Oswego results 2003-06-29

Oswego, NY - Joe Gosek looked to be heading his Muldoon-owned supermodified to victory for the second straight week at Oswego Speedway Saturday night, but in racing there are no guarantees ever. Gosek's number 50 ride broke a rocker arm earlier in...

Oswego, NY - Joe Gosek looked to be heading his Muldoon-owned supermodified to victory for the second straight week at Oswego Speedway Saturday night, but in racing there are no guarantees ever. Gosek's number 50 ride broke a rocker arm earlier in the evening and he climbed aboard the number 20, driven to date by Dennis Wilson. Joe, starting 11th on the field, worked by race leader Bob Bond on lap 17. Gosek led his challenger Jeff Holbrook through the labyrinth of reds and yellows and was just five laps from victory when coming out of turn one, his car bobbled and slowed for just an instant causing Holbrook to tap and turn him sideways. Others then hit Gosek and the red flew for the second time in the 45 lapper. Holbrook led the remaining five laps and took the checkered. He was not a jubilant winner when he climbed out of the car. The 2001 Supermodified Rookie of the Year who won his career first in 2002, was not exactly happy.

Said Holbrook in victory lane, "I never thought winning could feel so bad. That was Joe Gosek's race. My apologies go to Mike Muldoon and that whole crew. I feel terrible. Pushing in turns three or four. I thought Sitterly would get me at the end there, but I never saw him. I don't like winning like this. I would have rather passed him fair and square. I had a push. Stops and restarts made it worse. Joe was backing down a little on the starts so I knew I had to get him there. I didn't know he had a fuel problem. I just feel really bad about hitting him."

In turn, Joe Gosek was not exactly happy with the outcome either. Said the veteran of many racing wars afterward, "I had plenty of fuel left. I didn't run out. I might have bobbled or washed up a little, but he didn't have to drill me. But, that's inexperience. We'll just come back and try it again next week."

It was Mexico, NY's Bob Bond who led the way in the eventful feature, but it didn't take long for the drivers, anxious to get back in a racing mode, to be come overzealous. Red dropped on lap 8 when a multi car tangle occurred between turns one and two. Affected were Shannon Groves, Craig Rayvals, Bobby Magner, Brian Sweeney, Bobby Santos and Pennsylvania native Tom Gonczi. Magner and Groves did not make the restart. Todd Stowell and Tim Gareau, who both had pitted just moments earlier, tried to reenter, but Gareau's 5 malfunctioned once again and he parked it. Santos' crew also tried in vain to get back into the fray.

Bond took off after the cleanup leaving Hal LaTulip, Holbrook, Gosek, Ray Graham and Otto Sitterly just behind him.

Gosek moved past LaTulip on lap 16 and by lap 17 was the leader, relegating Bond to second.

Bob Goutermout's brush with the foam brought out yellow on lap 18 and he was towed in.

One lap later Tom Gonczi was involved in his second yellow but this one put him ofn.

Gosek took the 20 out to a comfortable lead as the race hit halfway. Bond fell victim to Holbrook's pass, which brought Otto Sitterly past also.

On lap 29, Mike Brubaker and Ray Graham, running side by side for sixth, brushed, and Graham's good run ended. Yellowitis continued on this restart when Keith Gilliam, trying to correct his 87, found himself in the inner hub off one.

Gosek was still sixteen laps from the end of the race, but when the restart was made good, he was able to fend off any advances Holbrook, Sitterly, Bond, Brubaker, Howie Page and Dave Trytek might have had.

Holbrook, however, was able to mount a run on the restart of a lap 36 yellow for Tim Snyder. Holbrook seemed to be sticking with the twenty as the laps ticked away. Sitterly, Bond and Brubaker continued in the top five. On lap 40, another yellow flew for Doug Kells' 39. Hal LaTulip, having a good run, had to come in for fuel as the flags began to take their toll.

The next charge from Holbrook was the final one for the leader Gosek. As the field came off four and entered turn one under the restart green, Holbrook tapped the 20 from behind sending Joe sideways and receiving a t-bone from Brubake r who had no where to go. Mayhem ensued at the front and the red dropped again for yet another cleanup. Muldoon's crew almost got Gosek back out but the car was missing a header pipe, and although he was pushed off once, he came right back in.

As Gosek's car was deemed the reason for the yellow, Holbrook now maintained his spot - the lead. He easily crossed the line under the checkered five laps later with Sitterly, Bond, Page and teammate Dave Trytek, the top five. The second through fifth place finisher all pretty much admitted that they shouldn't be where they were given the circumstances. Sittery said his car was loose at the end and he didn't have anything more for the leader. Bond, whose dad was in the hospital in Syracuse, was just happy to finish his first race of the season. Page said, "I was lucky. This car was not good all night." And, Trytek admitted, "We had a fifteenth place car that finished fifth."

Rounding out the top ten were Jerry Curran, Bill Peri, Tim Snyder, Pat Lavery and Doug Kells.


1. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 2. Joe Gosek (20) 3. Hal LaTulip (56) 4. Bob Magner (40) 5. Keith Gilliam (87) 6. Jerry Curran (24) 7. Todd Stowell (89) 8. Joe Hawksby Jr (2) 9. Joe Chillemi (41) DNS

1. Howard Page (18) 2. Jeff Holbrook (35) 3. Bob Goutermout (77) 4. Bob Bond (25) 5. Bobby Santos III (44) 6. Brian Sweeney (3) 7. Pat Lavery (99) 8. Shannon Groves (07) 9. Dave Halstead Jr (34)

1. Ray Graham Jr (90) 2. Mike Brubaker (36) 3. Tim Snyder (0) 4. Otto Sitterly (79) 5. Dave Trytek (70) 6. Bill Peri (14) 7. Tom Gonczi (01) 8. Doug Kells (39) 9. Craig Rayvals (94)

1.Jeff Holbrook (35) 2. Otto Sitterly (79) 3. Bob Bond (25) 4. Howard Page (18) 5. Dave Trytek (70) 6. Jerry Curran (24) 7. Bill Peri (14) 8. Tim Snyder (0) 9. Pat Lavery (99) 10. Doug Kells (39) 11. Hal LaTulip (56) 12. Craig Rayvals (94) 13. Joe Gosek (20) 14. Mike Brubaker (36) 15. Brian Sweeney (3) 16. Keith Gilliam (87) 17. Ray Graham (90) 18. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 19. Tom Gonczi (01) 20. Bob Goutermout (77) 21. Todd Stowell (89) 22. Dave Halstead Jr (34) 23. Bobby Santos III (44) 24. Shannon Groves (07) 25. Bob Magner (40)

The limited supers were no less anxious to get going as they faced a 30-lap spring championship 30 lapper with double points on the line.

Jack Patrick led the go but misfortune struck even before the green when 2002 limited super champ Mark Regan was unable to start. Russ Bartlett was added as the bubble car.

By lap 5, Patrick felt the pressure from Kevin Knopp's 94 and after a quick battle, Knopp was the leader. Patrick, Kevin Battelle, Bob Bogwicz and Lou LeVea chased.

A yellow then red dropped on lap 10 when a pileup blocked the way. Affected were Bogwicz and LeVea, who collected Danny Kapuscinski, John Ketcham, Doug Cliff, Chris Proud and more. Ketcham and Kapuscinski were checked in the ambulance and were shaken by otherwise okay.

Knopp took up his lead position on the green and built a healthy distance between his 94 and the Patrick 9, but Patrick would soon lose second to Mike Bond's 90. Craig Davis, Battelle, Kris Meyn, Steve Austin and Brian Nappa were still well within sight of the leaders.

The race ran pretty clean with Bond trying the outside of Knopp on several occasions before he made the move stick, almost, on lap 25 which saw a caution soon thereafter for Battelle and Patrick. Patrick restarted at the tail. Battelle got the hook.

Now, Bond had five more laps to reclaim the lead he had just won and lost. On the green, Bond got outside Knopp once more with Davis helping him along behind. The pair freight-trained but Knopp picked up the pace and stayed the leader one more lap before they got him for good on lap 27. At the checkered it was Mike Bond, Davis, Knopp, Meyn and Nappa the top five. With Andy Noto, JJ Andrews, Bogwicz, Doug Cliff and Shawn Walker the top ten.

Said Bond in victory lane, "I didn't know if I could come back up there after that yellow. But, Kevin gave me room. He's a good driver. He didn't crowd me. Some guys wouldn't have done the same. And, Greg was pressuring there at the end. I'd like to thank Mike DeCaire, Mike O'Connor and all my crew. I hope my father's feeling better. He's in the hospital right now."


1. Lou LeVea (96) 2. Mark Regan (69) 3. John Ketcham Jr (0) 4. Shawn Walker (68) 5. Dan Kapuscinski (00) 6. Chris Proud (3) 7. Kris Meyn (86) 8. Bill Moore (7) 9. Chip Wood (5) 10. Russ Bartlett (39) 11. Stanley Gates (12) 12. Jason Cliff (60) DNS

1. Mike Bond (90) 2. Kevin Knopp (94) 3. Jack Patrick (9) 4. Kevin Battelle (29) 5. Brian Nappa (36) 6. Dave Cliff (06) 7. Andy Noto (19) 8. Doug Reaume (95) 9. Dave Gruel (18) 10. Doug Cliff (61) 11. Pat Mullen (32) 12. Wayne Wideman (15)

1. Steve Austin (66) 2. Gregg Davis (89) 3. Bob Bogwicz (99) 4. Tony White (4) 5. Michael Barnes (43) 6. Star Matteson (82) 7. Dick Woodley (8) 8. Rob Pullen (2) 9. Tim Barbeau (50) 10. JJ Andrews (93) 11. Guard Nearbin (78) 12. Gordon Smallidge (52) DNS

1. Bill Moore (7) 2. Doug Reaume (95) 3. JJ Andrews (93) 4. Doug Cliff (61) 5. Rob Pullen (2) 6. Dave Gruel (18) 7. Russ Bartlett (39) 8. Chip Wood (5) 9. Stanley Gates (12) 10. Tim Barbeau (50) 11. Pat Mullen (32) 12. Gordon Smallidge (52) 13. Wayne Wideman (15)

1. Mike Bond (90) 2. Gregg Davis (89) 3. Kevin Knopp (94) 4. Kris Meyn (86) 5. Brian Nappa (36) 6. Andy Noto (19) 7. JJ Andrews (93) 8. Bob Bogwicz (99) 9. Doug Cliff (61) 10. Shawn Walker (68) 11. Bill Moore (7) 12. Chris Proud (3) 13. Dick Woodley (8) 14. Doug Reaume (95) 15. Rob Pullen (2) 16. Dave Gruel (18) 17. Steve Austin (66) 18. Star Matteson (82) 19. Jack Patrick (9) 20. Kevin Battelle (29) 21. Tony White (4) 22. Dan Kapuscinski (00) 23. John Ketcham Jr (0) 24. Dave Cliff (06) 25. Michael Barnes (43) 26. Lou LeVea (96) 27. Russ Bartlett (39)

Kelly Miller, whose number 8 looked to be a Demo Derby entrant due to an earlier wreck, led all 20 laps of the super stock main, but he worked every lap for the victory. His first pursuer was Bobby Newman until Newman's 77 slowed suddenly and fled to the pits. He would return, but not to second place.

A lap 10 yellow slowed things as Kelly had brother Joe hot on his tail at the midway mark. A choreographed spin by three cars was the cause. Don Pringle slowed the pace once more when his car died before he could get into the pits.

It was K. Miller, J. Miller out front on the green while Chris Lupa, Doug Reaume, Joe Skilinski, Bruce Stanton and more looking for a possible win.

On lap 15, Miller and Miller had Reaume and Lupa dogging them right behind. Unfortunately, lap 17 claimed some of the front runners in a series of miscues. First the yellow flew for Lupa, while Skilinski re-entered the fray. The next yellow came quickly when a little too much pressure caused Joe Miller to end in the foam between 3 and 4 as the 38 of George Knight, the 12 of Dwayne LeMay and the 71 of Chris Smiedy were either involved or pitted for other reasons. One more try at lap 17 saw Joe Miller and the 12 of LeMay involved once again, but both drove away and resuming spots at the end of the field.

Kelly Miller finally parked the crumpled number 8 in victory lane after a failed donut attempt while Reaume, a two-time winner this season, Stanton, Lupa and J.J.Courcy came in in the top five.

"My car wasn't in the best shape to win this race." Kelly Miller laughed in victory lane, "I got bent up in the heat when someone blew a motor. Joe got up under me there and I had to protect my line. I wanted to make him earn the spot. My engine isn't running as well as it should. But I have to thank Tom Duel for getting it to run good enough to win. I told his son I'd dedicate the race to him if I won, and I am doing just that."


1. Joe Miller (9) 2. Chris Lupa (46) 3. Doug Reaume (99) 4. Don Pringle (96) 5. Kelly Miller (8) 6. Jason Spaulding (34) 7. Bruce Stanton (93) 8. Fred Siebert (65)

1. Bobby Newman (77) 2. David Bock (85) 3. Joe Skilinski (4) 4. Dwayne LeMay (12) 5. JJ Courcy (20) 6. George Knight (38) 7. David Fetterly (21) DNS 8. Chris Smiedy (71) DNS

1. Kelly Miller (8) 2. Doug Reaume (99) 3. Bruce Stanton (93) 4. Chris Lupa (46) 5. JJ Courcy (20) 6. Joe Miller (9) 7. Dwayne LeMay (12) 8. Bobby Newman (77) 9. Joe Skilinski (4) 10. George Knight (38) 11. Chris Smiedy (71) 12. David Fetterly (21) 13. Don Pringle (96) 14. Jason Spaulding (34) 15. David Bock (85)

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