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Path Valley Finds New Strictly Stock Winners Spring Run, PA_ Shippensburg star Rob Keller pushed his silver and orange ...

Path Valley Finds New Strictly Stock Winners

Spring Run, PA_ Shippensburg star Rob Keller pushed his silver and orange #43 to his first win of the season in V-8 Strictly Stock racing Saturday night at the Path Valley Speedway Park. Then the Friday night announcer at the track performed a 'Polish victory lap' in remembrance of great drivers no longer living.

Robert Walstrum of Fannettsburg took his first win in the six-cylinders after the first place finisher disqualified, and Bruce Ginther Jr. of Lebanon won his third and second in a row in four-cylinders, charging from the handicap twelfth place starting spot.

Wes Scofield of Spring Run won the Mechanic's Race for combined four and six-cylinders in the #78 that Walstrum also won with, and William Rush of Everett won the V-8 Mechanic's special in the #51 of Dave Reaugh that was held together with duct tape after the regular feature.

The Strictly Stock low or no-budget "guardrail" cars next race at Path Valley August 21, and rules for building a legal car in a day are at the track's website,

Although more cars raced in the special events for mechanics, the biggest single feature of the night was the regular 18-car V-8 feature and the pill draw for inversion put Keller on the front row. Keller immediately took the lead from Dustin Brown and used the high groove through four cautions and restarts until lap 16 when Keller found a lapped car to put between his own and Brown's #35. Dave Dunkle worked up through the crowd from twelfth but ran out of laps and settled for third, with Tom Brady and Dan Gelwicks filling out the top five finishers. Keller dutifully thanked his sponsors, and his wife for letting him race, and praised the Lord for the safe night of fun. "The track is just phenomenal tonight," Keller said, "and you should all remember John and the crew that works on it all weekend and during the week." Dave Dunkle and Joe Daywalt won the heats, the first heat win for Daywalt.

Walstrum raced amid lapped cars to finish the six-cylinder feature and put half the field a lap down. The front five were Walstrum, Ricky Rosenberry, Terry Golden, Chad Gambol, and Jason Ege. Walstrum and Robert Weist won the heats.

Will Barker took the four cylinder lead from Tony Thurber on lap three and led until the white flag lap as Ginther worked his way patiently toward the front through three restarts and a red flag on lap 15 for a fire in the #81 of Bobby Johnson. With one lap to go Ginther worked to the inside for the lead and in the winners circle thanked the Lord for a safe race and a great track to race upon. Prior to the features his team provided free face painting for all the kids. The front five finishers in four-cylinders were Ginther, Denny Schofield, Wilbert Barker, Chester Atherton, and Hank Fales, and the heat winners were Tony Thurber and Barker.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. The new phone number at the track is 717-349-7111.

For information on the 2004 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the track's website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


V-8 Mechanics -- William Rush (started 1), Stacie Naugle, Sam Baks, Luther Daywalt Sr., Jamie Reeder, Eric Hockenberry, Darrell Glass, Jerry Conrad, Barry Reeder, DNS Kay Naugle.

4&6 Cyl. Mechanics -- Wes Scofield (started 4), Jake Sipes, Jeff Arcq, Mitch Foor, Aric Weicht, Nathan Schrack, Steve Frederick, John Poper, Tony Ramsey, Natasha Mills, Calvin Weist, Brandon Burdge.

V-8 -- Rob Keller (started 2), Dustin Brown, Dave Dunkle, Tom Brady, Dan Gelwicks, Dale Byers, Danny Budge, Joe Daywalt, Robert Naugle, Chuck Arentz, Randy Hockenberry, Joey Budge, Jacob Cottle, David Reaugh, Dustin Pietrak, Shane Ege, Eugene Naugle, Paul Gambol. Heats to Dunkle, Daywalt.

4-Cyl. -- Bruce Ginther Jr. (started 12), Denny Schofield, Wilbert Barker, Chester Atherton, Hank Fales, Tony Thurber, Brian Campbell, Shawn Mills, Mandy Jay, Johnny Runk, Heather Golden, Bobby Johnson, DNS Jeff Koser, Dave Strait, Jason Frederick, Chad Rodkey. Heats to Thurber, Barker.

6-Cyl. -- Robert Walstrum (started 3), Ricky Rosenberry, Terry Golden, Chad Gambol, Jason Ege, Bob Jay, Jeff Dicken, Steve Frazier, Tim Burdge, Eric Grubb, Todd Price, Bob Elbin, DQ Robert Weist. Heats to Walstrum, Weist.


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