Oswego Speedway Results 2000-06-10

Oswego, NY - Tim Gareau has finished second in Oswego points for the past two years. He really wants to make it to ...

Oswego, NY - Tim Gareau has finished second in Oswego points for the past two years. He really wants to make it to #1 this season. But, his year started badly with a wreck, putting him back in 13th place. Determined, he countered with a dominant win Saturday night at Oswego Speedway. After taking the lead from Doug Boisvert on a lap 4 restart, Gareau met with little resistance as he cruised out front surviving numerous cautions on his way to the Wet Paint Co. 45 victory. For the second straight week, Mike Gardner led a good portion of the limited super main only to loose the point near race end. Mark Regan, who started ninth in the field, powered by Gardner on a lap 18 restart, to take the lead and the win. In the super stocks, a torrid battle up front saw Todd Smith grabbing the lead just four laps from the end, for his first of 2000.

Said a smiling Tim Gareau after his convincing victory, "The crew did a heck of a job to get the car ready for tonight after two weeks of hard work. The car seemed pretty fast. I think we've got it close to where we had it the first week. I've got to hand it to my crew. We had a bad start to this year. Hopefully, this win will help pick me up in the points. The car was really handling good. The crew helped me to get in back to where it was. I'd like to take time to thank all my new sponsors who've joined me this year and all my sponsors who've been with me. The Burger King car was running good tonight and hopefully we'll do well in the points this year. I'd also like to thank all my fans for sticking with me."

Numerous stoppages throughout the supermodified main began at the start with Mike Douglas spinning on the green flag lap. Hal LaTulip brought the 56 in moments later with a broken front suspension.

Before leader Doug Boisvert could complete lap 3, red flew for a jumble involving Shannon Groves, Mike Brubaker, Vern LaFave, Douglas, Scott Eldred, Todd Stowell, and several others. Brubaker lost a night to a front axle, with Groves and Sitterly also suffering terminal damage.

On this early restart, Tim Gareau, starting fourth, stormed by Boisvert and never looked back. At times Tim's margin out front varied, but as he put it, "It's tough to judge how fast you're going when you're out there all alone. I'd actually rather be chasing someone."

Gareau put the pedal down immediately, yearning to make up for his earlier performance. Boisvert, Jerry Curran, Joe Gosek and Bob Goutermout ran in the top five, chased by Howard Page, Greg Furlong, Bob Bond and Greg Furlong among others.

Gareau was on cruise when a lap 23 yellow flew for Boisvert as he spun off turn four, possibly due to contact among the close-running second through seventh pack. Boisvert and Furlong, who spun to avoid here, both pitted within a lap, putting them to the rear.

The 88 of Jamie Moore brought out the next yellow on lap later with Moore able to return.

Gareau easily sped away from Jerry Curran on the restart as Curran fought off Goutermout, Gosek and Page. Ray Graham ran a comfortable sixth, after he too, had a miserable beginning to his year. Ray would later comment after finishing fifth, "The car was real loose, but considering two weeks ago, it only had two wheels on it and everything else from front to back was demolished, we're ecstatic with fifth. I'd like to thank the whole crew because they busted their butt for two weeks and worked on it right up until one o'clock this afternoon to get it where it is tonight." Green and Gareau flew until lap 41 when second place runner Jerry Curran spun off turn four.

This yellow and the two that followed for Jen Chesbro and Curran again, within the last five laps, bunched the field behind Gareau, but no one could come close as he charged away on the restarts. Timmy was followed over the line by Bob Goutermout, Joe Gosek, Howie Page and Graham. Sparks flew even after the checkered when Todd Stowell and Tim Snyder came together in turn one, ending in the foam.

Said Goutermout afterward, "Well, this is the second week in a row that we've finished in the top five. I'm real happy about it. This is still the old car. I'd like to keep the new car "new." Tonight we had an awful lot of cautions for a premier class, but we're pleased with second and the car is in one piece."

The limiteds had their share of stops, but Mike Gardner, who had lost a heartbreaker the previous week, was out front once again, determined to get his first of the season. Yellow flew on the first lap for a simple spin and again on lap three, affecting four cars, including Shawn Muldoon, Jack Patrick, Marty VanBuren and Eddie Horne. Muldoon, the first week's winner, had a heat race wreck, came back to win the consi and now was out again. Gardner took off after the clean-up but he was challenged closely by the 70 of Jeff Holbrook, and Dan Stagnitta.

Yellow flew on lap four, again affecting several cars including Brian Nappa, who did not return.

Gardner held off Holbrook on each restart, but moving in to take third was Mark Regan as he got by Russ Bartlett and Ed Watson, running strong in the top five.

Regan put his 69 into third on lap 11, but an intense battle from third on back resulted in a spin by Stagnitta on lap 12, followed by another caution on that restart affecting at least four more cars.

Things settled in after that as Regan now closed on Gardner, but Mike held on for dear life. Holbrook held off Watson, Keith Gilliam, Bob Rundell and John Ketcham, all in the battle for top spots.

A quick yellow flew on lap 17 when Mike Noto Jr stopped out front with a locked up rear in the 19. This set up the chance for Regan as on the restart, Mark passed Mike underneath going into turn one. Regan led the rest of the way, but never lost Gardner who stayed right on his tail. Holbrook, Gilliam and Watson were the top five. Rundell, Ketcham, Craig Rayvals, Chris Proud and Gregg Davis completed the top ten.

Kelly Miller looked to be headed for this first of 2000 in the super stocks, but several drivers had other ideas. A ware was waged up front as Miller led chased by David Bock, Lou LaVea and Todd Smith.

Smith took second from Palmer six laps in and two laps later dove past Miller off turn 4. Smith put the pedal down pulling away from Miller, LaVea, Bock and Bill Moore as they crossed under the checkers.



Heat 1: Joe Gosek, Ray Graham, Howie Page, Mike Douglas, Todd Stowell, Mike Brubaker, Jamie Moore, Gary Syrell, Bill Peri, Mark Van Luven, Brian Sweeney

Heat 2: Tim Gareau, Doug Boisvert, Jerry Curran, Otto Sitterly, Vern LaFave, Dave Trytek, Jamie Letcher, Greg Furlong, Dave Mazzoni, Dave Halstead

Heat 3: Bob Bond, Bob Goutermout, Shannon Groves, Tim Snyder, Jeff West, Jen Chesbro, Hal LaTulip, Joe Hawksby, Joey Payne, Tim Devendorf

Consi: Furlong, Moore, Letcher, Payne, Syrell, LaTulip, Mazzoni, Peri, Devendorf, Hawksby, Halstead, VanLuven, Sweeney

Wet Paint Co 45: 1. Tim Gareau(5), 2. Bob Goutermout(93), 3. Joe Gosek(00), 4. Howie Page(18), 5. Ray Graham(90), 6. Bob Bond(25), 7. Joey Payne(99), 8. Dave Trytek(70), 9. Doug Boisvert(66), 10. Jamie Moore(88), 11. Todd Stowell(89), 12. Tim Snyder(0), 13. Jerry Curran(24), 14. Greg Furlong(72), 15. Jen Chesbro(33), 16. VernLaFave(97), 17. Gary Syrell(08), 18. Jamie Letcher (58), 19. Shannon Groves(07), 20. Otto Sitterly(79), 21. Scott Eldred(01), 22. Mike Douglas(23), 23. Mike Brubaker(36), 24. Hal LaTulip(56)

Limited Supers:

Heat 1: Jeff Holbrook, Dan Stagnitta, Craig Rayvals, Bob Andrews, Mike Bocyck, J.J. Andrews, Jamie Bartlett, Gregg Davis, Shawn Muldoon

Heat 2: Mike Gardner, John Ketcham, Bob Rundell, Eddie Horne, Jack Patrick, Tim Falter, Steve Austin, Mike Noto

Heat 3: Mark Regan, Ed Watson, Russ Bartlett, Dennis Wilson, Star Matteson, Al Scerbo, Wayne Wideman, Brian Nappa, Bill Presley

Heat 4: Keith Gilliam, Dan Ferlito, Marty VanBuren, Matt Wheeler, Chris Proud, Chip Wood, Bob Bogwicz, Tim Bartlett, Shawn Walker(dns)

Consi: Muldoon, J.J. Andrews, Nappa, Falter, Noto, Austin, Davis, Scerbo, Presley, Wood, Jamie Bartlett, Wideman

Wet Paint Co 25: 1. Mark Regan, 2. Mike Gardner, 3. Jeff Holbrook, 4. Keith Gilliam, 5. Ed Watson, 6. Bob Rundell, 7. John Ketcham, 8. Craig Rayvals, 9. Chris Proud, 10. Gregg Davis, 11. Jack Patrick, 12. Matt Wheeler, 13. Steve Austin, 14. Russ Bartlett, 15. Eddie Horne, 16. Mike Bocyck, 17. Dan Ferlito, 18. Dan Stagnitta, 19. Mike Noto, 20. Tim Falter, 21. Brian Nappa, 22. J.J. Andrews, 23. Dennis Wilson, 24. Shawn Muldoon, 25. Marty VanBuren, 26. Bob Andrews, 27. Star Matteson

Super Stocks

Heat 1: Kelly Miller, David Bock, Lou LeVea, Bill Moore, Jerry Miles, Tony White, Joe Miller, Jim Cieri, Todd Smith

Wet Paint Co 12: 1. Todd Smith, 2. Kelly Miller, 3. Lou LeVea, 4. David Bock, 5. Bill Moore, 6. Jim Cieri, 7. Joe Miller, 8. Jerry Miles, 9. Tony White

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