Path Valley results 2003-07-12

Spring Run, PA_ "We love it here because we get to pass and go two and three wide," said Mike Boer of Baltimore after winning the special Cyclones feature Saturday night at the Path Valley Speedway Park. In the night's regular Strictly Stock ...

Spring Run, PA_ "We love it here because we get to pass and go two and three wide," said Mike Boer of Baltimore after winning the special Cyclones feature Saturday night at the Path Valley Speedway Park.

In the night's regular Strictly Stock features racers ran well three wide but found that four wide racing caused crashes. Among the first time winners were Dave Dunkle of Spring Run in the V-8 class and Ricky Rosenberry of Willow Hill in the 6-Cylinders, and for his second consecutive win Jeff Koser of Fannettsburg ahead of the full field of four-cylinders.

Capping off the night Christy Johnson of Mercersburg won the combined mechanics' race for six and eight cylinders and said her secret was to "get in front and go fast." Shaun Lurasky of Fontana won the four-cylinder mechanics' race and said his brother told him to "drive it like I stole it."

The guest Cyclones opened the night with Boer firmly in control until the final three laps when Dusty Faust caught up and passed him twice as the duo ran side-by-side but on the final lap Faust went too wide out of turn four and Boer beat him to the finish line by about six feet.

Dave Dunkle started seventh in the V-8 feature and passed Wayne Kitzmiller for the lead on lap 10 coming out of turn two. Then he built up a big lead and at lap 17 got into lapped cars to hold off Joe Daywalt, Jerry Fleming, Kitzmiller, and Luther Daywalt Jr. who filled in the top five. Gary Calimer and Steve Vanpelt won the heats and a ten car inversion pill put them back in the pack.

The six cylinder feature looked like a run-away for Dave Reaugh and his "Everett Posse" as he led every lap, but on lap 19 he encountered a bouncing wheel on the backstretch and then the #29 of Jason Gilliland and slowed while Rosenberry went to the outside and George Bookwalter went toward the infield to pass the disabled Gilliland. Rosenberry finished the race with Bookwalter right behind in lapped traffic and Reaugh in third. Nick Ott and Bob Elbin filled out the front five finishers and the heats went to Glen Winneck and Rosenberry.

Warm-up and heat breakdowns and crashes thinned the four-cylinders to a full field of 24 and Sam Bates led the first 18 laps until Koser, who started twelfth as handicap for winning the previous race, used a lapped #9 of Mike Bagley to get inside and past Bates, who finished on a flat tire. The front five were Jeff Koser, Jeff Treece, Jesse Lemin, Lee Young, and Rick Potter, and the heat winners were Koser, Bagley and Jeff Treece.

"It was a fabulous night with a big crowd cheering from the grandstands and lots of close racing. These are amateur drivers learning how to race in cars they can afford and they put on a great show without spending thousands or even hundreds of dollars on their cars," Promoter Ken Geesey said.

He explained, "These were our junkyard cars until the racers wanted the name changed, and they are mostly old cars that can't run on the road but can race on the track. The only modifications allowed are for safety, like the guardrail on the drivers side, and the biggest expense might be a piece of tin and some paint for the number sign on the roof."

Strictly Stocks race every other Saturday evening at Path Valley and the next race is scheduled July 26 with gates open at 5 p.m. following the weekly karts and quads races.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. The new phone number at the track for promoter Ken Geesey is 717-349-7111. For information on the 2003 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


V-8 Strictly Stock _ 1 Dave Dunkle, 20 Joe Daywalt, 29 Jerry Fleming, 17K Wayne Kitzmiller, 71 Luther Daywalt Jr., 92 Tony Verno, 0 Dan Gelwick, 4J Mike Cottle, 72 Steve Vanpelt, 8 Gary Calimer Jr., 17 Luther Daywalt Jr., 71K David Kitzmiller, 35 Dustin Brown, Heats to Vanpelt and Calimer

6-Cylinder Strictly Stock _ 61 Ricky Rosenberry, 15 George Bookwalter, 51 David Reaugh, 30 Nick Ott, 48 Bob Elbin, 53 Todd Price, 4J Mary Jay, 31 Dustin Pietrak, 11 Glenn Winneck Jr., 11 Jason Gilliland, 0 Danny Gelwick, 4 Joe Walker, 13 Jason Ege, 1s Steve McCartney, 28 Howard King, 88 Junior Carlin. Heats to Winneck and Rosenberry.

4-Cylinder Strictly Stock _ 68 Jeff Koser, 56 Jeff Treece, 17L Jesse Lemin, 99 Lee Young, 19W Rick Potter, 9 Mike Bagley, 11 Jeff Hale, 61 Randy Patterson, 10 Dale Martin, 49 Tim Riley, 26 Sam Bates, 55 Crystal Miller, 4 Jason Daywalt, 97 TJ Atherton, 16 Tom Brady, 11S Jason Treece, 4J Bob Jay, 85 Scott Naugle, 6 Joey Burdge, 69 Gary Koser, 94 Tony Thurber, 31 Wilbert Barker, 316 Doug Weyant, 18S Denny Schofield. Heats to Koser, Mike Bagley, Jeff Treece

Cyclones _ Mike Boer, Dusty Faust, Jim Staton, Ron Buzzard, Ken Thomas, Carlos Morgan

4-Cyl Mechanics _ 26 Shaun Lurasky, 17L Carl Hinkel, 19w Aric Weicht, 55 Doug Weist, 94 Wendy Rhine, 99 John Smith, 85 Joni Naugle, 4 Patricia Dewalt, 11 Jason Hale

6-Cyl Mechanics _ 15 Christy Johnson, 51 Travis Reaugh, 11 Glenn Winnick Sr., 4 Clint Walker, 31 Don Pietrak, 29 Jacob Cottle, 15 Raymond Rhine.

V-8 Mechanics _ 0 Stacie Naugle, 20 James Stapleton, 17 Dawna Gurman, 71 Don Spoonhour.

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