Oswego Speedway race report 2001-07-14

Oswego, NY - Fremont, NH's Mike Ordway won his first supermodified feature with car owner Clyde Booth when his daughter was a baby. Now she stands proudly beside him in victory lane as a teenager, with her mom and younger brother. The Booth-Ordway...

Oswego, NY - Fremont, NH's Mike Ordway won his first supermodified feature with car owner Clyde Booth when his daughter was a baby. Now she stands proudly beside him in victory lane as a teenager, with her mom and younger brother. The Booth-Ordway combination certainly hasn't lost any of its competitiveness over the years. Mike Ordway dominated both races he was in Saturday night on Clearview Home and Leisure/Wet Paint Co. night to become the first repeat winner in the supermodifieds in 2001. In the double limited features, Shawn Muldoon took the rescheduled 25, up first for the night, and in the nightcap, Billy Izyk became the first repeat limited winner. Lou LeVea, who now also competes in a limited super, copped his third super stock main.

Ordway, who clocked off 16.6's in his heat, fled the competition once by Tim Gareau just past lap 10. He said later when asked about his goals for 2001 with his new ride with his old car owner. "I just wanted to come here, race and have fun this year. I just want to go as good as the car goes. Winning two features is great. I appreciate everybody coming out to watch the show." Veteran Jamie Moore grabbed the early lead in the super main but a hungry Tim Gareau was right there to steal the point five laps later. But, Ordway, running a super smooth groove, just glided up from 9th to take over the lead as the clock ticked to 12. Greg Furlong would soon become his only challenger throughout the remainder of the event.

Several opportunities at slowing down Ordway came and went, but Furlong just couldn't catch him as much as he tried. Said Greg after the race, "We had a good car. That's the first time that car has run in a feature without the wing. The crew did a good job. For some reason at night our cars just stay loose and we can't tighten them up. Mike's was tightened up and ours was a little loose and I just couldn't get on the gas like he could. I was catching him, but I had to finesse on the throttle and it would still squeak loose on me. Sometimes I just had to take my hand off the wheel because I was turning it back too much the other way. They had a better car tonight and we'll settle for second. Second is a good finish, but it's tough when you want to win."

The first race yellow flew on lap 15 for a hard hit by Jamie Letcher in the Witkum 85 as Hal LaTulip and he came together. Pat Lavery and Scott Eldred were also involved. All restarted except for the hapless Letcher. It was the Ordway-Furlong show out front at the green with Gareau, Shannon Groves and Stowell the top five.

Just prior to midway, Ordway was lapping at the tail of the field as Furlong began reeling in the 61 as the traffic slowed down Mike. At one point on lap 32 Furlong nudged ahead as the duo came around Jamie Moore, but when they came down for lap 33, Ordway was out front.

Lap 39 saw a, yellow then red fly, as a pileup in between three and four found flames shooting from the Curran 24. This one appeared to be set up when Joe Gosek, in the Sweeney 3, and Todd Stowell, the previous week's winner, came together somehow, slowing cars behind them. Vern LaFave and Bob Goutermout tried evasive measures, but Curran arrived on the scene with no where to go, but up, over and into the foam. Jerry was shaken and stayed in the ambulance for a time for observation. Curran and Gosek arrived in the pits with mangled cars. LaFave, Pat Lavery, and Stowell were able to restart. Up toward the front, a bizarre tangle occurred after the flag fell when Shannon Groves and Gary Syrell brushed. Groves had to pull his 07 in out of fourth and Syrell also left the track. Groves was able to restart also. The green flew once again for the final seven laps and although the field was bunched, Ordway easily pulled away from it. Furlong ran in second, while Gareau held off Dave Trytek, Howie Page, Tim Snyder, Groves, Otto Sitterly and Stowell, the only cars in the lead lap at the checkered. Jamie Moore finished up the top ten.

The Clark Concrete limited 25 was flagged off just after 5 pm and only one yellow marred the pace.

Young Danny Kapuscinski took the lead but Gregg Davis came up quickly to contest. Shawn Muldoon also moved quickly into third.

The only yellow flew on lap 9 for a spin by Jack Patrick. On the green Davis had both Muldoon and Russ Brown side by side behind him waiting for a chance to get by. Muldoon got that chance on lap 12 when he got by Davis in turn three.

Muldoon's lead lengthened quickly as Davis, Brown, Kapuscinski, Mark Regan, Tim Falter, Steve Austin, Bob Rundell, Chris Proud and more battled behind. There was little attrition in this one and everyone was still out there racing.

At the checkered, Muldoon sailed home alone with Davis and Brown a distance behind. High schooler Dan Kapuscinski had a fine fourth with point leader Mark Regan fifth. Falter, Austin, Rundell, Matt Wheeler and Proud, rounded out the top five.

Muldoon, whose luck of late has been next to nil, was an appreciative winner, I'd just really like to thank everyone who has been helping me that last few weeks especially. We've gone through a lot this year ... spent a lot of money wrecking. Thanks to Hough Construction, County Video, Barzee Automotive, Vickery Construction, Green's Trucking, JR Signs, Racemaster, Dan Ferlito Construction, All Purpose Handyman and Ed Izyk. Then there's Jim Losurdo and Mike O'Connor and all those guys from Greg Davis' crew who've helped with the car that last two weeks. Everybody's been helping me. I really appreciate it. Thanks. The car was pretty good. It tightened up a little, but we'll work on that for the next one. I'd like a top five at, but if we win, we win." In the Clearview Home and Leisure/Wet Paint Company event later that evening, things were a little different. Andy Noto was first to lead, but a massive crash started off turn four on the next lap. At least ten cars were involved, most driving away or into the pits on their own. The hooked cars belonged to Bobby Rundell and Craig Rayvals. Other no shows on the green were Jim Guyle, Dan Stagnitta and Matt Wheeler.

John Ketcham grabbed the lead from Noto on the green and pulled away, but yellow flew once more on lap 4 when Jack Patrick appeared to have spun. But his 9 obviously was damaged internally, and he was out of the action. Ketcham led the next lap with Noto, Lou LeVea and Pitt Watson, then Kapuscinski, Muldoon and Izyk, battled tooth and nail.

On lap 6, another slowdown came with Mike Gardner, JJ Andrews, Shawn Walker, Mike Bond and others going every which way. Andrews and Bond went back to their positions. Gardner went on the hook as did Shawn Walker.

Ketcham finally would get to some strong green flag laps as the race went smoothly for a while. Coming up into second was the first feature winner, Muldoon as Billy Izyk, LeVea, Watson, Brown and Kapuscinski chased. Ketcham survived the bunching of the field on lap 14, but not for long afterwards. The 55 of Dan Ferlito was the culprit on this one and he restarted at the tail, but in the interim, second place runner Muldoon coasted the 80 into the fourth turn pit entrance, with an obvious mechanical failure. He would not restart.

The last ten laps went clean and Ketcham soon found Billy Izyk on his rear. Izyk got by on lap 19 to lead the final five. Ketcham held off Russ Brown and Pitt Watson, as LeVea, Kapuscinski, J.J. Andrews, Mike Bond and Mark Regan battled behind.

At the checkered it was Izyk, winning his second of 2001, Ketcham, Brown, Watson and LeVea. Kapuscinski, Regan, Andrews, Bond, and Steve Austin topped the ten finalists.

Said Izyk in victory lane, "We wanted to win a couple this year and we have. Now we can set a goal for three. We're doing all right. We're going to try real hard next week for the Mr. Limited prize, but now we've messed up the handicap so we'll be starting toward the back."

Joe Miller topped the 14-car super stock field from the green as the field sorted out behind him. Chris Lupa, Rich Palmer, Kelly Miller, Dave Bock, Tony White and Bill Moore did some great shuffling behind as Lou LeVea looked for an opening.

A quick yellow flew for Lupa on lap 11 and with the closing of the field, LeVea, who had worked up into third behind Lupa, now had the catbird's seat to get by Miller which he did on the next lap.

LeVea, whose car is up for sale as he sets his sites on the limited division, handily topped the 20 lapper with only one more yellow on lap 14 for the 2 of Rob Pullen.

It was LeVea, Bill Moore, Tony White, Dave Bock and Kelly Miller, the top five at the checkered. LeVea, the super stock point leader, would then move into his limited super ride to finish fifth there. The ThrillMasters Thrill Show concluded the evening with an exciting display of fiery-crashing stunts.

Saturday, July 21, the last event of July as Oswego is closed July 28 for Harborfest, finds the $10,000 to win Mr. Supermodified, $1,000 to win Mr. Limited and $500 to win Mr. Super Stock events all in one night! Previous three-time winner of this big prize, Mike Ordway, will surely be looking for another win to add to his collection, but two-time winner Bob Goutermout just might have something to say about that. Look for Joe Gosek and others to also be on hand to challenge the regulars for the title.


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