Oswego Speedway results 2003-08-09

Oswego, NY - It's been a long dry spell for Fulton, NY's Bob Goutermout. The last time he stood in supermodified victory lane at Oswego Speedway was May 19, 2001. He broke that spell amidst some rain Saturday night taking the Nice n Easy Grocery...

Oswego, NY - It's been a long dry spell for Fulton, NY's Bob Goutermout. The last time he stood in supermodified victory lane at Oswego Speedway was May 19, 2001. He broke that spell amidst some rain Saturday night taking the Nice n Easy Grocery Shoppes/Labatt Beer 45 over fellow Fultonian Tim Gareau and current point leader Joe Gosek. It was raining all around, but Oswego was given a reprieve of sorts that allowed the racing to continue, albeit for a few minor delays. Hoping to break an incredible bad luck string, Goutermout made quick work of getting to the front from his sixth starting spot in case the rain did come. Turning some high 16 second laps in his heat, Bob was ready to win this one after parking the car several times during the recent past for mechanical ills or crashes not of his volition. Bob was almost speechless as he stood in victory lane.

"Boy this is great," he said getting misted by some rain drops. "I'll tell you what. These guys have never given up all year. We had a fast car the last few weeks, but it wasn't to happen then. It was perfect tonight. I've thought I had a good car in the past but got caught in lap traffic and negotiated it wrong. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss it tonight. I'd like to thank the crew 100%. If it wasn't for those guys all week - especially after the week we had last week - we wouldn't be here. It all paid off. We worked until 11 o'clock at night all six days that we had. It was worth it. I'd like to thank my sponsors Darcey's Collision, Light's Auto Parts -NAPA, Amerigas and Babcock Highway Supply for being behind me also."

Moving in close to Goutermout near race end when a lap car approached were Tim Gareau, no stranger to bad luck this season, and Joe Gosek. While the 77 had run out front most of the race, Goutermout could not breath easy when Gareau and Gosek closed up the gap. He could only do that at the end of 45 laps. Gareau was almost as pleased to finish second to longtime friend and adversary Goutermout as Bob was to win.

"It was good to run up there with Bob in second," said Timmy. "Just for both of us to finish in the top five. I'd like to congratulate him and Darcey. They've been working their tails off and have had some bad luck like me. I've got to thank my crew and everybody that helps me on the car. I'm really happy to be in the top three. Our win will come, hopefully by the end of the year. I knew Joe was right back there. I was glad there wasn't another lap left because there might have been some slinging back and forth there."

Joe Gosek, chasing a first time point championship, chased Gareau and Goutermout for more than half the race. He was content with a third place finish as his nearest challenger Dave Trytek finished in sixth. Said Gosek after the race "We have to start 12th every week so you have to work your way to the front and if you're not fast enough you don't get there. Bob's been fast for weeks, it's just had real bad luck. I knew he was pretty quick in practice and in the heat race. My hats off to those guys. They busted their butt off all week just to put it back together. They have a good car there. He'll be tough the rest of the year I'm sure. Timmy ran really well tonight too. So, we're happy with third tonight. We'll keep plugging away. That's the worst finish we've had this year except when we crashed there so we'll take it."

It was a night of rushing things along with black clouds forming to the left and right, and reports of rain all around. Keith Gilliam took up the lead from the pole in the supermodified 45, but Bob Goutermout stormed up to take over the point passing Gilliam low on lap 10. Goutermout looked over his shoulder once at the clouds and took off. Gilliam ran second for a while until Howie Page, another down-on-the luck driver this season.

The first stop came on lap 22 when the 35 of Jeff Holbrook, third in points coming into the night, and Joey Hawksby tangled. Both were done for the night. Holbrook's team had just finished putting his car back in action after a heat incident that saw Jeff almost hit the infield backup ambulance in an attempt to get pitside after a crash.

Goutermout gave it his all on the restart as did Gareau who moved into second past Page. Joe Gosek was up to fourth while Ray Graham ran fifth.

With thirty down, it was Goutermout, Gareau and Gosek while Page and Graham held up the top five. Moving in to challenge Graham was Dave Trytek, trailed by Gilliam, Jerry Curran, Todd Stowell and Brian Sweeney.

It wasn't until lap 41 that a fly moved into the ointment when Bill Peri's 14 loomed in front of Goutermout, allowing Gareau and Gosek to close in. But, Goutermout held on, determined to get win number 11 of his career. Gareau, Gosek, Page and Graham crossed just the way they had run most of the night. Trytek, Curran, Gilliam, Tim Snyder, also off a bad heat wreck, and Brian Sweeney completed the top ten.

Said Page, who this time last season, sat atop the point standings, "I'm happy. This is the best finish we've had here this year. The car's a lot better. We made a lot of changes. It's just better. Not a lot better. It wasn't as good on the restarts as I would have liked. If it was I might have had a chance of at least a second place, but we're happy with a top five."

And DesMoines, Iowa resident Graham, who makes the Oswego trek as often as possible, stated, "It's not bad for hit and miss - not being here for three weeks or so. It started out good and then got real loose at the end. But, we can work with it. We'll be back next week and try again. I knew someone - I didn't know who - was right behind me. I could hear him. I was getting loose so I just held on. We'll try to make some adjustments for next week."

Chip Wood took off from the pole in the Limited Super Midsummer championship 30 to lead the first 15 laps of the double point show. A quick stop came on lap 6 when the 06 of Dave Cliff stopped suddenly and then restarted.

Wood took off again, but had Lou LeVea and Dave Gruel bearing down on him now. Gruel, a 21-year-old first year driver who says he's been racing 17 of those years in snowmobiles, quarter midgets and pro late models, moved the 18 alongside LeVea on lap 14 and in one lap was second and then first.

Gruel was in front by a couple car lengths when yellow flew for Wood and LeVea who tangled in a racing thing. Both restarted with LeVea going back to second and Wood to the rear.

Rain had been sputtering for these first 17 laps, but now slowed the action for a bit. The limited supers ran the track in waiting for a few laps, then green fell again when it was safe.

Gruel survived the onslaught of LeVea and Steve Austin on the restart, but things slowed again on lap 19 with a spin by Michael Barnes. Current limited super point leader Mike Bond made a hasty pitstop here, returning to the rear of the field from a ninth place spot.

Gruel continued to hold off the challenges of LeVea, Austin, Kevin Knopp and now Chris Proud as the race wore down. He almost had his first-ever win in the books, but one more yellow flew on lap 27 when J.J. Andrews and Shawn Walker collided while running in the top ten.

LeVea put the 96 next to the 18 on this last restart, but to no avail as Gruel was able to power away from the 96 ever so slightly. Steve Austin stayed right there waiting while Knopp and Proud did likewise. Gruel crossed the line to a thunderous cheer for a first time win while LeVea, Austin, Knopp and Proud finished in the top five.

Said the Auburn, NY driver who is nephew to the racing Abold brothers, Dave Gruel: "We had a great run tonight. We worked all week on the car - Monday through Friday - five hours a night. It paid off this week. The car is working really good. I didn't care if it rained. I thought I could hold on for thirty laps and keep the lead. Of course, if it had stopped at lap sixteen, I would have been all right with that too. All night we had a bit of an engine problem. The first two or three laps of a restart it would bog coming out of the corner. I just tried everything I could to get it going. I know the 96 car was bouncing off the back of my bumper. I'm just glad I was able to hold it. I'd like to thank all the guys back at the shop, Tom Oswald, Nick Matthews, Bill Corey, his son Bill, Tom's son Alan, of course my father. And Doug Holmes for building an awesome engine. And, of course, all my sponsors."

The rain held back for one more race as the super stocks took to the grid. Chris Lupa, not having a victory yet in 2003, was ready. He took off from the outside of the front row and never let go of the lead.

Yellow came quickly when the 12 of Dwayne LeMay laid a patch of oil down. Dave Bock, Chris Smiedy and Joe Miller all were affected in the sliding and skidding with Miller's back end crunched due to the incident.

Lupa would only lead one more lap before Miller's car let go and another cleanup ensued.

Only one more stop marred Chris' road to victory. Dave Fetterly, Bobby Newman, Joe Silinski and Doug Reaume charged hard at the number 46, which was hooked out of the feature just one week ago, but could not mount a serious challenge.

On lap 19 Newman sat against the inner hub rail, obviously not happy with the way he got there from third place. He was sent to the rear and Lupa got the green, white, checkered. Fetterly, Reaume, Skilinski and George Knight completed the top five. "This is great after the last few weeks," said the Oswego driver. "These crew guys just spend so much time on the car during the week. I knew the way the track was there was nothing on the outside. I knew if we stuck to the inside and made them go to the outside, they'd have to earn it. I was lucky to get a good starting spot and hang on up front all night. This is nice to change my luck. I'd like to thank the sponsors who help us out - Andrews Auto Sales, ColRon Excavating, JR Graphics, John McCoy Builders, Dexter's Auto Repairs, everybody. They don't know how much they do for me when they help me."

Notes..some hard crashes during warm-ups and heats took out or affected Joe Chillemi's 41, Tim Snyder, and Jeff Holbrook. Shawn Muldoon's number 1 in its maiden voyage, was caught up in blown motor oil, suffering unrepairable damage. Otto Sitterly blew a head gasket and was in the Muldoon 20 for the feature while Doug Kells, also with motor problems in his car, drove the Danzer 52. Bill Sharkey was in his own number 7 super, while Dave Halstead also had to park his number 34 prior to the night's racing...Twin 30's for supers on August 16, with the final night of point racing on August 23. Some probably Classic entrants announced include former winners or hopefuls, Pat Abold, Doug Heveron, Bentley Warren, Doug Didero, Davey Hamilton and Russ Wood....Budweiser Classic weekend is August 29-31.


1. David Fetterly (21) 2. Chris Lupa (46) 3. Dwayne LeMay (12) 4. Bruce Stanton (93) 5. Doug Reaume (99) 6. Jason Spaulding (34) 7. Don Pringle (96) 8. Chris Smiedy (71) 9. Jim Siegel (50) DNS

1. Bobby Newman (77) 2. Joe Miller (9) 3. Joe Skilinski (4) 4. George Knight (38) 5. David Bock (85) 6. Fred Siebert (65) 7. Randy Storms (22) 8. JJ Courcy (20)

1. Chris Lupa (46) 2. Dave Fetterly (21) 3. Doug Reaume (99) 4. Joe Skilinski (4) 5. George Knight (38) 6. Jason Spaulding (34) 7. Randy Storms (22) 8. Bobby Newman (77) 9. David Bock (85) 10. Dwayne LeMay (12) 11. Bruce Stanton (93) 12. Chris Smiedy (71) 13. Fred Siebert (65) 14. JJ Courcy (20) 15. Don Pringle (96) 16. Joe Miller (9) 17. Jim Siegel (50) DNS

1. Steve Austin (66) 2. Chip Wood (5) 3. Chris Proud (3) 4. Doug Cliff (61) 5. Dave Gruel (18) 6. Rob Pullen (2) 7. Dan Kapuscinski (00) 8. Gregg Davis (89) 9. Cameron Rowe (76) 10. Pat Mullen (32) 11. Bob Bogwicz (99) 12. Michael Barnes (43)

1. Lou LeVea (96) 2. Tony White (4) 3. Andy Noto (19) 4. JJ Andrews (93) 5. Kevin Battelle (29) 6. Kris Meyn (86) 7. Mark Regan (69) 8. Jeff Jones (02) 9. Jason Cliff (60) 10. Steve Abt (85) 11. Star Matteson (82) 12. Jack Patrick (9) DNS

1. Dave Cliff (06) 2. Mike Bond (90) 3. Shawn Walker (68) 4. Guard Nearbin (78) 5. Kevin Knopp (94) 6. Tim Barbeau (50) 7. Doug Reaume (95) 8. Jim Guyle (20) 9. Gordon Smallidge (52) 10. Wayne Wideman (15) 11. Bill Moore (7) 12. Mike Bozzuto (8)

1. Gregg Davis (89) 2. Jim Guyle (20) 3. Jeff Jones (02) 4. Michael Barnes (43) 5. Jason Cliff (60) 6. Cameron Rowe (76) 7. Bill Moore (85) 8. Pat Mullen (32) 9. Gordon Smallidge (52) 10. Bob Bogwicz (99) 11. Wayne Wideman (15) 12. Jack Patrick (9) 13. Star Matteson (82) DNS

1. Dave Gruel (18) 2. Lou LeVea (96) 3. Steve Austin (66) 4. Kevin Knopp (94) 5. Chris Proud (3) 6. Andy Noto (19) 7. Tony White (4) 8. Gregg Davis (89) 9. Doug Cliff (61) 10. Jim Guyle (20) 11. Mark Regan (69) 12. Guard Nearbin (78) 13. Tim Barbeau (50) 14. Mike Bond (90) 15. Dave Cliff (06) 16. Kris Meyn (86) 17. Shawn Walker (68) 18. Jeff Jones (02) 19. Bill Moore (85) 20. Doug Reaume (95) 21. JJ Andrews (93) 22. Chip Wood (5) 23. Rob Pullen (2) 24. Jason Cliff (60) 25. Michael Barnes (43) 26. Dan Kapuscinski (00) 27. Kevin Battelle (29)

1. Bob Goutermout (77) 2. Keith Gilliam (87) 3. Ray Graham Jr (90) 4. Todd Stowell (89) 5. Craig Rayvals (94) 6. Dave Trytek (70) 7. Jerry Curran (24) 8. Bill Sharkey (7) 9. Dan Connors (96)

1. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 2. Joe Gosek (50) 3. Joe Hawksby Jr (22) 4. Bob Bond (25) 5. Bob Magner (40) 6. Bill Peri (14) 7. Doug Kells (52) 8. Tim Snyder (0) 9. Dave Halstead Jr (34) DNS

1. Brian Sweeney (3) 2. Howard Page (18) 3. Otto Sitterly (79) 4. Hal LaTulip (56) 5. Pat Lavery (99) 6. Robert Parrow (21) 7. Shawn Muldoon (1) 8. Jeff Holbrook (35) 9. Joe Chillemi (41) DNS

1. Bob Goutermout (77) 2. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 3. Joe Gosek (50) 4. Howard Page (18) 5. Ray Graham Jr (90) 6. Dave Trytek (70) 7. Jerry Curran (24) 8. Keith Gilliam (87) 9. Tim Snyder (0) 10. Brian Sweeney (3) 11. Todd Stowell (89) 12. Craig Rayvals (94) 13. Pat Lavery (99) 14. Bob Magner (40) 15. Bill Peri (14) 16. Hal LaTulip (56) 17. Joe Hawksby Jr (22) 18. Jeff Holbrook (35) 19. Dan Connors (96) 20. Bob Bond (25) 21. Otto Sitterly (20) 22. Bill Sharkey (7) 23. Doug Kells (52)


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