Path Valley results 2003-09-20

Spring Run, PA_ Rookie Dave Ricker of Chambersburg said after putting his ...

Spring Run, PA_ Rookie Dave Ricker of Chambersburg said after putting his #99 six-cylinder into the Path Valley Speedway Park victory lane for the first time Saturday night, "I just found a groove and stuck to it."

Veteran V-8 Strictly Stock racer Jerry Fleming of St. Thomas echoed, "It was hairy racing, but I got a little lucky."

Legends Cars winner Randy Fetterolf of Dauphin won his first feature in three years of racing and agreed that a little luck helps a lot while rookie Todd Heckman of Chambersburg credited his father and crew for their work on his winning four-cylinder. Mary Jay of Everett won the powder puff just ahead of her best friend after negotiation a roadblock of lapped cars, and Josh Heckman of Hamburg won the Legends makeup and said, "What a thrill to win two races in a season against guys like these."

Only two full sets of features remain for the low budget Strictly Stock racers at Path Valley on Oct. 4 and 18 and each class also has a Friday night exhibition race scheduled to show off the former junkyard cars to the sprint and stock car fans and teams.

The Legends Cars opened the Saturday night features with Denny Rothermel and Lawrence Garrison swapping the lead until lap 16 when both along with Josh Morrow spun or broke. Fetterolf took over the lead after racing in second or third most of the way and scooted ahead of Ray Swank, Randy Kissinger, Warren Ropp and Andy Lupfer to take the checkers. After four cautions nine of 20 finished.

Dave Ricker passed Joe Walker for the six-cylinder Strictly Stock lead on lap eight and used lapped cars to hold off those chasing him as he won by more than a turn. The groove he found was high on the outside and he charged past lapped cars with Mike Scott, Rob Keller, Andy Krause Jr. and Dave Reaugh filling out the front five.

The V-8 Strictly Stock feature saw frequent past winner Jerry Fleming lead the early laps and then the last two laps after Joe Daywalt and Dave Dunkle lead and then took themselves out of contention on lap 18. The front five were Fleming, Robert Naugle, Dave Kitzmiller, Luther Daywalt Jr., and Dustin Brown.

The full field of four-cylinders saw the night's only red flag when Johnny Runk put the #29 on its side in turn four, blocking the inside groove. Jeff Koser led the first 17 laps but slowed to pass James Best on lap 18 while Todd Heckman and later Robert Weist went to the outside to pass both. The front five finishers were Heckman, Weist, Koser, Tim Riley and Dave Strait. Runk was not seriously injured.

The powder puff was as thrilling as the regular features as Beth Verno in the winning #29 and Tiffany Miller in #17 led the first half. Then all of the front-runners encountered a turn two roadblock of cars to be lapped in turn two. Mary Jay in the #4J and Chris Chamberlain in the #2J passed among them and then raced each other the final half of the race. In Victory Lane, Mary Jay said it was her second powder puff ever and Bob Jay and Jay's Used Cars of Everett were responsible for giving her the chance to win. She and Chris Chamberlain had switched cars before the race because she could better drive a five-speed, and she said, "But it really doesn't matter who won, it was such fun racing!"

The next Strictly Stock powder puff is scheduled Oct. 4 and a mechanics race is set for Oct. 18.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. The new phone number at the track for promoter Ken Geesey is 717-349-7111. For information on the 2003 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


Powder Puff -- Mary Jay, Chris Chamberlain, Tonya Barker, Stacey Naugle, Cindy Scott, Beth Verno, Shanda Hinish, Tonya Park, Holly Champlin, Michele Diehl, Tiffany Miller.

Strictly Stock 4-Cyl. -- Todd Heckman, Robert Weist, Jeff Koser, Tim Riley, Dave Strait, Steve Ramsey, Jeff Treece, Denny Schofield, Tony Thurber, James Best, Stan Heath, Tom Martin, Joey Burdge, Wilbert Barker, Sam Cottle, Hank Fales, Jim Wilkins, Wade Hess, Matt Chambers, T.J. Atherton, Chrissy Johnson, David Ramsey, Gary Hendershot, Jason Hale, Johnny Runk.

V-8 Strictly Stock -- Jerry Fleming, Robert Naugle, David Kitzmiller, Luther Daywalt Jr., Dustin Brown, Mike Cottle, Joey Burdge, Tony Verno, Derrick Hinish, Kevin Hinish, Tim Burdge, Pete Neuder, James Truax, George Bookwalter, DQ Joe Daywalt, Dave Dunkle, DNS Curt Atherton.

Strictly Stock 6-Cyl. -- Dave Ricker, Mike Scott, Rob Keller, Andy Krause Jr., David Reaugh, Todd Price, Shane Ege, Mandy Jay, Jason Gilliland, Jeff Hale, Jeff Swope, Crystal Miller, Dale Martin, Joe Walker, Charles Stallman, Jason Ege, Jon Ehrhart, DNS Jerry Merritts, Bob Jay.

Legends -- Randy Fetterolf, Ray Swank, Randy Kissinger, Warren Ropp, Andy Lupfer, Josh Morrow, Chuck Phillips, Jerry Fifield, Denny Rothermel, Nathan Fisher, Lawrence Garrison, Allen Rogers, Allen Felix, Darryl Bloom, Bob Murray, Greg Burd, Laura McGonnell, Bill Harris, Bobby Myers, Butch Brough.


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