Oswego Speedway results 2000-08-05

Oswego, NY - A perfect night of racing with 104 cars at Oswego Speedway Saturday night on Torbitt's Service Center night found Bob Goutermout gracing victory lane for the second straight week. Goutermout battled by Dave Trytek on lap 32 to...

Oswego, NY - A perfect night of racing with 104 cars at Oswego Speedway Saturday night on Torbitt's Service Center night found Bob Goutermout gracing victory lane for the second straight week. Goutermout battled by Dave Trytek on lap 32 to lead lap 33. A lap 43 restart saw Bob's power steering go, allowing Trytek to move in on the 77 and make an attempt at reclamation. It wasn't to be as Goutermout manhandled the car into victory lane adding valuable points in the title chase on a double point night. Eric Beers of Northampton, PA in his first ever appearance at the Big 0, powered past veteran Sege Fidanza with 12 laps to go to take the Sunoco Race of Champions' companion 50-lapper. Beers earned a spot in the prestigious RoC race to be held in October, beating out George Kent and Fidanza at the line. Star Matteson missed becoming the first female feature winner in Oswego's history by two short laps. Star lost her chance when she and second place runner Pitt Watson made their way by a lap car toward race end. Going three-wide into four, Matteson ended up in the inner hub, the lap car with a flat, and Watson with his second-career win. Kelly Miller of Mexico, NY, flew to his third win of the season in the Super Stocks.

Bob Goutermout was an elated, but exhausted winner Saturday night after pulling down his second straight victory. Goutermout, who lost power steering at race end, had to stave off the advances of early leader Dave Trytek. Said Bob after the Empire Super Series 50, "I'm a very tired Bob Goutermout right now. After that last caution I had no power steering for the last part of the race. Wow. My arms are tired. That was 8 long laps. Dave had a real good car. It was tough to get past him. I knew he was right there at the end, when the steering broke. I just hoped I could hold him off. He was better on the restarts and I seemed better in the longer run. I was hoping there weren't any more cautions. I'd like to say hello to Mike Muldoon. Glad he made it out tonight. And, I'd like to thank my crew and sponsors once again, Darcey's Collision, Kerfien Mobile Home Park, Triple D Bus Repair, G&M Machine & Tool, Lights Auto Parts(NAPA), Babcock Highway Supply, National Assn of Government Employees, AFL-CIO and International Brotherhood of Police Officers." Todd Stowell grabbed the early lead of the supermodified main with third place starter Dave Trytek pursuing heavily.

Yellow flew quickly on lap 7 when the 04 of Davey Mazzoni did a 360. Dave Trytek used this restart to get alongside Stowell, but Todd didn't give up the point easily. Finally, on the backstretch, Trytek put the #70 into the lead and began to pull away.

The race slowed again on lap 12 when the Page 18, being driven by Tim Gareau slowed and slid into a foam block in turn 2. Enough damage was done to keep Tim, who had lost a motor in the 5 after his heat win, out of further competition.

Trytek pulled easily away from the pack as Stowell fended off the advances of Bob Goutermout, Vern LaFave, Mike Douglas, Tim Snyder and a slew of tight-running supers.

Dave Mazzoni flew the yellow once more on lap 22 and pulled it pitside soon thereafter. Ray Graham had his hand in the air on the restart, and he too pitted.

Goutermout sat right behind Trytek on the restart, but Dave was up to the challenge. But the next test he failed. A yellow on lap 32 for the Shannon Groves' 07, put Goutermout right there again and this time Dave could only hold him off one more lap. Goutermout was in the lead on lap 33, followed closely by Trytek, Stowell, Douglas, Snyder, LaFave, Jerry Curran and Greg Furlong.

With 7 to go, one final yellow gave Trytek the opportunity to launch another attack. The yellow, unfortunately, was for fourth place runner Stowell, who would restart, but at the tail.

On this restart, Goutermout appeared to have slowed, and due to his power steering loss, he had. Trytek was able to make a last ditch attempt, but just couldn't muster the power to get by. Dave said later, "The car was good tonight. I finally learned to drive right on the hub rail the way that car likes to run. Mike yelled at me today right after the heat race and that made a big difference. Bob was running kind of slow after that last caution and I almost had it done but I couldn't make it stick going into three under him. Bob had a good race. He passed me clean. He deserved to win!"

Following Goutermout and Trytek under the checkers at lap 50 were Tim Snyder who got a jump on third place runner Mike Douglas, who was relegated to fourth on the last circuit; and Jerry Curran. Furlong, LaFave, Howard Page, in the 02, Otto Sitterly and Doug Boisvert were the top ten.

Goutermout received a guaranteed starter's spot in the upcoming Budweiser International Classic by virtue of his win.

Northampton, PA's Eric Beers had never raced at Oswego Speedway until Saturday night, but you wouldn't have known it. Starting 14th on the field, he worked his way to the front through a pack of some of the best local modified racers. Eric said in victory lane, "This is awesome. This track is amazing. I've never been here before. I watched a race here back in about '87 or '88. Wow. It was just racing with these guys in front of the fans from Pennsylvania. This is our second RoC event. We ran one at Tioga and then came up here. It was great. I'd like to thank EMC Investments, Shurway Inn and .... Freightliner, for helping me get here."

Ryan Holland led the way to the green but soon relinquished the front spot to the 88 of Billy Putney. Chuck Hossfeld pulled into second moments later, but a lap 12 yellow for Dick Kluth slowed his progress. Putney and Hossfeld, not surprisingly, took over at the front but Billy Woods, Sege Fidanza, J.R. Kent , T.J. Potrzebowski, and Tim Mangus kept a close on the leaders.

Sege Fidanza, a multi-time winner at Oswego, powered past Woods to take third on lap 25 while Putney and Hossfeld remained up front. Some intense racing ensued from third on back as the mighty mods diced for position, especially when lap cars began to come into play.

But, as things happen, the race at the front got just a little too close. Lap 33 found the 88 spinning between 3 and 4 with the 22 deemed to be involved in the incident. Both went to the rear.

Now, it was Fidanza in a familiar spot - the lead. But right behind were Kent, Mangus, and now Beers, who had slowly worked his way into fourth. George Kent and Potrzebowski ran fifth and sixth.

A red fell on the field on lap 36 when J.R. Kent, Tim Mangus and Kenny Troyer were involved in a tangle off turn four, with Troyer incurring the heaviest damage. Kenny was taken to Oswego Hospital, joining Daryl Lewis, who had been taken after a heat race accident, to be checked over. Possible chest and rib injuries were being assessed.

Woods, Havens and Brian Ross pitted during the interim.

Beers surprised Fidanza on the restart and grabbed the lead from the Lancaster regular. The old master of many mod wars at Oswego George Kent, moved by Fidanza as well with ten to go. The mad dashes through the field were being made by Hossfeld and Putney who had moved into the top ten at this juncture.

As the checkered flew, George Kent made a final stab at the lead, but it fell flat as Beers crossed under the Oswego checkered for the first time ever. Kent settled for second, Fidanza third, Potrzebowski, fourth and Rick Kluth moved into fifth. Kirk Rutherford, Hossfeld, Matt Parsons, Rod Aton, and Billy Putney finalized the top ten.

Star Matteson, as she has in several of the past events, started on the pole and looked to be a strong candidate to be the first-ever woman to win an Oswego feature. She easily put some distance on second place runners Craig Rayvals, then Keith Gilliam and finally Pitt Watson.

She survived a three-car yellow on lap 8 for Eddie Horne, Shawn Walker and Matt Wheeler, and then another on lap 10 for several more cars.

Star controlled the field as the race hit lap 15 with Watson, Gilliam, John Ketcham and Mark Regan challenged.

Five more laps expired and anticipation ran high that Star would have her first. She had pulled away from everyone except Pitt Watson, who had just won his career-first in May of this year. Watson got closer to Matteson in the backstretch on lap 23 and coming up on a slower car, Jeff Bartlett, proved Star's demise. Watson dove low and Star got caught up with the lap car in front of her. Moments later she was facing the inner hub wall, the Bartlett car had a flat, Watson continued by and the yellow flew. Star's great run again ended prematurely as the hook, instead of the checkered, was what she faced.

Watson led a lap before the 1 of Billy Izyk and the 66 of Steve Austin came to rest under the starter's tower.

One lap remained and Watson repelled any attempts by Gilliam to earn his second win of the season. Ketcham, Regan and Jack Patrick finished up the top five. Dan Ferlito, J.J. Andrews, Russ Bartlett, Tim Falter and Matt Wheeler rounded out the top ten.

In the Super Stock division, Kelly Miller rolled to win number three on the season. Miller led all the way followed by Wayne White, Lou LeVea, Bill Moore and Dave Bock. <pre>

TORBITT'S SUMMARY SUPER STOCKS SUPER STOCK HEAT 1. Kelly Miller (8) 2. Tony White (4) 3. David Bock (85) 4. Rich Palmer (21) 5. Bill Moore (5) 6. Joe Miller (9) 7. Lou LeVea (96) 8. Jim Cieri (3) SUPER STOCK FEATURE (12) 1. Kelly Miller (8) 2. Tony White (4) 3. Lou LeVea (96) 4. Bill Moore (5) 5. David Bock (85) 6. Rich Palmer (21) 7. Joe Miller (9) 8. Jim Cieri (3) LIMITEDS LIMITED HEAT #1 1. Star Matteson (82) 2. John Ketcham Jr (11) 3. Bill Izyk (1) 4. Mark Regan (69) 5. Matt Wheeler (97) 6. Dan Ferlito (55) 7. Steve Austin (66) 8. JJ Andrews (93) 9. Jeff Bartlett (24) LIMITED HEAT #2 1. Shawn Muldoon (80) 2. Craig Rayvals (94) 3. Eddie Horne (98) 4. Jack Patrick (9) 5. Gregg Davis (89) 6. Shawn Walker (68) 7. Tim Falter (71) 8. Russ Bartlett (26) LIMITED HEAT #3 1. Ed Watson Jr (42) 2. Keith Gilliam (87) 3. Chris Proud (3) 4. Jeff Holbrook (70) 5. Mike Gardner (6) 6. Bob Bogwicz(99) 7. Jamie Bartlett (27) 8. Mike Bocyck (51) 9. Jim Guyle (20) LIMITED CONSI 1. JJ Andrews (93) 2. Tim Falter (71) 3. Steve Austin (66) 4. Mike Bocyck (51) 5. Russ Bartlett (26) 6. Jeff Bartlett (24) 7. Jamie Bartlett (27) 8. Dan Stagnitta (28) 9. Jim Guyle (20) LIMITED FEATURE (25) 1. Ed Watson Jr (42) 2. Keith Gilliam (87) 3. John Ketcham Jr (11) 4. Mark Regan (69) 5. Jack Patrick (9) 6. Dan Ferlito (55) 7. JJ Andrews (93) 8. Russ Bartlett (26) 9. Tim Falter (71) 10. Matt Wheeler (97) 11. Shawn Walker (68) 12. Craig Rayvals (94) 13. Eddie Horne (98) 14. Mike Bocyck (51) 15. Chris Proud (3) 16. Steve Austin (66) 17. Bill Izyk (1) 18. Star Matteson (82) 19. Jeff Bartlett (24) 20. Mike Gardner (6) 21. Bob Bogwicz (99) 22. Jeff Holbrook (70) 23. Shawn Muldoon (80) 24. Gregg Davis (89) MODIFIEDS MODIFIED HEAT #1 1. Brian Ross (74) 2. Ryan Holland (10) 3. Bill Woods (51) 4. Tom McGrath (92) 5. Rusty Smith (34) 6. Dick Kluth (27) 7. Justin Ely (38) 8. Karl Hehr (59) 9. Larry Havens (43) 10. Mark Washko (02) 11. Tom Cloce (69) MODIFIED HEAT #2 1. Chuck Hossfeld (22) 2. Sege Fidanza (77) 3. Bobby Osgood (09) 4. Eric Beers (42) 5. Rod Aton (12) 6. Jeff Ulrich (15) 7. Steve Zacharias (07) 8. Tim Gareau Jr (71) 9. Dean Gulick (7) 10. Daryl Lewis (18) MODIFIED HEAT #3 1. Billy Putney (88) 2. Rick Kluth (44) 3. Jim Flanigan (2) 4. Kenny Troyer (66) 5. Kirk Rutherford (14) 6. Don Staubitz (99) 7. J.R. Swainsborough (6) 8. Matt Parsons (84) 9. Kevin Zimmerman (17) 10. Tiger Smith (30) MODIFIED HEAT #4 1. J.R. Kent (76) 2. Todd Burley (89) 3. T.J. Potrzebowski (72) 4. George Kent (16) 5. Tim Mangus (93) 6. Rick Neild (5) 7. John Deminck (1) 8. Chris Zacharias (73) 9. Scott Belkoski (87) 10. Dick Woods (81) MODIFIED CONSI 1. Jeff Ulrich (15) 2. Don Staubitz (99) 3. Dick Kluth (27) 4. Steve Zacharias (07) 5. Tom Cloce (69) 6. J.R. Swainsborough (6) 7. John Deminck (1) 8. Matt Parsons (84) 9. Larry Havens (43) 10. Chris Zacharias (73) 11. Scott Belkoski (87) 12. Carl Hehr (59) 13. Kevin Zimmerman (17) 14. Rick Neild (5) 15. Tiger Smith (30) 16. Terry Zacharias (71) 17. Mark Washko (02) 18. Dean Gulick (7) 19. Dick Woods (81) 20. Justin Ely (38) MODIFIED FEATURE (50) 1. Eric Beers (42) 2. George Kent (16) 3. Sege Fidanza (77) 4. T.J. Potrzebowski (72) 5. Rick Kluth (44) 6. Kirk Rutherford (14) 7. Chuck Hossfeld (22) 8. Matt Parsons (84) 9. Rod Aton (12) 10. Billy Putney (88) 11. Tom Cloce (69) 12. Jeff Ulrich (15) 13. Carl Hehr (59) 14. Tom McGrath (92) 15. Bill Woods (51) 16. Jim Flanigan (2) 17. Larry Havens (43) 18. Ryan Holland (10) 19. Steve Zacharias (07) 20. Todd Burley (89) 21. Dick Kluth (27) 22. J.R. Swainsborough (6) 23. Rusty Smith (34) 24. Bobby Osgood (09) 25. J.R. Kent (76) 26. Tim Mangus (93) 27. Ken Troyer (66) 28. Brian Ross (74) 29. Don Staubitz (99) SUPERMODIFIEDS SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #1 1. Bob Goutermout (77) 2. Otto Sitterly (79) 3. Jerry Curran (24) 4. Ray Graham Jr (90) 5. Shannon Groves (07) 6. Jennifer Chesbro (33) 7. Bill Peri (14) 8. Dave Mazzoni (04) 9. Bill Sharkey (52) SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #2 1. Todd Stowell (89) 2. Dave Trytek (70) 3. Greg Furlong (72) 4. Tim Devendorf (76) 5. Bob Bond (25) 6. Doug Boisvert (66) 7. Jamie Moore (88) 8. Scott Eldred (01) 9. Aaron Greene (18) SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #3 1. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 2. Tim Snyder (0) 3. Mike Douglas (23) 4. Vern LaFave (97) 5. Brian Sweeney (3) 6. Howard Page (02) 7. Jamie Letcher (58) 8. Pat Lavery (99) SUPERMODIFIED CONSI 1. Jamie Moore (88) 2. Bill Peri (14) 3. Jamie Letcher (58) 4. Scott Eldred (01) 5. Tim Gareau Jr (18) 6. Dave Mazzoni (04) 7. Pat Lavery (99) 8. Bill Sharkey (52) SUPERMODIFIED FEATURE (50) 1. Bob Goutermout (77) 2. Dave Trytek (70) 3. Tim Snyder (0) 4. Mike Douglas (23) 5. Jerry Curran (24) 6. Greg Furlong (72) 7. Vern LaFave (97) 8. Howard Page (02) 9. Otto Sitterly (79) 10. Doug Boisvert (66) 11. Bob Bond (25) 12. Brian Sweeney (3) 13. Todd Stowell (89) 14. Bill Peri (14) 15. Jamie Moore (88) 16. Pat Lavery (99) 17. Shannon Groves (07) 18. Jennifer Chesbro (33) 19. Tim Devendorf (76) 20. Ray Graham Jr (90) 21. Dave Mazzoni (04) 22. Scott Eldred (01) 23. Tim Gareau Jr (18) 24. Jamie Letcher (58)

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