks, finishing 3rd in points at Star Speedway and 4th in points at Lee Speedway. In 1994 the team started chasing the ISMA tour, finished 11th in points and received Rookie of the Year honors on the ISMA tour also. Racing with the tour on and off for the past 7 years, they have frequented almost every track that the ISMA tour races at.

Doug Boisvert has decided to take a break from the driving chores, and be more involved on the other side of the wall. Team manager is a position Boisvert has desired for some time, and decided that this was the year to fulfill that desire. Quoting Boisvert 3There is more to these cars than just driving them. You need to have someone that thinks like you in the pits. It helps having someone in the pits that has driven these cars; it makes that person easier to communicate with. It is all about chemistry. The kind of chemistry that the Gordon-Everham team had, that is exactly what you need.2 With that in mind Boisvert decided that Payne was a logical choice to drive for the 2001 season. So far the choice seems to be working great.

Payne has had much success on the ISMA tour, finishing 5th in points on the ISMA tour in the 2000 season driving for Brothers Racing. Payne finished second in points in 1999 on the ISMA tour as well as being the last person to win a Supermodified race at the famed Riverside Park Speedway. In 1998 Payne finished second in points on the ISMA tour and at Star Speedway. Both runner-up finishes were to his Copper World Classic teammate Mike Ordway. In 1997 Payne competed in the Niagara Falls Indoor series where he won the TQ championship, and also finished 3rd in ISMA points. 1996 was a special year for Payne; his first career win in a Supermodified came on the ISMA tour while finishing 7th in points for the year. Payne competed at Star Speedway also in 1996, finishing 2nd in points. In 1995, Payne1s first year racing supermodifieds brought him Rookie of the year honors at both Star and Lee Speedways, while finishing 2nd in points at Star Speedway. From 1984 to 1992, Payne has had many championships racing with the ATQMRA series. So far, Payne has 60 career wins.

The team will attend all ISMA races, some selected Oswego races and maybe a few SRL races. The equipment will be maintained at the D&D Racing stable in East Andover New Hampshire where Barry Kingsley will be hard at work trying to build the 3Better Mousetrap.2 The chassis are designed and built by D&D Racing at the family business, Continental Machine Corporation, which is the team1s major sponsor. The power plants are designed and built by D&D Racing also. Having a dynamometer and flow bench at their disposal enables the team to build some pretty potent motors. 3Not too many teams still build their own motors anymore2 says Boisvert, 3Its hard to compete with the big time motor builders like R&R, Mc Betts, Enders, Victory, they build awesome power and seem to last forever. I have some stubborn genes in me and they tell me I can build one just as good. It takes me longer than the others; I just try to do it right the first time. Sometimes we mess up and find out the hard way that a combination doesn1t work, but for the most part we have had pretty good luck.2

Keep your eye on the #66 at the races; this combination of driver and team will make for some interesting racing. Payne wants the ISMA championship title this year; second place two times in a row is close, but not close enough.


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