Oswego Speedway race report 2002-08-17

Tim Gareau and Jeff Holbrook win Twin 30's, while Gregg Davis and Kelly Miller also victorious at Oswego Tim Gareau and Jeff Holbrook each came away with 30-lap supermodified feature event victories at Oswego Speedway Saturday night. Gareau won...

Tim Gareau and Jeff Holbrook win Twin 30's, while Gregg Davis and Kelly Miller also victorious at Oswego

Tim Gareau and Jeff Holbrook each came away with 30-lap supermodified feature event victories at Oswego Speedway Saturday night. Gareau won his second consecutive feature race, as he quickly worked his way forward, grabbing the lead on 10, and driving away for the win. Holbrook won the nightcap as he led all 30 laps enroute to his first supermodified feature event victory.

The first race saw Joe Hawksby Jr. and Keith Gilliam pace the field to the start. Gilliam grabbed the early lead, as the field sorted out behind. Cars darted for position, everyone k owing they only had 30 laps to get to the front. While Otto Sitterly and Tim Gareau went to the inside, Shawn Muldoon and Howard Page put their machines in the outside lane to move forward.

Gareau, Bob Bond and Tim Snyder stacked up three wide as they raced down the front straightaway, looking to advance. Gareau as the charger early as he came from his ninth starting spot to fifth in just three laps. The yellow came out for the first time in the race as fourth running Jeff Holbrook's machine caught a wheel from another competitor. There was contact in front, and the 35 were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On the restart, Gilliam led Jerry Curran, Otto Sitterly, Hawksby, Gareau, Bond, Snyder, Muldoon, Vern Lafave and Howard Page. Lap six, Curran made the move for the lead by Gilliam, with Sitterly and Gareau following him through the while. As Sitterly had just worked his way by Curran for the lead, the yellow flag came out for a third turn wreck involving Craig Rayvals and Bill Peri. Peri was pushed back off, while Rayvals went back to the pits on the hook.

On the restart, the top three drove off. It was now the three race for the lead between Curran, Sitterly and Gareau. Gareau pulled the 5 car to the inside lane, and grabbed second from Sitterly on the back straightaway. He stayed low, and as they raced down the front stretch, Gareau came away with the lead.

Once up front, Gareau began to build his lead, as he stretched away from the field. Sitterly knew it was time to go, as he made short work of the Curran 24 for second place on lap 14. Sitterly was now four car lengths behind the leader, with just about half the race to go. Further back, high point man Howard page was stuck in traffic in eighth spot, racing with Bob Bond for position.

At the half way point of the race Gareau led Sitterly, while Curran, Gilliam and Tim Snyder rounded out the top five, with Dave Trytek in Snyder's shadow in sixth. Snyder kept his charge forward going as he moved by Gilliam with an outside front straightaway pass. Back up front, Sitterly closed up to the 5 cars back bumper. There was action all over as Muldoon shot by Curran for third place on lap 17.

The point race came that much closer on lap 18, as high point man Howard Page spun coming off the fourth turn. "The car was just loose", Howard said.

Gareau pulled away by a couple of lengths on the restart, but the yellow lights flashed again on lap 22, this time for a Dave Lair spin in between turns 3&4. The 5 again pulled out by a couple of car lengths, while Sitterly and Muldoon staged a battle for second spot. Further back, Page tried salvaging what he could, as valuable points were on the line.

Gareau had a comfortable working margin over the 79 and 1 cars. Lap 27 saw the caution flag come out again, as Jamie Moore tossed up a smoke cloud on the front straightaway with a 360-degree spin. The car didn't touch the wall, and continued on.

Sitterly couldn't challenge Gareau on the restart, and Gareau crossed under the checkered flag three car lengths ahead of Sitterly. Muldoon held on for third, with Curran and Snyder fourth and fifth.

"The car is handling superb", a jubilant Gareau after his second consecutive victory. "At the end it was getting a little loose on me, I don't know if the tires were wearing a little bit. The car is handling."

"Second was good," Sitterly commented after his run. "We could catch up to Timmy, we couldn't get by. We caught up some points, and we are making changes for the second race."

The second 30-lap feature was lined up with the heat race winners up front. Howard Page and Jeff Holbrook had the fastest last lap of the heat winners, and were rewarded with front row starting positions. In 30 lap races, the start is of ultimate importance.

Holbrook got the better jump when the green flag came out, and jumped to the lead at the start. Page, Gareau, Snyder, Gilliam, Bond Curran, Sitterly, and Muldoon fell in position as the race started. Holbrook pulled out to an early lead, as he stopped watches at a 17.47 clip. As Page and Gareau battled for second that allowed Holbrook to pull away to a two-second advantage within a few laps.

Snyder and Sitterly race for fourth and fifth, while Muldoon was coming through from his ninth starting spot. Lap times quickened in the fast paced race, as watches were tripped a 17.29 in consecutive laps, as the 35 built the lead every lap. By lap 10, it was up to a full straightaway advantage.

Knowing every point counted, Sitterly went right to work on Snyder, and grabbed fourth place with a front straightaway pass. Once by the 0, Sitterly caught right up to the second place race, now making it a three-car battle for the spot. Sitterly remained on the charge as he got by Gareau on the outside on lap 14, again on the front straightaway.

Back up front, Holbrook came into slower traffic for the first time. He patiently worked his way through the lapped cars, as he had a bit of a working margin to go with. At the halfway point of the race, Holbrook built a 4.03 second advantage ahead of Page, Sitterly, Gareau and Snyder.

The 35 remained quick, as lap times remained consistent at 17.46. Sitterly said it was time to go if he had any chance to win. Lap 17 he shot the #79 to the outside of the Page 18 out of turn four, and took over the runner up spot, 4.67 seconds behind the hi flying leader.

That over four second margin was wiped away on lap 22, as the first caution flag of the race waved. Craig Rayvals slid the #94 into the foam in between turns three and four. It was now a bumper to bumper shoot out, with eight laps remaining. As they restarted, Brian Sweeney spun in turn 1, forcing another restart.

Again, Holbrook kept his composure, and put his foot down on the accelerator. He pulled out by two car lengths when the green flag came out, as Sitterly could not pull up to the leader. The 79 came in quickly, and Sitterly charged up to the bumper of the 35 car.

The white flag came out, with Holbrook leading by just a car length. Sitterly could not challenge on the last lap. Holbrook clocked in a lap of 17.56 on the last lap, and he cruised under Don Forbes checkered flag a car length ahead of the #79. He became the 74th driver to ever win a supermodified feature event at Oswego Speedway.

"It feels great!" Holbrook exclaimed just after the popular win. "The pressure is off now. Now I can enjoy the rest of my racing career now that my first one is over. The car, the first feature, I knocked it out of square, and I just couldn't get back into it. Something was wrong. I had a shock go bad. They replaced it, and it seemed a lot better, so I think it was back to where it used to be."

"The car was tight in the second race," Sitterly said after his second runner up finish of the night. "Congratulations to Jeff. He was quick, and he ran a good race. We changed the shocks before the second race, and the change worked. We'll take two seconds on the night, and you're thinking points. We're 13 out with one to go."

To this point in the season, Gregg Davis had been suffering through a miserable spell. The past two seasons he was a consistent top five runner, and this year he had not even broken into the top five. That all ended Saturday night as he snapped his dry spell in a big way as he took the checkered flag in the limited 25-lap feature race.

Davis started the race from the outside of row two, but it didn't take him long to show his strength. Lap two he was up to second, behind leader Russ Bartlett. One lap later, he moved to the inside of the #26 going into the first turn, and took the lead. Rookie Kevin Knopp came through to challenge Davis but couldn't pull side by side.

A scary looking accident slowed the field on lap 24. Chris Proud's 3 car spun, with Shawn Walker's #69 coming to rest with two wheels on top of the roll cage of the 3 car. Thankfully, Proud was uninjured in the accident.

As Davis remained in control up front, attention went to the race for the track championship. Mike Bond and Mark Regan raced wheel to wheel, as every point counted. The 01 and 69 cars raced side by side for laps, each looking for the advantage.

Regan led throughout the race, with Bond challenging on very corner. Davis cruised up front for the win by two lengths, with Bond charging to the inside, just beating out Regan by inches.

Davis picked up his first ever-limited feature win in the race in three years of trying. Rookie Kevin Knopp has his best finish of the year in second, a couple of lengths behind the winner. John Ketcham brought the 11 in third. Russ Bartlett had his best career run at Oswego in fourth, with Bond finishing fifth. With one race left on the limited supermodified schedule, the point race is now tied between Mike Bond and Mark Regan.

Kelly Miller picked up win number two of the year in the super stock program. He took the lead from brother Joe on lap 9, and pulled away for the win.

News and Notes...there were 25 supermodifieds, 32 limiteds and 17 super stocks in the pits. Stock car heat race wins went to Kelly Miller and Bill Moore, with Tony White, Gregg Davis and Mike Bond taking limited heats. Supermodified heat race wins went to Tim Gareau, Howard Page and Jeff Holbrook. Kevin Battelle won the limited consolation race. Howard Page leads the supermodified points by 13 over Sitterly, and 18 ahead of Muldoon. Bond and Regan are tied for the limited points, with Steve Austin 20 behind. Stock cars show unofficially Joe Miller leading brother Kelly by 15 points. Saturday is a regular night of racing, with a supermod 45 lapper, a limited 25, and stock car 20. Gates open at 4pm, with the first heat at 6pm.

SUPER STOCK HEAT #1 1. Kelly Miller (8) 2. Jeff Hamman (91) 3. Joe Miller (9) 4. Chris Lupa (46) 5. Zack Shove (81) 6. Randy Storms (22) 7. Rob Pullen (2) 8. Eric Connors (88) DNS

SUPER STOCK HEAT #2 1. Bill Moore (5) 2. John Parkhurst (38) 3. Frank Reakes (14) 4. Doug Reaume (99) 5. Jeff Polaski (41) 6. Joe Skilinski (4) 7. David Bock (85) 8. Bobby Newman (77) 9. Rick Porter (80)

SUPER STOCK FEATURE (20 laps) 1. Kelly Miller (8) 2. Bill Moore (5) 3. Jeff Hamman (91) 4. Doug Reaume (99) 5. John Parkhurst (38) 6. Bobby Newman (77) 7. Frank Reakes (14) 8. Joe Miller (9) 9. David Bock (85) 10. Randy Storms (22) 11. Jeff Polaski (41) 12. Joe Skilinski (4) 13. Eric Connors (88) 14. Chris Lupa (46) 15. Zack Shove (81) 16. Rob Pullen (2) 17. Rick Porter (80) DNS

LIMITED HEAT #1 1. Tony White (4) 2. Steve Austin (66) 3. Bill Izyk (1) 4. John Ketcham Jr (11) 5. Dan Kapuscinski (00) 6. Sam Bradford Jr (0) 7. Chris Davis (90) 8. Dave Cliff (06) 9. Ed Watson Jr (36) 10. Star Matteson (82) 11. Chip Wood (5)

LIMITED HEAT #2 1. Mike Bond (01) 2. Jeff Bartlett (24) 3. Guard Nearbin (78) 4. Kevin Knopp (94) 5. Jack Patrick (9) 6. Shawn Walker (68) 7. Kevin Battelle (29) 8. Wayne Wideman (15) 9. Horrace Vezzose Jr (2) 10. Lou LeVea (96) 11. Mike Bozzuto (8)

LIMITED HEAT #3 1. Gregg Davis (89) 2. Andy Noto (19) 3. Mark Regan (69) 4. Russ Bartlett (26) 5. Chris Proud (3) 6. JJ Andrews (93) 7. Jim Guyle (20) 8. Bob Bogwicz (99) 9. Bill Moore (7) 10. Bob Kingsley (51)

LIMITED CONSI 1. Kevin Battelle (29) 2. Jim Guyle (20) 3. Lou LeVea (96) 4. Chris Davis (90) 5. Dave Cliff (06) 6. Ed Wtson Jr (36) 7. Bob Bogwicz (99) 8. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 9. Wayne Wideman (15) 10. Bill Moore (7) 11. Mike Bozzuto (8) 12. Horrace Vezzose Jr (2) 13. Bob Kingsley (51) 14. Star Matteson (82) DNS

LIMITED FEATURE (25 laps) 1. Gregg Davis (89) 2. Kevin Knopp (94) 3. John Ketcham Jr (11) 4. Russ Bartlett (26) 5. Mike Bond (01) 6. Mark Regan (69) 7. Bill Izyk (1) 8. Steve Austin (66) 9. Jack Patrick (9) 10. Lou LeVea (96) 11. Tony White (4) 12. Jim Guyle (20) 13. Dave Cliff (06) 14. Sam Bradford Jr (0) 15. Shawn Walker (68) 16. Guard Nearbin (78) 17. Kevin Battelle (29) 18. JJ Andrews (93) 19. Chris Proud (3) 20. Ed Watson Jr (36) 21. Jeff Bartlett (24) 22. Dan Kapuscinski (00) 23. Andy Noto (19) 24. Chris Davis (90)

SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #1 1. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 2. Joe Hawksby Jr (27) 3. Otto Sitterly (79) 4. Vern LaFave (97) 5. Brian Sweeney (3) 6. Hal LaTulip (56) 7. Dave Lair (88) 8. Bob Magner (70) 9. Bobby Smith (50)

SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #2 1. Howard Page (18) 2. Keith Gilliam (87) 3. Bob Bond (25) 4. Bill Peri (14) 5. Dave Trytek (00) 6. Bob Goutermout (77) 7. Jamie Moore (44) 8. Dan Connors (96)

SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #3 1. Jeff Holbrook (35) 2. Tim Snyder (0) 3. Jerry Curran (24) 4. Shawn Mulddon (1) 5. Craig Rayvals (94) 6. Pat Lavery (99) 7. Mike Brubaker (36) 8. Dave Halstead Jr (34)

SUPERMODIFIED FEATURE #1 (30 laps) 1. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 2. Otto Sitterly (79) 3. Shawn Muldoon (1) 4. Jerry Curran (24) 5. Tim Snyder (0) 6. Dave Trytek (00) 7. Keith Gilliam (87) 8. Bob Bond (25) 9. Bob Goutermout (77) 10. Hal LaTulip (56) 11. Vern LaFave (97) 12. Howard Page (18) 13. Pat Lavery (99) 14. Mike Brubaker (36) 15. Dave Halstead Jr (34) 16. Bob Magner (70) 17. Dave Lair (88) 18. Jamie Moore (44) 19. Jeff Holbrook (35) 20. Dan Connors (96) 21. Bill Peri (14) 22. Brian Sweeney (3) 23. Craig Rayvals (94) 24. Joe Hawksby Jr (27) 25. Bobby Smith (50)

SUPERMODIFIED FEATURE #2 (30 laps) 1. Jeff Holbrook (35) 2. Otto Sitterly (79) 3. Howard Page (18) 4. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 5. Tim Snyder (0) 6. Bob Bond (25) 7. Shawn Muldoon (1) 8. Jerry Curran (24) 9. Keith Gilliam (87) 10. Jamie Moore (44) 11. Dave Trytek (00) 12. Pat Lavery (99) 13. Vern LaFave (97) 14. Bob Goutermout (77) 15. Hal LaTulip (56) 16. Mike Brubaker (36) 17. Dave Lair (88) 18. Dave Halstead Jr (34) 19. Bob Magner (70) 20. Brian Sweeney (3) 21. Craig Rayvals (94) 22. Dan Connors (96) 23. Bill Peri (14) 24. Joe Hawksby Jr (27) 25. Bobby Smith (50)

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