Path Valley results 2003-06-14

Path Valley Finds Double Strictly Stock Winners Spring Run_ Dave Reaugh of Everett, Jerry Fleming of St. Thomas and Denny Scofield of Fannettsburg kicked off the Saturday night strictly stock racing at Path Valley Speedway Park with wins in the...

Path Valley Finds Double Strictly Stock Winners

Spring Run_ Dave Reaugh of Everett, Jerry Fleming of St. Thomas and Denny Scofield of Fannettsburg kicked off the Saturday night strictly stock racing at Path Valley Speedway Park with wins in the three rain delayed features from May 17.

Following a Friday night sprint race rainout, a Saturday morning karts rainout and a shower at 5 p.m., the track staff performed a herculean feat in preparing for the six features for the formerly named junkyard cars. The soft clay quickly grooved and provided some challenging racing for the more than 60 entries in the three classes of "guardrail cars."

Reaugh led every lap for his six-cylinder win, weaving among lapped cars after the midway lap. Jerry Fleming in his V-8 number 20 passed Gary Calimer on the next to last lap. After the first ten laps thinned the four-cylinder field, Scofield led the rest of the way to his win.

Joe Walker of Newton Hamilton took the lead in the night's regular six-cylinder feature on lap five and by lap eight was into heavy lapped car traffic. It was his first win since moving into the six-cylinder class.

Gary Kitzmiller of Orrstown won his first of the season in a new V-8 #73 that is scored as his wife's lucky number, 3, and his own lucky number, which is 7. He passed Luther Daywalt for the lead on lap six and used lapped cars to stay ahead of Calimer.

Sam Bates appeared to lap most of the field in the four-cylinder feature and appeared not to realize he had won as he drove off past victory lane. Bates took the lead on lap 17 after Rob Hampton led to that lap and got taken out in turn four.

The next Path Valley Strictly Stock race is Saturday night, June 28 with gates open at 5 p.m. and warm-ups no later than 6:30. Senior race director John Winsett reminds all teams that this is fun racing for cheap cars and amateur drivers. Rules are available at and anything that is not strictly stock original equipment is probably illegal.

The sprints and stock cars return to their regular Friday night next week for Public Service Appreciation Night and Pepsi Night with the PA 305 Sprints back and the Dwarf Cars making up a seven-feature night. All firemen, ambulance workers, highway and public maintenance crewmembers, policemen and anyone else with appropriate identification will be admitted free to the grandstands. Pepsi will again provide door prizes and bonus purse money for all classes.

Then Saturday Path Valley will again run karts and quads starting at 10 a.m. and an AMA motorcycle and quads race with the American Historic Motorcycle Racing Association Regional (AHMRA) antique and vintage bike event combined for a full evening of racing.

The weekend's fourth event will be a full day of karts racing Sunday, June 22, for the second of the season's Burris Racing sponsored Pennsylvania Dirt Karters Association (PDKA) State Championship Series and WKA regional races.

The following Friday's Driver Appreciation Night June 27 will also include the Mark Leidy Memorial with the new car Leidy built and never lived long enough to race a featured attraction.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. The new phone number at the track for promoter Ken Geesey is 717-349-7111. For information on the 2003 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at



May 17 6-Cylinder -- Dave Reaugh, Steve McCartney, Rob Keller, Jason Ege, Dan Gelwicks, Todd Price, Dustin Pietrack, George Brindle, Jerry Merritts, Joe Walker, DNS Bob Elbin, Gene Hare, Nick Ott, Scott Fisher, Buddy Jeffers

May 17 V-8 -- Jerry Fleming, Gary Calimer Jr., Luther Daywalt Jr., Tony Verno, Dan Gelwick, Darryl Pittman, Cletus Gansell, Dave Dunkle, Robert Naugle, Tim Knox, Steve VanPelt

May 17 4-Cylinder -- Denny Scofield, Mike Bagley, Stan heath, Gary Koser, Wilbert Barker, Doug Weyandt, Tony Thurber, Gary Dehart, Sam Bates, Tom Brady, Joey Burdge, Chris Beavers, Junior Carlin, Jeff Hale, Jonathon Wible, TJ Atherton, Adam Adams, Chester Atherton, Mike Singer, Ricky Rosenberry, Robert Sites, Jason Treece


6-Cylinder -- Joe Walker, Todd Price, Rob Keller, Jason Ege, Dustin Pietrak, Danny Gelwick, Dave Krug, Jerry Merritts, Steven Rhoat, Ricky Rosenberry, Steve McCartney, Sky Kellerstaph, Dave Reaugh, DNS George Brindle, Howard King. Heats to Reaugh, Price.

V-8 -- Gary Kitzmiller, Gary Calimer Jr., Joe Daywalt, Dave Dunkle, Tony Verno, Wayne Kitzmiller, Donald Brown, Luther Daywalt Jr., Steve Vanpelt, Jerry Fleming, Dan Gelwicks, James Truax, Tim Knox, Robert Naugle, Luther Daywalt Sr., Dave Kitzmiller, Darryl Pittman, DNS Cletus Gansel. Heats to Calimer, Kitzmiller

4-Cylinder -- Sam Bates, Jeff Koser, Tim Riley, rob Hampton, Derrick Varner, Tim Burdge, Junior Carlin, Tom Brady, Wilbert Barker, Mike Singer, Jason Daywalt, Jason Hale, Mike Bagley, Gary Koser, Joey Burdge, TH Atherton, Ricky Rosenberry, Doug Weyandt, Tony Thurber, Jason Treece, Chester Atherton, Christan Marucci, Jeff Hale, Jeff Treece. Heats to Koser, Thurber, Bates, Chester Atherton, Consis to Barker, Rosenberry.


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