Oswego results 2003-08-23

Oswego, NY - The month of August has been extremely kind to Fulton, NY's Bob Goutermout, unlike in previous years. Bob, after two second place finishes in the Twin 30's and a win on August 9, was able to catch leader Todd Stowell on a restart to...

Oswego, NY - The month of August has been extremely kind to Fulton, NY's Bob Goutermout, unlike in previous years. Bob, after two second place finishes in the Twin 30's and a win on August 9, was able to catch leader Todd Stowell on a restart to take win number two for the month. Stowell, not exactly large in the luck department, had led from the initial green, losing what would have been his first of the year with just five laps to go. In the limited supers, a bizarre chain of events gave Kris Meyn, of Williamson, NY, the win, and the championship to Mike Bond in a close point battle. Durhamville, NY's Bobby Newman picked up his second of the year in the super stocks.

Bob Goutermout and Otto Sitterly used a late race caution to charge by Todd Stowell on the restart. Goutermout was all smiles in victory lane. Said the seven-year supermodified veteran, "The car was going great tonight. I have to start up for apologizing to Joe. I me almost spinning out there caused him to spin out to avoid me. But, my car is going good. I want to race clean and I don't want to get into anybody to get by him. We're ready for Classic. We just have to get it ready to go the long distance next week. What momentum going into next week.. two wins, two seconds. After the last two years, this is the way we want to go into Classic.. I'd like to thank the whole crew and my sponsors - Darcey's Collision, Light's Auto Parts (NAPA), Amerigas, and Babcock Highway Supply."

Following Goutermout past Stowell on that last restart was Otto Sitterly who took over second. The man of few words commented afterwards, "Second place...one short. We were tight in the middle. If I ran into something, I don't know. I don't race that way. We're looking forward to the Classic next week."

Coming up for third on the final circuit, Brian Sweeney was not exactly ecstatic about his run. "I quit...buy my car. You can print that. The car was probably the worst the car has been in the feature in the last month. It had a real bad push coming out and I couldn't get on the throttle. I got alongside Todd a couple times and he took me out to the wall. What are you going to do, that's racing I guess. Next week is the one we want anyway."

With Joe Gosek already clinching the 2003 Supermodified track title, this was a night for thinking a week ahead to Classic time for many drivers, although some spots behind Joe were up for grabs. Todd Stowell took off from his outside pole spot and easily put some distance on the field, but Brian Sweeney soon closed up that gap.

A lap 13 yellow slowed things which saw Dave Tryek, the second place man in points, saw his second possibly down the drain when he was hooked off the track. Keith Gilliam was able to resume the race. Dave's teammate Jeff Holbrook, who sat in fourth in points, ironically pulled pitside from some adjustments to the 35 as the 70 was towed in.

Stowell pulled away from the field and set a torrid pace out front as Sweeney, Goutermout, Joe Gosek, Otto Sitterly, Tim Snyder, Tim Gareau, Jerry Curran and Shawn Muldoon looked for racing room.

The next yellow fell for the new track champion Gosek when Goutermout got a little loose. Joe checked up and Otto tagged him from behind. Gosek had to go to the rear after being turned around. It was not a big deal said Joe later. "I think I had a bullseye on my butt coming off two. Otto was racing hard, Goutermout might have checked up in front of me and I got spun around. It was no big deal. It's tough racing out there. To get another top five going into next week...we'll be all right."

Another flag flew before a lap was done when Tim Gareau's 5 broke a radius rod and he went off on the hook.

Behind Stowell on this restart a battle developed between Sweeney, Snyder and Goutermout using all the grooves in attempts to gain spots and catch Stowell. Pat Abold parked the Hawksby 22 soon thereafter as he was onboard preparing for his upcoming Classic run.

Snyder almost got alongside Stowell on lap 25 when Bobby Santos III had a tire going down on the 44. While in the pits, Santos was held for a leaking overflow which lost him a lap.

Another hectic restart for Stowell had Sweeney, Goutermout, Snyder and Sitterly bearing down on him again, but he was able to hold his lead and keep it while the race went green. Behind him Sweeney and Goutermout dueled as Snyder ran alongside Sitterly lap after lap - until lap 37. Snyder had been reported to be having some fluid emanating from his 0 and possibly onto his tire. The black flag flew for the winner of the Twin 30's, but before he could pull in, his car quit high off turn four with an overheating problem.

Stowell really felt the pressure this time as Goutermout got alongside him on the restart green. Right behind Sweeney and Sitterly were two abreast as Gosek had worked back into fifth ahead of Howie Page, Jerry Curran and a way back, Gary Morton, prepping for Classic in the Strong 96.

One lap later, Goutermout and Sitterly were able to make the pass as the tires faded on Stowell.With one to go, Sweeney got by Stowell for third. Fourth was where the leader of the first 40 laps would end up. Todd said while walking back from the track scales, "Would of, could of, should of. If Timmy had come in when he got blackflagged, I might have had it. My tires went away on the last caution. The car got loose and burned the right rear. I few guys got by. But, going into Classic a top five is good. We'll adjust the car a little bit more and what we are shooting for is next week. We weren't really coming into tonight to get a win, just a good setup for Classic. I'd like to thank all my sponsors for sticking with me, my crew for all the hours they put in trying to get this car here and competitive, my family, friends and fans...thank you all!"

And, finishing fifth, after having to make his way through the field twice was Joe Gosek, who, in a ceremony during intermission, had been lauded for achieving his first-ever track title by Oswego Mayor John Gosek (his cousin).

Less than 30 points separated the top three - Mike Bond, Gregg Davis and Kevin Knopp - in the limited super point race going into the night's racing. Bond finished fourth in his heat. Knopp won his while Davis went into the consi. The anticipating mounted as the limiteds took to the track. It was rookie Steve Abt who led the first laps as Jim Guyle and Kris Meyn chased.

The race slowed on lap 7 for a quick yellow and on the restart, Mike Bond was a little too anxious and he was called for a jump. This would have penalized him to the back of the lead lap on the next yellow. Unfortunately for Bond, things just weren't going well. The next yellow was for him as a hub broke on the 90. Bond was towed off, leaving the point battle perhaps up to Davis and Knopp now.

Meanwhile up front, Abt and Meyn had created a front-running duo leaving Guyle, Rob Pullen, Jack Patrick, Kevin Battelle, Bob Andrews and more behind. Knopp and Davis were still shy of the top ten.

Onlap 14, half the pack slid around in turn three with only Dave Cliff the towed car. All the rest scrambled back to the action.

On this restart, Kris Meyn grabbed the lead from Abt and tried to flee the tension behind.

Yellow struck again on lap 18 for the 09 of Ryan Coleman who was able to restart. Bond, whose crew never quit, put him back out in the race, albeit four laps down. This may have decided the outcome of the point race. Another quick yellow flew for Doug Cliff on the restart allowing Bond to have a few cars behind him on the restart here.

Meyn took off seeing a career-first as a possibity now. Back in the pack, Chris Proud, who came into the event in fourth place in points, was holding off Davis and Knopp as he road eighth or ninth. Unfortunately, Davis tagged Proud coming off four, putting Chris hard into the front outside wall. Proud was not happy with Davis when he exited his bent up car and showed the displeasure to Davis as he pulled away to take a spot at the rear of the field.

Kris Meyn shrugged off the challenges of Abt and Battelle on the restart, but yellow flew one more time. In a bizarre chain of events, it was Knopp now heading pitside with a flat tire.

Meyn put his foot down for the last five and pulled away from Abt, Battelle, Rob Pullen, JJ Andrews, Louie LeVea, Shawn Walker and Steve Austin. Battelle suddenly began to lose ground and when the checkered waved, it was Meyn for his first, Abt, for a great rookie finish, Pullen, Andrews and LeVea. Walker, Austin, Battelle, Danny Kapuscinksi and Mike Barnes finished up the top ten.

Meyn was elated in victory lane. "This is feels break. We've been starting so far back here for a while. We finally got a good up front spot and we capitalized on it. The car was running really good. I'm really psyched. I've always wanted to get a win here. Now we got it, it's off my back. This is the place you definitely want to win at. This is the career builder right here. We'll put some new rubber on it and hope to repeat next week to put a little more money in the process. We love running up here. We love the fans, and the competition. Everyone has treated us really good."

And, after some tallying, Bond was determined to have held out for his first-ever limited super title. He was being congratulated all around back in his pit area. "The car was running great," said the Mexico, NY racer. " I couldn't have asked for a better car. I was just out there biding my time and then the hub broke and I went down laps. But, we finally had some good luck for a change. What a night. Gregg (Davis) spins out. Kevin (Knopp) gets a flat tire. It was pretty unusual. I've been trying for this for a long time. I'd just like to thank everybody on the crew...Gregg and Mike Decaire. Mike's been with me since day one. And, they are a bunch of hard-working guys. And, all the sponsors on the car - Hat Trick Charters, Advance Auto, AC Green Trucking, Lindsley Aggregates, Lewis & Tanner Paints, and Green Sneaks Lawn Care - every little bit helps."

Doug Reaume, of Syracuse, NY, had only to start his heat to clinch the 2003 super stock championship in just his third season, and it was lucky that's all he needed. The Wilber-Duck Chevy Buick, The Carpet Man and Volney Tire sponsored 99 was involved in a scary-looking accident that occured right out of turn three on the green of the super stock 20 lapper. Joe Skilinski's 4 and Doug Reaume's 99 sat in three when the yellow was called when Kelly Miller's 8 came onto the scene and lifted the 99 high in the air, lodging his car underneath. Red was called to remove the 99 with all three cars being towed into the pits. All would resume the action sometime during the race, with many layers of sheet metal missing.

On the complete restart, Bobby Newman made a two car pass from his third starting spot to steal the lead from George Knight and Chris Lupa in front of him. It was all Newman after that.

Back in the pack, Knight, Bruce Stanton, Dwayne LeMay, Lupa, Dave Fetterly and Joe Miller rubbed door panels as the race sped on.

Only one more caution fellw on lap 16 when a piece of debris departed one of the aforementioned mangled machines.

Newman was up to the challenge on this restart as he took off to sail under the checkered ahead of Knight, Fetterly, who got Lupa on the last circuit, Lupa and LeMay.

In post race tech, the 77 of Newman was found to be illegal and the win was given to George Knight. Newman was credited with 8th, the last on lead lap.

Next up is the grand finale at Oswego with Budweiser Classic weekend beginning with practice and free pit party for fans on Friday, the ISMA Super Nationals, Midget Championship and Limited Super Nationals on Saturday and the 47th running of the Bud Int'l Classic on Sunday, Aug. 31.

FINAL Race Results
Race Date: Saturday, August 23, 2003

SUPER STOCK HEAT #1 1. Chris Lupa (46) 2. Bruce Stanton (93) 3. Dwayne LeMay (12) 4. David Bock (85) 5. Joe Miller (9) 6. Charles Spataro (08) 7. David Fetterly (21) 8. Chris Smiedy (71) 9. JJ Courcy (20)

SUPER STOCK HEAT #2 1. George Knight (38) 2. Joe Skilinski (4) 3. Doug Reaume (99) 4. Bobby Newman (77) 5. Randy Storms (22) 6. Jason Spaulding (34) 7. Roberta Foster (2) 8. Kelly Miller (8) DNS

SUPER STOCK FEATURE (20) 1. George Knight (38) 2. David Fetterly (21) 3. Chris Lupa (46) 4. Dwayne LeMay (12) 5. Joe Miller (9) 6. David Bock (85) 7. Jason Spaulding (34) 8. Bobby Newman* (77), 9. Randy Storms (22) 10. Bruce Stanton (93) 11. JJ Courcy (20) 12. Joe Skilinski (4) 13. Doug Reaume (99) 14. Charles Spataro (08) 15. Chris Smiedy (71) 16. Kelly Miller (8) 17. Roberta Foster (2) *dq illegal carb

LIMTED HEAT #1 1. Rob Pullen (2) 2. JJ Andrews (93) 3. Steve Abt (85) 4. Mike Bond (90) 5. Lou LeVea (96) 6. Mark Regan (69) 7. Ryan Coleman (09) 8. Gordon Smallidge (52) 9. Dave Gruel (18) 10. Stanley Gates (12) 11. Guard Nearbin (78) 12. Andy Noto (19)

LIMITED HEAT #2 1. Kris Meyn (86) 2. Dan Kapuscinski (00) 3. Jim Guyle (20) 4. Shawn Walker (68) 5. Kevin Battelle (29) 6. Steve Austin (66) 7. Michael Barnes (43) 8. Pat Mullen (32) 9. Star Matteson (82) 10. Jason Cliff (60) 11. Gregg Davis (89)

LIMITED HEAT #3 1. Kevin Knopp (94) 2. Jack Patrick (9) 3. Chris Proud (3) 4. Tony White (4) 5. Dave Cliff (06) 6. Doug Reaume (95) 7. Bill Moore (7) 8. Chip Wood (5) 9. Cameron Rowe (76) 10. Tim Barbeau (50) 11. Doug Cliff (61) LIMITED CONSI1. Dave Gruel (18) 2. Gregg Davis (89) 3. Pat Mullen (32) 4. Star Matteson (82) 5. Doug Cliff (61) 6. Stanley Gates (12) 7. Gordon Smallidge (52) 8. Andy Noto (19) 9. Cameron Rowe (76) 10. Tim Barbeau (50) 11. Jason Cliff (60) 12. Chip Wood (5)

LIMITED FEATURE (25) 1. Kris Meyn (86) 2. Steve Abt (85) 3. Rob Pullen (2) 4. JJ Andrews (93) 5. Lou LeVea (96) 6. Shawn Walker (68) 7. Steve Austin (66) 8. Kevin Battelle (29) 9. Dan Kapuscinski (00) 10. Michael Barnes (43) 11. Dave Gruel (18) 12. Gregg Davis (89) 13. Doug Cliff (61) 14. Mark Regan (69) 15. Jack Patrick (9) 16. Andy Noto (19) 17. Star Matteson (82) 18. Doug Reaume (95) 19. Kevin Knopp (94) 20. Bill Moore (7) 21. Tony White (4) 22. Pat Mullen (32) 23. Ryan Coleman (09) 24. Mike Bond (90) 25. Chris Proud (3) 26. Jim Guyle (20) 27. Dave Cliff (06)

SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #1 1. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 2. Otto Sitterly (79) 3. Tim Snyder (0) 4. Shawn Muldoon (1) 5. Pat Lavery (99) 6. Pat Abold (22) 7. Bob Magner (40) 8. Jon Gambuti (85) 9. Bill Sharkey (7)

SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #21. Bob Goutermout (77) 2. Joe Gosek (50) 3. Todd Stowell (89) 4. Brian Sweeney (3) 5. Keith Gilliam (87) 6. Bobby Santos III (44) 7. Bill Peri (14) 8. Jamie Timmons (52) 9. Jeff Holbrook (35)

SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #3 1. Jerry Curran (24) 2. Howard Page (18) 3. Dave Trytek (70) 4. Gary Morton (96) 5. Dave Halstead Jr (34) 6. Hal LaTulip (56) 7. Bob Bond (25) 8. Craig Rayvals (94) 9. Johnny Payne (27)

SUPERMODIFIED CONSI 1. Bob Magner (40) 2. Bill Peri (14) 3. Jeff Holbrook (35) 4. Jon Gambuti (85) 5. Johnny Payne (27) 6. Jamie Timmons (52) 7. Craig Rayvals (94) 8. Bob Bond (25) DNS 9. Bill Sharkey (7) DNS

SUPERMODIFIED FEATURE (45) 1. Bob Goutermout (77) 2. Otto Sitterly (79) 3. Brian Sweeney (3) 4. Todd Stowell (89) 5. Joe Gosek (50) 6. Howard Page (18) 7. Jerry Curran (24) 8. Gary Morton (96) 9. Shawn Muldoon (1) 10. Bob Magner (40) 11. Pat Lavery (99) 12. Dave Halstead Jr (34) 13. Craig Rayvals (94) 14. Jeff Holbrook (35) 15. Keith Gilliam (87) 16. Jon Gambuti (85) 17. Bill Peri (14) 18. Jamie Timmons (52) 19. Bobby Santos III (44) 20. Tim Snyder (0) 21. Hal LaTulip (56) 22. Pat Abold (22) 23. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 24. Dave Trytek (70) 25. Johnny Payne (27)


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