Path Valley Strictly Stocks results 2005-04-09

Path Valley Launches Strictly Stocks Season Barron Taylor Wins First Ever Spring Run PA__ Barron Taylor of Blairs Mills won his first feature ever in four-cylinders as the Path Valley Speedway Park launched a ...

Path Valley Launches Strictly Stocks Season
Barron Taylor Wins First Ever

Spring Run PA__ Barron Taylor of Blairs Mills won his first feature ever in four-cylinders as the Path Valley Speedway Park launched a new Saturday night Strictly Stock season. Defending champions Josh Walstrum of Fannettsburg won in six-cylinder and Bruce Ginther Jr. of Lebanon won the V-8 feature.

The Path Valley Strictly Stock cars are the former Junkyard cars, sometimes called guardrail cars, and are intended to be the lowest cost stock car racing for beginners and hobby racers. They race every other Saturday night at Path Valley. Technical rules call for street legal from the factory cars except for safety concessions including removing all glass and welding a fender to fender guardrail on the driver's side.

In a full field including several Geo's, Barron Taylor raced his Ford Probe from sixth place to take the lead from Tony Thurber with an inside dive into turn three on the sixth lap. Mark Campbell took second from Thurber on lap 12 but couldn't catch Taylor. In victory lane the Blairs Mills cable splicer said this was his biggest thrill since leading 47 of 50 laps in last fall's Strictly Stock extravaganza. He said he would love to race faster cars, but he has a wife and children and Strictly Stocks are more affordable. The front five four-cylinders were Taylor, Campbell, Gary Dehart, Tony Thurber and Johnny Runk, and Curt Atherton, Dave Strait and mark Campbell won the heats.

Defending champion Josh Walstrum said his first win of the season was with a lot of luck because Jason Ege had led all the way to lap ten and then slid, skid and slowed coming out of turn four, letting Walstrum and Chris Cogan past. Ege caught and passed Cogan, as did Ricky Rosenberry, but by then Walstrum was half the track ahead of them all. The front five finishers were Walstrum, Ege, Rosenberry, Chris Cogan, and Bob Elbin, and Ege and Terry Golden won the heats.

Ginther took the lead on the second lap one start and never looked back as he lapped slower cars and built a buffer of half the field until a lap 14 caution when the #69 of Dan Gelwicks got spun out of turn four and caught track Friday announcer Rob Keller head-on. From the restart Ginther again raced away in his black Camaro to lead the front five followed by Joe Daywalt, Dustin Pietrak, Jerry Fleming and T.J. Turnbull. Turnbull and Gelwick won the heats.

A four-cylinder pickup truck class is being planned at Path Valley, and Sr. Race Director John Winsett asked for a show of interest from anyone who might build one, to see if there is enough demand to add a pick-up class. Those who would like to race them can call the track, call Winsett, or email the speedway. Chevy S-series and Ford Ranger trucks would race in a purely, strictly stock class, with a roll bar. Winsett said rules are still under consideration.

Strictly Stock cars next race at Path Valley on Saturday night, April 23, with gates open at 5 p.m.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. From March to October, Path Valley races stock cars, Legends and sprints Friday nights, karts and quads on Saturday afternoons and AMA bikes or Strictly Stock junkyard cars Saturday nights.

The phone number at the track is 717-349-7111. For information on the 2005 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


4-Cylinder -- Barron Taylor (started 6), mark Campbell, Gary Dehart, Tony Thurber, Johnny Runk, Eddie Machel, Kevin Arcq II, Dave Strait, Jared Wible, Alan Covert, Curt Atherton, Chester Atherton, Brian Campbell, Bill DeArmitt, Dakota Hutchinson, Mark Leedy, Jeff Arcq, Matt Howsare, Greg Miller, Ronnie Walstrum, Mark Cekovich, Denny Schofield, Jason Wible, James Arcq. Heats to Curt Atherton, Dave Strait, Mark Campbell.

6-Cylinder -- Josh Walstrum (started 13), Jason Ege, Ricky Rosenberry, Chris Cogan, Bob Elbin, Randy Wenger, Terry Golden, Dale Martin, Rob Keller, Dave Lambert, Jerry Kress, Eric Grubb, DNS Jeff Dickens, Kenny Brown. Heats to Ege, Golden.

V-8 -- Bruce Ginther Jr. (started 3), Joe Daywalt, Dustin Pietrak, Jerry Fleming, TJ Turnbull, tom Brady, Paul Gambol, Jim DeArmitt, Chad Gambol, Tony Verno, Joey Burdge, Luther Daywalt Sr., Mel DeArmitt, Robert Naugle, Jeremy Mumma, Dan Gelwicks, Donnie Farling, Luther Daywalt Jr., Jeremy Woodring. Heats to Turnbull, Gelwick.


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