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Oswego, NY - Mike Ordway has not lost a race at Oswego this year. He's run three events, won three features and three heats. He and the Clyde Booth team have become the unstoppable force when they roll into the pits. Booth and Ordway, who ran together many years ago, are back in full force. They race now as one after years of experience apart. Mike Ordway pulled into victory lane Saturday night at Oswego several car lengths head of rookie Shawn Muldoon after taking the point from Bob Goutermout on lap 20. It was another effortless run for the Fremont, NH driver who actually stated the car might have been a bit off. Other drivers would kill for a car "off" that much. Said Mike in victory lane, "The handling was a bit off tonight. We made a few changes. We probably should have left it alone. We'll get it better. I just try to pay attention out there and hit my marks every time. I don't worry too much about what's behind me."

Car owner Clyde Booth commented, after some controversy swirling about traction control on the 61, "We are pleased with the way things are going. We've worked really hard and I guess it shows. But, I'd have to say the secret here is Mike. He's won a whole heck of a lot of races before I showed up. People are worrying about traction control and all that good stuff. My traction control is Mike's right foot. "

In other action on Clearview Home and Leisure, Wet Paint Company night at Oswego, Joe Miller came away with his second of the year in the super stocks and John Ketcham survived a crash-filled limited supermodified 25 to win his first of 2002. Jon Price, subbing for Al Shaw, brought Shaw's number 7 car home to victory for the second straight Cup Lite event.

Bob Goutermout started outside the front row in the supermodified main after several weeks of bad luck and he was determined to stay there. Bob put the 77 several car lengths ahead of second place runner Todd Stowell as Jamie Moore, Jerry Curran and Shawn Muldoon eased into the action.

By lap seven, Ordway, who started 12th, had glided into fourth. A few cautions didn't help Goutermout's cause out front after this.

On lap 14, current point leader Howie Page had a hub break and off he went on the hook. The crew tried in vain to get Page back into the action and to collect valuable points. Also in and out here was Bob Bond and Dave Halstead. Soon after the restart, Goutermout found Ordway tacked to his bumper as Stowell fell back into third. Moore, Muldoon, Curran, Tim Snyder and more were right behind.

On lap 20, yellow fell for the 01 of Tom Gonczi with Hal LaTulip also affected.

On this restart, Ordway smoothly drove up alongside Goutermout, but not to be outdone was Shawn Muldoon who came up quickly and tried a low move under the 77. The outcome of several seconds of three-abreast racing saw Ordway in front, Goutermout in second and Muldoon in third. Muldoon soon put Goutermout away and the rookie headed for the veteran out front. Shawn might not have caught the high flying Ordway, but he indicated later that the following was just as important. Said Muldoon after finishing second half a race later, "We're close. We had no gear and it's still lack of experience. Mike's a good driver. He's been out there 25 years. It's hard to beat someone with 25 years experience. Maybe next time. I've learned a lot more tonight than I have all year by following Mike. I found out why my car got loose last week just by following him ten laps. You absolutely can learn from watching a guy like him. I learned a lot. He's smart and he's good."

Lap 30 saw Jerry Curran spinning out of a good run and heading for the tail to do it all over again.

This gave Muldoon another shot at getting close, but that's all he got for an instant. Goutermout, Stowell and Moore still battled behind as did Snyder, who moved into Moore's place on lap 32.

One more slowdown came on lap 35 when the the 94 of Craig Rayvals was stopped in turn two. He was pushed away and on the restart, for one more brief moment, Shawn Muldoon knocked on Ordway's door, but then the silver 61 was gone. Goutermout, Stowell and Snyder raced on for third back as the previous week's winner Otto Sitterly came into the mix.

With five to go, Snyder moved into fourth past Stowell with Sitterly following him by leaving Stowell in sixth with only a few racing laps left. At the checkered Ordway collected win number three followed by Muldoon, Goutermout, Snyder and Sitterly.

Goutermout said simply afterwards, "It's about time we finished one. We're really happy with third. But, I still think we're all racing for second here." Snyder, who has been struggling of late, was pleased with a fourth. "Fourth is better than fifth. I have to hand it to the crew. These guys have worked their heart out. We've had a hard time getting bite - drive - out of the car since the beginning of the year. Classic weekend we left everything the same a nd came back and ran fifteenth. We were just scratching our heads. This is the fifth race at Oswego and the fifth setup. I mean everything is changed. This one goes to the crew and the sponsors for all their help."

Otto Sitterly climbed out of his fifth place car and commented on his finish. "Loose! The car is really, really good. The beginning of the race I tried to drive, stay out of trouble and watch out for all the stuff happening. We just raced at the end there. It's too bad. We have a really good car, but we're learning every week. We were off just a little bit but no doubt we'll be back next week."

Stowell, Jamie Moore, Tim Gareau, Jeff Holbrook and Dave Trytek ran in the top ten most of the race and finished there.


The limited super feature ended the night and for some drivers really ended the night. Crashes marring the way, left some really battered equipment in the pits, the likes of which we have not seen all season.

Star Matteson tried to get things started but a 15-car pileup that filled the front straight brought out the red. More than half the field lay in a pile of smoke and rubble. Hooks were required by Dan Ferlito, Lou LeVea, Matt Wheeler, Mike Bond, Danny Kapuscinski, Mike Bozzuto, and Chris Proud who had to have the 4 of Tony White removed from the top of his car. Many resumed, but Wheeler, Ferlito and Kapuscinski did not.

Star tried again and led for almost two whole laps before Gregg Davis did a long, slide off four stopping against the protective water barrels at the front pit entrance. Water spewed high as Davis hit hard. He was shaken and taken to the ambulance, but was okay.

Cleanup number two was done sometime later and Star tried for the third time to get things rolling smoothly, which this time she did. John Ketcham moved quickly by second place runner Jeff Bartlett and headed for Matteson. Billy Izyk put the 1 into the front three moments later as Shawn Walker ran up into fourth.

On lap 7, Steve Austin flew the flag again as Ketcham and Izyk were all over Matteson.

On the restart of this one, Ketcham got by for the lead but the battle behind between Matteson and Izyk would end in yet another yellow as they fought for second. Matteson was done, as soon was Izyk shortly thereafter. Ketcham had control alone out front now as Walker, Jeff Bartlett, Russ Bartlett and Mark Regan were the newest challengers. Regan would move into third by lap 11.

On lap 12 Dave Cliff brought out another flag, but he was able to restart. J.J. Andrews reported out for the night here.

In the last half of the going, Ketcham had no close challengers as teammates Walker and Regan ran their green and black cars a distance behind. Jeff Bartlett, Andy Noto, Russ Bartlett and now Chris Proud, working back up from the lap 1 accident, were top contenders. Mike Bond, also moved up after his repairs.

With five to go, Ketcham, Walker and Regan were out front as Jeff Bartlett, Noto, Bond, Russ Bartlett, Proud and Bond diced for position around lap cars. Lap 23 found Proud's beautiful number 3 in the foam and out on the hook for the second time of the race. Noto was hooked also. Bartlett and White were also turned in different directions at this stop.

The field bunched, and the racing got hotter if that was possible. Walker and Regan bore down on Ketcham with only three to go.

At the line Ketcham held on, as did Walker and Regan but the battle for fourth ended in yet another crash. Mike Bond and Jeff Bartlett were hell bent for the spot and as they crossed the line Bond took fourth, but then the two cars collided sending both into the first turn wall with foam blocks scattering everywhere. The crashing just didn't seem to end. Russ Bartlett, Lou LeVea, Steve Austin, Jim Guyle, and Jack Patrick survived to finish in the top ten.


The super stock feature began with a yellow and would finish up with several more yellows that affected the race outcome.

On lap 1 John Parkhurst flew the flag and Frank Reakes came away with a damaged front end before much racing took place. Doug Reaume led the way on the restart with David Fetterly, Joe Skilinski and Reakes challenging.

It stayed Reume, Fetterly and Reakes as Reaume managed to fend off the side by side chargers behind.

Under a strange set of circumstances, the complexion of the race changed dramatically soon thereafter. Reakes, who had been posted for a restart jump, began overheating. On lap 11 the 38 of Parkhurst was in the foam again, but out back, after the yellow, the lead duo of Reaume and Fetterly came together as Reakes was called in for leaking fluids.

With less than ten to go, Joe Miller went from fourth to first without passing a car. Bobby Newman was second, but Joe's brother Kelly was storming through and took up the second place spot by lap 14. Dave Bock, Chris Lupa, Skilinski and Bill Moore were trailing.

On lap 16 a yellow fell for a hard hit by Eric Connors in the 88 with that car requiring a cradle of trucks to carry it in. John Parkhurst parked his 38 at this juncture.

It was the Miller boys out front on the green, but yellow fell once more, this time for the previous week's winner Chris Lupa who had some heavy front end damage.

Three racing laps left saw Kelly Miller tap on his brother's door as Bobby Newman, Bock, Moore, Reaume and Skilinski were the remaining survivors of the fourteen starters.

Said Joe Miller quietly in victory lane, "I was beginning to think I was going to be stuck in second for the rest of the season. I knew Kelly was back there and I tried not to spin out and tried to not give him a chance to get by me. I was kind of sad to see those guys come together back there. I would have liked to see them in there racing at the end. I'd like to thank Jimmy Hollister from Hollister Insurance, Salt Sity Books/Video and J.J. Andrews, from Andrews Automotive."


The always popular Cup Lite field was a bit short but not on talent as the green dropped on their 35 lapper. A three-car battle ensued for the third three laps between Dave Whittaker, Kevin Blakely and Dennis Tybor with Tybor winning the point by lap 3.

Three-wide racing was the norm behind as the scale models of Winston Cup cars traversed the track. A quick yellow slowed the action on lap 7, but both John McClurg and Gary Walker restarted unscathed.

Moving in on Dennis Tybor as the race resumed was the 38 of Shane Riffel as he put Whittaker behind him. Dan Tybor and Jon Price trailed in the top five. Laps 10 and 15 saw the last two yellows with minor incidents.

On the restart of the latter yellow, a three-wide charge for the lead occurred between Dennis Tybor, Riffel and Jonathan Price. Price settled the dispute and gladly took first leaving Dennis Tybor with second and Riffel third.

It was all Price's race now and for the next ten laps, Dennis Tybor chased to no avail. Riffel, Dan Tybor, and Bill Burd ran the top five. A short distance behind a separate race ran with Kirk Sherwood, John McClurg, Rich Ficarra and Scott Wylie. And, at the checkered that's the way they finished.

Price, filling in for an injured Al Shaw, was ecstatic with his win. "It's tough using your patience coming up through there. I didn't think I had anything. I don't think I could have passed him (Dennis Tybor) if he hadn't got loose there. Actually, I think the 38 and the 3 got together and I was just in the right place at the right time. I have to thank Al Shaw for the opportunity to drive this car. He got hurt at Holland a few weeks ago. I stepped in and we won the last two races. We're pretty happy. I'd like to also thank my wife for supporting me. She's been great and P&C Foods, Penn Traffic, Quality Markets, Planters, Brach's, all the others and the crew."


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